Landscape Photography for Beginners

I cannot figure this camera out I need
to call Gavin Leo, what do you think to my new camera bag eh? it’s pretty sweet eh? it’s got this little side pocket so you can take your camera out without having to put the bag down. And look at the colour. Matches my eyes! What d’you mean it should be pink? Cheeky ss.. Oh hang on, whose this? Oh it’s Catherine. Ayup love, how ya doin? Hey Gavin, what are you up to? oh just arguing with Leo. he thinks he’s
the bloody Fashion Police!!!! Nice, huh… so I just bought a new mirrorless camera and it is so much more complicated than my iPhone. Do you think you can help me out with some lessons? Well I could yeah but you know I’m not cheap. I know you’re not cheap. But what if I take you to that really expensive restaurant you like? oh that might work yeah. Well I tell you what. get around here tomorrow for 9:00 a.m.
we’ll go for a day out. Awesome! Do you still want me to bring you that hemorrhoid cream for your bum cherries? bye
that’s not what it sounds like well it is actually it’s pretty bad. The issue that I have with Tim Hortons is that the bread makes me gassy. Oh me too.
Yeah? Yeah, awful. So this is gonna smell awful this drive could be a gas fest so the last
time I got Tim Hortons I pulled the back here it tipped over my fresh hash brown
just slid right down the crack of the chair. I had such a tantrum. Adam was like ”are you all right?” I was raged. Full enraged but if you like if you were to look at it it
would probably just be like this perfect hash brown with a little bit of dust I
don’t think you can decompose well it’s been there three weeks have a look it’s
still perfectly intact you could just fish that out and eat it right now. I could, I think I can reach it hang on I’d like my hair there that is a
three-week-old hashbrown that’s been in my chair crevasse the whole time we eat
these horrifying. That’s scary as sheeeyyit! This is my friend Catherine and the reason
why she’s over on Vancouver Island today is because she wants to try out
photography landscape photography and she has the sony a6000 mirrorless camera
which is pretty old now and she wants some tips on how to use it how to get a
killer shot and I’m gonna make you a promise all right if we get good light
the place that we’re going to today I can guarantee you’re gonna get a perfect
shot awesome I can’t wait now have you brought a sturdy tripod yes YOU LIAR! I found like a super deal in the
source I think was like $20 but the review said it was like dynamite. (gasping chuckle) a $20 tripod that crap is going to over my knee it’s not worthy
of the camera being on that crap tripod. Your borrowing mine. We’ll lend you a proper tripod. My earlier prediction of a gassy Drive was proven to be somewhat accurate
so (Questionable bum shout)….. Gavin! What? Seriously??? No so yeah circular polariser that’s that’s all you need in God it smells like a nightmare in here. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one to
be suffering from a highly vocal clay pipe. (catastrophic shart)…. Did you?….. No.. No? We’re good to go. I just imagined it? Yep. Absolutely. Amphitrite Point in Ucluelet is
my happy place I always feel relaxed and at peace
listening to those West Coast waves and I love the trail because it features
loads of super gnarly cedar trees it really is a landscape photographers
paradise and if you’re lucky enough to get good light you are guaranteed an
epic shot, all right I’m ready to take my shot it’s too early look at this look how ugly that light is it’s fugly I don’t want to miss my moment it’s a
beautiful scene at the moment is five hours away at least we’re waiting for
that Sun we get all over there and then it’ll paint these sea stacks with some
gorgeous orange side light that’s when we take the shot list this is premature…………… I knew you couldn’t resist it. Of course I can’t. We’re not even drunk! So I see your fancy tripod you’re lending me has levels on it? yeah kind of one of the golden rules of
photography you always want your tripod oh well it’s nice to have the actual
tripod and the ball head itself perfectly level just in case you’re
doing a panel and you kind of sweeping across the scene and every shot will
then be level but if I wouldn’t if you’re not doing a panel it’s not vital
because often the camera will have a level inside it so you don’t even need
to eyeball that you can just kind of look at the digital level and then get
your camera level and take the shot what five hours yeah I mean it’s a gorgeous
place but light is unusable what are we gonna do ? Pub! of course. Sweet! We only had a couple of hours of refueling and relaxing and then it was time to get back on the trail and set up a shot in the hopes of getting some nice light. So
which tripod do you wanna carry? Whichever one makes me look cooler oh definitely the heavier one then. Thanks. You’re welcome. I think the lighter one makes me look cooler. You think so? Yeah! Cos I think heavier ones more your style. And I think you’re full of sheeeyyiit. By the time we reached our spot, the light wasn’t looking too promising so we had to improvise a look for an entirely different shot what do
you think Gavin this gonna work for us tonight well it’s a bit of a struggle
now because that forecast that we got earlier they said nothing was gonna be
on the horizon and the cloud was gonna be high and that’s always almost like a
guaranteed epic sunset but look at it it’s completely covering the horizon so
now I reckon the best we can hope for is that these pillowy clouds light up with
some color when the Sun Goes Down I’ll get a nice reflexion in this pond.
So hopefully still something yeah I think we might get something but it’s
not I won’t get that nice side like that I promised you. So I’m glad that I didn’t
give you a guarantee. I can guarantee guarantee guarantee guarantee you could
take back my dinner I’ll give you back your dinner what I would suggest is
before setting up the tripod I’m gonna give you the camera okay and I want you
to walk around the scene and handheld just frame up your shot take some very
quick and easy snaps in automatic and just find your composition and then once
you’ve found the best comp then we’ll lock down with a tripod and dial in all
the best settings all right let’s do it I’ve named this process the ’20 in 2′ method and I wrote an entire article about it years ago on my blog so here’s
a link you might find that interesting so yeah so if you just when you
composing so zoom out so that’s your zoom wheel and try try just turning the
whole camera vertically now yeah so what I like is that reflection there yeah and
so you can feel it’s a super wide angle lens you can if you turn it if you angle
it down you see how the shape of the trees gets larger yeah and distorts?
So you’ve got to kind of choose where you want to use that distortion. Do you
want to use it in the bottom half of the frame or do you want to use it in the
top half the frame or if we move back to say let’s say here
but you could get lower to the ground and you could feature more of this these
rocks in the foreground so it’s it’s just a case of walking around the scene
of finding what fits in your frame that’s pleasing and includes all of the
ingredients such as the trees the reflection and those gorgeous clouds
options yeah so just try that just just move around and see see what works and
just take lots and lots of very quick shots doesn’t even matter if they’re
focused are not so what have you found if you got anything cool okay so I’ve
been wandering around and I found that rock over there and I was wondering what
you would think about putting that kind of in the very front of the composition
that work he’s learned we can go vertical okay so you should be able to
get shoreline rock reflection and the trees okay
all in one vertical so let’s try out with a tripod so you’ve got your
compositions yeah you got your tripod lock down you’ve done all your hard work
and you found your shot handheld which is great. Let’s lock it down onto that tripod
get in position good to go that is it in tight seems to be yep right so what what
we’ve done here with this central column extension that’s a last resort I don’t
usually like doing that because it gives you a wobbly tripod when you taking a
long exposure or even a short one so we’re gonna maybe put it on a 10 second
timer so that all that vibration dies down but that’s kind of like something
to know is that’s always a last resort only do it if you have to so let’s just
have a look at this shot now that is Trezmendous! Looks gorgeous
so let’s get it to an aperture of f/8 with this dial because that’s a nice
sharp aperture mostly everything should be in focus with that perfect right so
you’ve got to f/8 yep so now we’re gonna focus right and we’re gonna focus on
that tree line so we’re going to do this by magnifying in with the C1 button. It’s different on every camera and we’re just gonna nudge this up here until we can clearly
see that tree line okay so now you can see it’s out of focus it’s blurred right
okay I turn this focus wheel that’s even more blurred I go back this way
tourists beautiful it’s got blurred again seeker
you got to find that perfect point in between where it’s beautifully focused. I’m
gonna let you do that okay oh you didn’t tell me that you were legally blind. I
don’t know what I’m looking for like I don’t know how crisp it should be. How
crisp should it be? One thing you could do on this you could look through there
and you’ll see that a bit clearer without any light around
does that help can I check it yeah please do
I think you got it I think you think you got the focus okay so we’re just waiting
for this light now I reckon we have maximum 25 minutes and then I reckon
it’s done okay so but I’m bloody cold my ears are freezing cold I wish I’d
brought my hat don’t make ear warmer how’s it look like
it’s super stylish yeah well yeah absolutely
are you going for backwards which way round for the beach yeah go they’re all
look good do I look stylish it will explicit Rochas and I hope that what
okay well as long as I look good all right so what aperture do I want to use
that you want to be setting this to about ethic did you get any Anya okay why are fake
so the reason why you’re gonna choose f8 is because it’s very very sharp it’s
gonna everything’s gonna be sharp but it’s also enough depth of field so that
your trees are sharp and in focus and this rock in the foreground is also
going to be in focus so FA it’s good okay and our ripples on the water aren’t
gonna be nicely in focus ruining our reflection those ripples are a bit of a
problem effect so what we could do is put an ND filter on which a neutral
density filter okay and that off that’s like putting sunglasses on the lens so
it’s dark that’s gonna force us to take like an 8 or a 10 second exposure which
will smooth out those ripples okay but it’s still not an ideal reflection but
it’s a workaround you know in the shot that actually doesn’t look too bad yeah
it seemed to still up for a few seconds yes oh it’s getting better it’s all
let’s let’s not bother with that so you’ve got your aperture you’ve got your
focus you’ve set your white balance to daylight which is giving us a nice color
let’s now set the exposure so the camera’s telling you that you’re a bit
underexposed so what you’re gonna do I want to overexposed a little but you
want to get it to the zero points so I might change that dial there that’s you
shutter speed and get it so that that says zero that’s it you got it that was
it take the shot there we go now let’s check it so you’re gonna hit the play
button okay yeah I looked pretty good everything’s in focus right let’s go
back now I want you to under expose that so that the high highlights in the sky
aunt blown out so let’s go darker okay so remind me to go darker do I want
higher than zero or lower than lower going into – no good now
okay go ahead so I want it fairly to look at the sky and if it looks like you
can see detail in those clouds take the shot
so let’s do another one that’s very overexposed so we’ve got detail in the
shadows there you go that’s that’s a bit there perfect so that is now quite quite
overexposed but that’s okay so let’s take the shot and it comes right down
perfect so let’s play back let’s have a look at those so you’ve got that one
then turn this dial okay that’s the dark on that’s the correct one so it is
reexpose use that should be everything that you need
the only problem now is it took so long in between each one that the clouds are
in two different positions so the key is to do it quick really fast Oh set auto
exposure bracketing automatically and it’ll just go bang bang bang okay do it
for you the thing with this camera is though it
doesn’t do auto exposure bracketing and have a two second timer which is stupid
so anyway just fix that stupid but that camera does okay but this older
generation one this is a sort of entry-level
mirrorless camera yeah you can’t have both you can’t have your cake and eat it
so I’d rather do it manually and just get a move on and do it okay so I just
need to practice is what you’re saying just met you tore my buttons are really
get it nailed down yeah but I think that for your first shot on your first
session with me that’s a bloody good picture sweet I’m excited to see how it
turns out let’s get it back into Photoshop and this is Catherine’s very first shot
on a mirrorless camera while shooting entirely in manual mode
she found a great composition got perfect focus and bracketed her shots
manually she even managed to capture that little sea anemone in the
foreground there all in all it was well worth the trip to
you clueless and it’s never a wasted day on the west coast well I think we’ve
seen the best of the light let’s turn it off I think that’s it we’ve got we’ve
got the best of the blush we’ve got a decent shot wasn’t killer well what’d
you think was that good for your first session I learned a lot I’m a little bit
disappointed that we didn’t get some better light like we were hoping you
were gonna story of my life man Yeah right but yeah I mean I’m excited to see
what we’re gonna finish with once we get it all processed and it’s all finished
I’m excited for this expensive Meili checking me for all right sweet subway
here we come that’s favorite restaurant again I thought I’d be treating you
oh yeah meatball subs yeah all right seriously dude

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