Kunstmest strooien – Fertilizer spreading Rauch MDS935

Good day ladieds and gentlemen, and welcome! As you saw, I’ve just put fertilizer in the spreader It’s the last one or maybe 1 more. And what am I spreading? It’s CAN with sulfer. But what is CAN and what is sulfer? Well.. The yellow one is the sulfer and the rest is CAN CAN is short for calcium ammonium nitrate and there’s a lot in it, but it’s about the nitrate The percentage of the nitrate is 27 and the sulfer makes that the nitrate from the manure gets a better use for the plant Lets take a look at the newly sowed filed and as you can see it’s coming through So that has succeeded I would say, but I fertilize it of course. If you want to grow something, you will have to fertilize I’ve got nothing more to say today, so please like! Comment and subscribe for more!

11 thoughts on “Kunstmest strooien – Fertilizer spreading Rauch MDS935

  1. When I was a lad we spread either Nitro-chalk or Sulphate of Ammonia. Too much Sulphur was bad unless there was a Sulphur Deficiency. We spread Nitro Chalk (18% Nitrogen I think) but that was on chalky land and maybe it didn't need Sulphur?

  2. Nice bin set up for the fertilizer no messing around with bags. We spread urea in January and follow cows out of paddocks with 27 2.5 5 and sulfer

  3. Mooie video Alex, zaterdag nog wel diverse boeren gezien die ook aan het strooien waren. Hoe bepaal je trouwens je strooibreedte ? want neem aan dat je ivm kosten niet teveel overlap wil hebben en ook niets wil missen, of is dat ervaring en altijd hetzelfde patroon rijden ?

  4. Leuke video weer Alex. Zie soms ook kunstmest dat van die blauwe korrels zijn (lichtblauw) wat voor spul is dat dan? Een zo'n boer had het toen wel verteld maar was het alweer vergeten, misschien dat jij weet wat het is.

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