Julie Newmar on her garden and the secret to happiness

Well you don’t choose ecstasy.
Ecstasy happens. You put yourself in the place for it
to involve you. So if you create a beautiful garden
you then you have paradise. Why not have it right outside your
back door? I believe in treating myself well. Don’t you? John, my son, is 38 now. He has certain setbacks. He’s deaf. He has an inner harmony and a joy
that just makes it a beautiful life. What I’ve done for John is to create
secret gardens. And you have small little steps
within, you see. And there have to be maybe animals. You need surprises. I’ll show you an illusion that I
created. It’s the Alice in Wonderland gate. It has a mirror behind it so that
when you approach it in an angle. It looks as if you can open the gate
walk in and go there. I. ‘ll be working in my office if I get
too stressed out. I come out here I come to the garden. Just breathing, walking around and
you see what nature has given us. And what we come from. It’s the only way to get old like me. I’m 86. I’ve added a year. You want to be 86 and happy. You want to be 86 and lusting for new things. I would advise people you just to sit
down in the grass. And stay still for 10 minutes. And just allow yourself to see what’s
happening around you. You’ll notice things that. You’ve never seen in life. And you’ll connect to the essence of
life itself because. This is real.

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