Journal Your Garden Progress to Become a Better Gardener

[Music] Gardeners never stop learning – in fact, I
can honestly say that the more I learn, the more I realize there’s so much more
to learn! When it comes to gardening of course, the best education is experience, and keeping a gardening journal is a great way to
keep a record of that experience so you can learn from the things that work – and those that don’t! If you’re unsure whether a journal’s for you,
this video might just convince you. A gardening journal helps you to keep
track of what was sown, planted, tended and harvested
during the growing season. It gives you control,
so you know exactly where you are, and the jobs that will need doing over the coming weeks. By referring back to previous years
you can refine timings and methods to reflect the unique conditions in your garden. Did the carrots you sowed early last spring struggle?
You’ll know to sow a little later next time. Or perhaps your tomatoes failed to ripen? Then learn from that by choosing a faster maturing variety in future, or starting your tomatoes earlier. Use a journal to record any pests and
diseases you encounter, and the strategies used to bring them
under control. Note things down, remove the guesswork, and you’ll
steadily improve the way you garden. Many gardeners use a simple week-to-view diary for
day-by-day entries, but accurately recording everything you do can quickly get messy. And what if you also want to include visual records? Perhaps you’ve spotted an
unusual bug, or maybe you’d like to photograph different lettuce varieties
to compare appearance for future reference. Taking photos on the go is easy enough, but
adding them to your diary isn’t exactly straightforward. Since launching our powerful Garden Planner,
we’ve had feedback from gardeners around the world asking for a better way
to record what’s going on in their garden. We’ve come up with what we believe is a super-
convenient, intuitive Journal that’s a pleasure to use. The Garden Journal is a pocket-sized solution
to tracking progress in the garden – quickly, and easily. Access it from a
smartphone, tablet or computer. You can instantly upload photos
and notes straight from your device. Its online interface means you can record
as you work, building up a Journal of exceptional detail that will help
you to learn with every observation, note and photo you add. And the best bit?
It’s completely free to use! So let’s take a look at how it works. You can access the Garden Journal by logging into your Garden Planner account and clicking the Garden Journal link. The Journal is divided up by weeks. When you open it up,
it automatically shows the current week, though you can choose to view a different week
from the timeline up here. Let’s begin by making an entry for today. In the box here you can add your own notes, observations and ideas. Or click on any of the Planting, Watering, Tending
or Harvesting buttons to record what you’re doing. The Tending button is further divided up so you can
specify whether you’ve weeded, fertilized, transplanted, mulched or pruned. Let’s say you’re planting tomatoes. After selecting the Planting option, start typing ‘Tomato’,
and then select it. You can also record the variety you’re growing by
clicking on the number next to the plant name. The next step is to record the quantity, and
whether they were planted as seeds or plants. Now you’re done, you can see that the Planting
button in the Week View page has been updated, and as you add more records to the week
the Action buttons and Add buttons build up a visual summary of your activity. While at the top of the page, a glance at the
Timeline gives a snapshot of your weekly activity: light green indicates Planting, blue indicates Watering,
purple Tending, and orange Harvesting, while the darker green shows that
notes or photos have been added to that week. OK, so now let’s add a photo. The software makes this easy. Just drag and drop photos into
the box, or select photos from a folder, while on a phone or tablet you can take
a photo there and then for immediate upload. It’s easy to change anything at any time. Select a day, or directly select one of the action buttons. View the details,
then change the quantity or planting method, or select one of the plant symbols
to clear that entry and start afresh. To edit an entry from a previous week,
simply select the week from the Timeline, then ‘Edit it’ to do so in exactly the same way. Efficient gardeners plan ahead,
and the Garden Journal helps you to do just that. Click on a future week to add
a reminder, make a note to yourself, and you can add a related plant here. Once you’re done, your reminder is logged for reference. You can edit or delete reminders at any time. You’ll also find seasonally relevant gardening guides
here as a source of timely ideas and to help you plan. Read more, look up other growing advice,
then go back to the Journal. Current and upcoming dates
include a weather forecast so you can plan the best days to be out in the
garden or, for example, to protect against frost, while weeks further into the future
display typical highs and lows for those dates. As your journal develops, you’ll be able to
look back at previous weeks, months and years to see what you did when,
gaining a better understanding of your gardening and learning from your own unique experiences. Or jog your memory next year by adding reminders
for the following season. It’s all very powerful stuff! To start using the Garden Journal for free, head to the Garden Planner website then
log into your account, or create one. And this is just the start! We have plenty of new features planned,
and would love to receive your ideas too. Look I’ll level with you –
I’m not much of a techie. But then, the Garden Journal hasn’t been
designed for tech heads – it’s for everyone. Go and have a look for yourself,
and you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to use. I’ve got a feeling this is going to become
my indispensable gardening companion! You can let us know what you think of the Journal
in the comments section below, and if you’re not yet subscribed to our video
channel, then please do so before you leave us today. Come on over and join us!
Your garden will thank you for it. I’ll catch you next time. [Music]

37 thoughts on “Journal Your Garden Progress to Become a Better Gardener

  1. Looks good, Is there going to be any integration between the planner and the journal.
    It would be great if your plan put a reminder in the journal

  2. Been looking for a Journal as I'm currently using Google Keep. Will give it a try, looks excellent 🙂 !

    Is there an app to go with this or do you need to log into the Journal via a web browser? Ta

  3. I am quite confused. Is the website free but then I have to pay for the app? Have you not updated the website to give me the right link for the free garden journal app. Or is the app not free?

  4. I see how to get this Journal on my PC but agree with others with the confusion over the app for iphone (or android) – I searched on the app store and see nothing, so how do we get that please?

  5. How do I get the app? I can’t find it on the iPhone Apple App Store. I would really love to be able to use this so I’d appreciate your help in finding the app. Thanks.

  6. It's not an app. From what I gather it's through their website (which I've never been to, yet, will fix that). You can't take your PC into the garden and you don't want to run back and forth taking notes, kills the convenience, you could take your laptop but it won't fit in your pocket and you have to drag it around with you and you'll need wifi for pc/laptop. My memory would not last until the end of the gardening, So…. you use your smart phone. Open up your web browser, go to the website, log into your account/profile use your journal. No app. You'll either need wifi from your home wireless router or use your data while you're outside if the wifi (if you have it with your home network) doesn't reach as far as your garden. It's free. I'm a note taker. This is cool. Notes during telephone conversations (business not fun), for ideas I get, notes to myself to do something that I will do in a couple of days, always jotting something down. My organization/filing stinks, though. A lot of now where didi I put that? It was right here. I have trouble locating it afterwards if it's not part of the stacked mess on my desk. This is a good idea. he could get it a patent and get it developed as an app. People would buy it. He might not even have to develop it, the website would be a good enough test market and license it to some techy company that does that thing. should do it quick or someone will steal it and make the money off of it. I hope he reads this.

  7. Like others I'm confused…. I use the GardenPlanPro application on my iPad and iPhone and it looks like the journal functionality in those apps is very simple note taking which is not at all like the web browser based function shown in the video. Maybe you could update us on how to whether the new journal features described in the video apply to the GardenPlanPro application. Thanks!

  8. Glad I checked the description and comments before checking the app store. Not sure how much my feedback will aid but I’ll give it a fair shake and see what I can come back with. In fairness, I was first hoping for more of a gallery of pen & paper journaling structures because they’re only as involved as you want them and there’s no unwanted clutter but this seems promising.

  9. I would like to add a comment with the gardentask. If I plant out a plant in the garden, I also want to write a comment on where I planted it.
    If i sow I want to comment where I sow it ( indoor, outdoor or in the greenhouse) and when I fertilized what kind of fertilizer I used.
    A comment please and I will use it.

  10. I think I already love it 🙂 I've been waiting for it for a long time… Congratulations! Eager to explore all the features. I hope to see some statistic based on a plant during the year and some other graphs 🙂

  11. Sounds just like what I need. I had started using Microsoft's OneNote but this is so much better. I have one concern can you freeform enter plants where an appropriate variety choice does not exist in your database?

  12. The Garden Journal is free, but you have to subscribe to the Garden Planner (which is not free) in order to access the journal, correct?

  13. Wonderful! I've been using the garden planner for years. This is a fantastic additional tool – plus I love to take pics of my garden. Thank you.

  14. Thanks for creating The Garden Journal! It looks terrific, and I can't wait to use it!

    Because I garden in three locations: Home Garden, Community Garden and Mom's Garden, I'd love to be able to document results in three separate Journals. Can you add that as a possible new feature? When do you think it might be available?

  15. Do you have to have a paid subscription to keep the journal entries? Or is it free after the 6 day trial?

  16. Thanks for this addition to the already useful Garden Planner (I am a subscriber)! I already started using the Journal and I would find it useful to have something like "Pest Control" added to the "Tending" category, so that I can add when I apply what to my garden.

  17. Am I missing something? I use both the Garden Planner and the Journal, love 'em both, buuuut, I am unable to bring the Journal to my Android based phone, had the same problem with my Android based tablet. However with the tablet I simply used another friendlier one (ASUS). I would like to use my smart phone, any ideas.

  18. This is great!..The record keeping is easy, and I can use it thru a browser on my Android. Thank you.

  19. The software is well worth subscribing to for any allotmenteer or vegetable gardener, although the login and response time can be cumbersome.
    The videos are an ideal length but I could not find a simple way to post a comment on the creating a bean teepee.Here I would add,always wear thick gloves when pushing in bamboo stakes, otherwise you can get a terrible bamboo splinter across you hand that may require hospital treatment.

  20. Hi 🙂 thank you four your nice video’s
    I hope you got the time to answer my question. I have some problems with my transplants. The look good in the box but wen I put them ind to the garden they just dies? So what am I doing wrong?
    It’s different plants. I transplanted butternut, they got white and died. Then Chard, they are just laying ther?
    I give water every night. Because the whether is weary warm and dry at this time. 24-30 degrees in the last 5-6weeks and no rain.
    I live in Sweden so sorry for my English 🙂

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