Kinetic Soil: Fake Dirt You Can Play With Indoors!

100 thoughts on “Kinetic Soil: Fake Dirt You Can Play With Indoors!

  1. Dumps Kinetic Soil in backyard

    Adds fake plants

    April fools people when I ask them to water the plants

  2. Me: HMMM
    Quietly looks at the internet
    Me: We will have flying cars?
    Now: We have an app which makes every device LAG free and instead of kinetic sand we got kinetic dirt.

    Me: So when are we going to destroy those gas cars and get them flying cars hUh?

  3. Me:umm mom where my bucket of dirt
    Mom:I throw it in outside beacuse why you need dirt inside the house
    Me: >:(

  4. Mom: wow what a beautiful castle
    Where did you get such lovely sand
    Me: nah mom it’s dirt
    Mom: wut

  5. I buy did and I loved it keep up the good work of your videos you guys are the best so that that 19 keep up the good work bro

  6. Your items May be nice, but they are extremely overpriced for shipping in the UK, £33 add £18 for shipping?! You are a scamming company.

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