Land Occupation in Pinuyak, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

They do not accept defeat. They keep on telling us to go out in this place Because we don’t own the land and we haven’t won the case yet Aside from that, the landlord (San Luis) will win the (land) entitlement because he is the rightful owner. I would no longer say anything because it’s crucial. They carry arms with them. The problem was presented That there was an alleged harassment and illegal eviction happened in (SanLuis Estate) During that time, the Office investigated the documents they presented in Department of Agriculture (DAR) (local) [Land Occupation: November 2014| San Luis Estate] Perhaps you can call the landlord… or whoever it is, but we will pursue this operation. Why do they have to put fence on the 10.3 hec land When the case is yet to be filed (and there’s no court ruling.) The office of the DKMP-Lanao and KilosKa decided to conduct a fact-finding mission Voluntarily attended by various organizations from the province and in Iligan City To experience and verify the real situation. The overall results of the fact-finding mission shows that that there was an illegal eviction. But the situation worsens that is why the tenants decided to file a complaint against the landlord. to the Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication B The defense attorney responded saying the tenants were not ejected in their land. “They are allowed to enter and cultivate the land” But if we will go to the area Neither of the tenants can enter because if the tenants attempt to get in The security guards would ask for a court order. The Kilusang Maralita sa Kanayunan (KilosKa) has a significant role during the operation in San Luis Estate analysing and considering the situation and learning that the people are ready and willing to to occupy their lands back. One of the its contributions is the mobilized forces of both the Moros and Christians in the area The presence of the Moros terrified the ferocious land/landlord guards

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