Keeping Pet Worms (Vermicomposting / Wurmkompost)

I have three roommates and the four of us
live together cooperatively. In terms of food it means, that
we’re sharing groceries. We are buying local food as much as
possible and our goal is to have a meal on the table four or
five nights a week. When you cook with a lot of vegetables every
night, you’re gonna have a lot of food waste. One of the things we do is keeping a worm compost bin. The red wiggler worms don’t like to eat just anything, they want food that’s easiest for them
to eat fast and that means food that’s not very hard.
So you’re gonna be feeding them leafy greens, they don’t really enjoy
the skins of apples or banana peels but they will eat the apple
core and the inside of a banana. Worms eat up to their weight every day,
so, if you have a pound of worms, you want to feed them somewhere between
half a pound and a pound of food everyday. I noticed that what I feed the worms
usually disappears within a week. Worms are known for being some of
the fastest eaters on the planet and when you vermicompost you feed worms all of the extra food
that you’re not going to be using and the worms eat it, digest it and produce really valuable, really
nutrient-rich compost that you can then feed back into your
potted plants or your garden. You have to think a little bit like a
worm when you’re feeding them. Maintaining the worm bin doesn’t
really take up too much extra time or energy. I just interrupt my cooking for a few
seconds, open the lid and feed it some scraps.
The only time that the worm bin might start smelling, is, if you’re not doing it right.
You might be overfeeding the worms and that causes the food to start rotting instead of breaking down.
If they’re trying to escape, it means that they’re going to withstand any sunlight
to try to find more food. Worms reproduce really fast. I found out that every wormegg has 2-4 worms inside of it, so after two months
I was able to give another pound of worms away to a friend.
The quality of the compost they produce is extremely
rich in nutrients, that you fed it, so, if you’re feeding the worms
high-quality organic produce waste, that soil is going to be super
nutritious and that’s a lot different than the kind of soil
or compost that you find at a garden store, Home Depot because you know you’re feeding it and chances are a bag of soil isn’t gonna have that kind of input.

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  1. Great video. Informative and attractively produced. Came looking for info on vermicomposting, but found this interesting zhou xuan song. I looked for it on her albums online, but I couldn't find it. What made you choose it, and is there any way I can buy it myself? Thanks!

  2. I have pet worms and they keep dying and I was wondering that if they need to be watered or not because if i don't figure out my worm problem ill have to release them into the wild. 🙁

  3. My son was home from college and went fishing. He purchased a jar of worms frm walmart snd left it in my fridge. Now the worms are still there a month later and they are HUMONGOUS(about 50 of them @ 7 inches each). DON'T KNOW WHAT to do with them!!!?

  4. If you grind all those fruit skins up in a blender or food processor then freeze and defrost it they will eat it all. I haven't found anything yet that they will not eat unless they are the thick pieces of leaves and unbroken down wood chips found in compost.

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  6. why does it keep dying I bought two times. I put in basin. I gave vegy and they all died. are they sensitive to heat, coz we have like 37 here.

  7. Ive started this and watched hundreds of vermicomposting videos but this one i really enjoyed! Awesome soundtrack you made the worms looked amazing👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  8. Heyy, im probably getting a worm soon (maybe more than one idk yet) but i would like to know if the soil you for example use to plant flowers in works as the soil in the inclosure? Bc if it works then thats what i'll use 🙂

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