Kinds of Fertilizer – This Week in the Garden

typically i use three basic fertilizers in my vegetable garden a first one is 6 12 12 you notice it’s nitrogen phosphorus and potassium on root crops like carrots beets radishes you don’t want a lot Mexican otherwise you can get a lot of foliage but no food no fruit so by having it 6 12 12 more of it goes into the actual growing of the bulbs carrots beets 3400 which is all nitrogen no foster potassium I can use this on green crops so i use 3400 I’m crops like lettuce broccoli spinach or your various grains that you grow thru all else like squash cucumbers watermelon corn tomatoes I like a balanced fertilizer in this case I use 15 15 15 but you can just use 10 10 10 except when using tension can use a little bit more views be 15 15 15 use a little bit less thanks for watching we have other quick tips just subscribe below

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