Landscape Photography Film | Shot on iPhone – Filmic Pro | My very first YouTube Video

this is a video that I made a year and half ago with my iPhone I think iPhone 6 at the time I did post it on YouTube, but because I was using a copyrighted song, I decided to take it down I am doing a new edit let me know what you think! It was fun to make this video it was my very first one for YouTube the Photography outcome wasn’t phenomenal, but it is hard to win every time what really matters though, is to show up and play, so get your camera out take photos, enjoy the process and if you did like this video you can leave me a comment share it with your friends and of course, if you didn’t yet Subscribe – Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!

43 thoughts on “Landscape Photography Film | Shot on iPhone – Filmic Pro | My very first YouTube Video

  1. The location is stunning. I really liked the music. I totally agree with what you said "Show up and Play".
    Very nicely done.

  2. Sempre belli e coinvolgenti i tuoi video; con tanta attenzione al montaggio ed alla "regia". Grande professionista!

  3. You make a great point I've come to recently as well. You can't hit a home run every time you go out but you do have to be in it to win it. I learn a lot when thing don't go so well and as long as I keep trying, the wins do occasionally happen.

  4. Il luogo é Bellissimo…Le tue fotografie sono arte..!!! Complimenti Attilio per la tua professionalità.

  5. Loved the video and nice music. Totally agree that you don't always win. I, far too frequently, come back from a shoot with no image that I particularly like. But I got out and had fun. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Mi incanto a guardare i tuoi cortometraggi… Benché riconosca ogni tipo di effetto che hai usato, rimango affascinato dal "Tutto giusto al posto giusto"… Grazie Attilio per condividere questi lavori. Un saluto
    Mik°Animation '75

  7. Great re-do and add-on of an interesting 'first go'.
    Yes show up and play are the key first steps to creating. You cannot make a masterpiece or dud if you don't take that first step and get out there and try. The visuals in your video reveal your still photography bent and it was enjoyable to see your strong effort. Thank your Attilio for sharing with us.

  8. Video sempre fantastici e professionali…cerco sempre di rubare un pò della tua esperienza (cosa non facile). Da autodidatta non è semplice ma non mollo…grazie.

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  13. great video¡¡¡ the best of the photography its the process … time, enjoy and of course love what do you do. continue like that Attilio Ruffo.

  14. Hey Attilio, I am trying to watch as many videos in order to improve my photography/video. I currently have an iPhone 8, dji osmo mobile2 and a dji mavic pro. The one shot i would love to learn is the shot that you have in this video where the water looks almost creamy. Can you please tell me if this shot is possible with the iPhone and osmo? thanks for all your insight

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  16. Thank you. I really appreciate all that you do. A long exposures tutorial and Osmo 2 tutorial is on request. Keep up the AMAZING work. Much appreciated, ,

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  18. Very nice. Did you have to a lot of work 'in post'? Did you shoot in 'log/flat'? Did you use an moondog anamorphic lens? Thanks for sharing and encouraging

  19. Hi Attilio, could you do a life story of yourself, how long you've lived in the states, and your history of Photography.
    Unless you have done this before would love to see the video!! Regard Alan Grist

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