Kyoto’s Best Zen Gardens: Nanzenji (guide)

Once upon a time, the subtitles are on… that time is now. ^_^ Hello I’m Andrew Marston and welcome
to Tour Japan the show that is my personal crusade to convert the entire
Internet into Japan travel addicts like myself. In each episode I tell you about a place in
Japan and then we go there and today we’re headed to a place that blew me
away with its beauty the first time I visited. We’re talking about none other than the
enchanting grounds of Nanzenji in eastern Kyoto It’s completely free to enter and explore the large
grounds but most of the temples and sub-temples are not free, so here’s what I
recommend seeing if you have limited time and/or funds. The large Sanmon entrance gate which you can
pay to see the second floor of you want to There’s this huge aqueduct in the middle of everything with you actually have to work pretty hard not to see The rock garden and boardwalks at Nanzenji’s main hall called the Hojo and if you have time also check out the pond garden at Nanzenin Temple Nanzenji is in an area of Kyoto that is ripe with worthwhile attractions. You could make a great day out of seeing Nanzenji, neighboring Eikando,
walking the Philosophers Path, and ending at Ginkakuji. Although it’s amazing any time of year,
if you can Try to visit during the second half of November when
the autumn colors are at their best Which just so happens to be when we’re visiting. So prepare your minds to be blown as we visit Nanzenji during peak fall foliage. You know, in Kyoto it’s not unheard of to pretty
quickly meet your quota for seeing Shrine and temples it’s not that they’re boring, it’s just that after a couple days of non-stop
zen gardens and temple complexes you’re kind of ready for a change of scenary. So now that you’ve seen Nanzenji for yourself
let me know in the comments if you think you would visit or would it sit on your list
of places to “save for later” Thanks for watching, I’m Andrew Marston.
See you next time. You’ve been watching Tour Japan on the
Happy in Japan channel. Click here to watch another episode and subscribe now.

74 thoughts on “Kyoto’s Best Zen Gardens: Nanzenji (guide)

  1. No arguing that autumn is the best season for Kyoto! I went in spring, there was a lot of nice plum trees (was a bit early for cherry blossoms), but I would have gone autumn if I could have!

  2. I love this channel. I've been a subscriber for a long time, but I can't seem to find the older (delbertmon era) videos. What happened to them?

  3. Excellent video as always! ….Btw, why are you always wearing short sleeves in the intro? いつも、素晴らしい動画をありがとう!次も期待しています!And …..How about this beach in the next season?→

  4. It seems like there are always so many tourists no matter where you go in Japan. I'd love a little quiet old shrine for once.

  5. Another fantastic video and it has made me decide to visit the zen gardens the next time I am there during fall. Last time I went to Nanzenji was last year during the cherry blossom and I did walk along the top of the aquaduct.

  6. question: with so many people there, does that take away from the peaceful, spiritual, introspective vibes I feel that a place like this would give off? It's just with so many people walking around, it looks more like an amusement/theme park rather than a serious cultural/historical site. What do you think, Andrew?

  7. Your videos are a treat to watch. Not just because they're visually appealing, but because they're honest, realistic and provide incredible insight into some amazing places 🙂

  8. あなたの仕事は簡潔で的確で、そしてとても美しい。

  9. Awesome vid!
    True that after a couple of days in Kyoto I was temple-tired, but wouldn't have missed any of it. So many gorgeous places!!

  10. Another great video that shows the talent and dedication! Loved the map in the beginning and of course the very well done cinematography at the location. I did miss Nanzenji on my very fast trip to Japan but now I really know what to see in the next visit to Kyoto. Thanks again!

  11. Nanzenji was one of the places I visited when I went to Kyoto. The aquaduct area was a lot of fun to explore. There is also a famous restaurant called Junsei nearby where you can get an amazing yudofu meal. I ate there and highly recommend the place.

  12. I liked your shots under the aqueduct at 2:53 and that rock garden looks spectacular especially with that maple in the center.

  13. You're giving me so many new ideas for my Japan trip next year! I don't know if I'll have time for all of it haha. This place will definitely go toward the top of my list, though!

    What are they doing at 2:23 , though?

  14. I will definitely go there! But I have a question … How can you make such amazing videos when you're only one guy!? Are your videos somehow linked to a organization or such?

  15. I definitely still want to go there. That is one of the most beautiful places I think I have ever seen. It must be glorious to see it in reality, not just a video.

  16. The japanese tourism ministry (or how else it is called) should pay you or something. You're making a great promotion for the country!

  17. Your videos are so helpful, beautiful, and absolutely fun to watch. Getting pumped for my first trip to Japan later this month!!!

  18. I visited in late May, and went to all the places you did in this video. When/if I can visit Kyoto again, I'd go to Nanzen-ji again and visit more sub-temples such as Tenjuan.

  19. uhhhh for the first time I'm watching a video and can't believe it's actually as beautiful in person as the video shows…normally I'm like "video never does it justice" but dang um man this is so amazing. I wish I was coming just for a vacation so I could visit everyone of these places you show. I am gonna try to hit a few and this is for sure on the list.

  20. Still addicted to this channel haha. Just one question. If you had to pick between Arashiyama or Nanzenji and you only had one day, which place would you pick to visit? 🙂

  21. When my wife and I went a few years ago we didn't see the aqueduct. Well, we didn't really know it was there until we were leaving. I'm really interested in seeing it since it reminds me of places of my current hometown, Maizuru. Maizuru has many redbrick structures and even some abandoned military forts.

  22. That was absolutely beautiful and stunning. Do you use a drone to shoot your aerial shots? You have such admirable cinematography and editing skills! ❤️

  23. Great cinematography and lovely editing as usual!
    Also, you should have told that dude at 2:50 how to use the tripod properly lol.

  24. Wow, this place is beautiful, I'm not sure that Ive heard much about this place (my mind WAS blown). Ill have to check it out. Id really like to see it next time I'm there. Also, I am supportive of your crusade. Ive been working on a project for a while now that i hope to launch later this year. My dream is to encourage everyone to travel Japan (and see as much of it as i can myself during the process).

  25. I love your videos but would appreciate some commentary, added in after the fact, so it doesn't take away from the shots. Like history or customs you should follow. Any filming mishaps or interactions. I personally would enjoy a little more personality and less tourist company, but definitely not vlog like.

  26. 私の散歩道 こんなにも素敵だったのですか!!!  アンドリューさんは間違いなく日本の観光大使です!!!!!  この辺は別荘も多くアメリカのオラクル社CEOの別荘もありますね(^^)

  27. Just realised you're the dude who uploaded the bike around japan documentary!!! that was such an amazing video, i watched it with my dad 2 years ago and promised we'd do the same one day! Loving your videos, keep up the good work!!:)

  28. I think you have to stop doing these videos. I can't wait to go now! Kyoto is definitely on the top of my "to visit" list in Japan. As I'd consider myself to be what I call a "temple runner". Meaning that I LOVE shrines and temples, so I'd like to visit them all.. It'll take me a few years though.

  29. I remember going here during my first time in Kyoto. I didn't know it looked so much more stunning at peak fall foliage! I also missed the aqueducts lol!

  30. Your channel is amazing! The video quality is fantastic! Would u mind sharing what cameras and lenses you've used? New subscriber here! 😊

  31. Wow, very professional quality video. I also am making a video about Nanzen-ji, but your videography is amazing 🙂

  32. Can you make a video about yuji 宇治 , it is such a beautiful place , so that you can let more people know about this beautiful place. thank you.

  33. Great video, now I have more places to visit on my trip when Im 30! lol. I suggest doing some places to eat videos too for more subs. Seems like the thing everyone watches. Darn kids these days

  34. Nice recordongs. Could Mark´s articulation improve a little ? His voice sounds somehow blurred.

  35. We explored so much of Kyoto and after ginkaku ji and then the philosophers path in June we were toast. We saw some but not all. We would have hone back but then we went to Arashiya and hiked up to see the monkeys. And the next day we did all of Fushimi-Inari. We stayed in the heart of the gion district. I love Kyoto ! ❤️

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