Largest Self Watering Container Garden Lasts a Month Without Watering

This is John Kohler at growing your greens
dot com, we have another exciting episode for you and what we are going to do is we
are going to unpack these two shipments that I actually just got in and the reason for
this episode is because these are some of the best commercial quality planters that
you use at your business, in a parking lot or even in your home, on your patio, wherever
to grow food at home. Now the reason why I am featuring these guys
is because these are some of the largest containers or pot sizes I found that’s going to let
you grow a lot of food but more importantly, these guys have massive reservoirs to hold
water, one of these guys actually holds twenty five gallons of water and the other one holds
about twelve gallons of water so what does this mean for you, this means you can set
this garden up, water it and you could go away for weeks and it’s going to self water
on it’s own without you having to show up, without you having to be there.
This can especially be important for commercial establishments where people aren’t always
on the watering duty and they forget or whether you like to travel a lot but you still want
to grow food at home, another thing I like about these containers here is that they have
a nice large diameter, so what does that mean? the larger the diameter, the more stuff you
can plant in and the more food you can grow for yourself and for your family so without
further ado, let’s open these guys up and I will introduce and explain what they are.
First, we are going to open up this guy. One large box for one large planter, check it
out man, this thing looks really cool, let’s take this bag off, always best to reuse instead
of recycle, I’d probably use this to hold something pretty cool, this is one large bag
and here it is right here, this thing… relatively light on the inside, this is what is called
the oasis plant, it’s a self watering heavy duty planter for commercial use, let’s go
ahead and open up the next use. Alright, let’s get that material off and
you can see these beauties here, this is actually the oasis planter, it’s actually got a twenty
seven inch diameter between here and it looks to be about over twelve inches deep so that’s
a perfect depth for growing vegetables in a little container or literally a miniature
raised bed, this would be the perfect height for growing things like carrots, tomatoes,
any leafy green is going to do great in this. The diameter on this one is about thirty inches
so that’s definitely a lot of planting space in it, definitely looks another twelve inches
of depth here. These are commercial quality that you could
buy at home. Now with the commercial quality also comes a commercial price, these guys
are pricey, this guy is like a hundred and forty dollars plus and this guy is two hundred
dollars plus so this is for the serious person that wants to grow some food and have it water
for weeks on end without having to be there or if you have a commercial business, you
want some nice planters for outside your business, it’s going to self water and you will be
able to grow some food crops to show off your cool plants to your visitors.
Now I am ready to sit up the oclius planter by Go Don industries, once again, this is
a heavy duty commercial planter, it will provide you with many years of use, this is made out
of HDPE plastic which in my opinion is the safest plastic to use if you are growing a
garden in plastic so I like that a lot, some of the features about this is that the [Inaudible]
board down here, it has a false bottom on there, the bottom is for about that much and
it raises up a little bit and it holds twelve gallons of water, it’s less with the soil
in here and saturated water and soil, it’s probably about another sixteen gallons.
So these self watering plants will literally take care of themselves and water themselves
for quite a long time, I like that a lot. Now this guy stands about eighteen inches
off the ground so if you are sitting down, you will be able to work on your garden which
is really nice and it’s about twenty seven inches in diameter so a little bit over two
feet in diameter, it’s a nice large area to actually grow a substantial amount of food
in if you planted it right. For example, if I was planting tomatoes in
here, I’d probably plant no more than two or three tomatoes at the absolute most, pepper’s,
I might be able to get four, maybe five peppers in here if I crunch them in pretty good and
this container really excels at growing leafy greens, you can plant a whole different bunch
of bok choys like in one, two, three, four, five rows of bok choy, obviously the middle
row is going to have the most amount of plants, maybe like one, two, three, four, five, they
could fit like a dozen or more plants in here if you are planting small, leafy greens that
are going to not get that big or if you are planting out like a masculine mix, you can
plant a whole bunch of seeds and as it grows just [Inaudible] it back and the amazing thing
is you won’t have to take care of it or water it.
So I like that a lot, the next step is we are going to go ahead and set this up, it’s
really easy to set up, there are only going to be a few things you are going to need to
do. Number one, you will need to feed the reservoir with water, so on the oclious here
in the middle, it has a little cap that you are going to unscrew and then you are going
to basically take your hose and you are going to fill it up with the water until it overflows
and there is an overflow port here on the front with a little hole so when water starts
coming out of this, you are going to stop filling and then you are ready for the next
step. Now before filling, you want to find the perfect
location for your oclious planter, that’s going to literally make or break your garden
and how successful you are in growing a container, you always want to try to get the area and
place your planter in the area with the most amount of sunlight possible, if it gets sun
all day, that’s great, if it gets sun for two hours, not quite as good, you want to
get as much sun as possible, plants need the sunlight to photosynthesize to make the nutrients
to make you the crops that you want to eat. That being said, if you have a limited light,
I’d much rather plant things like herbs or leafy greens, if you have a lot of light,
that opens up more possibilities, if you have a lot of light and more hours of light during
the day and it’s the summer time, you can plant things like fruiting crops, tomatoes,
cucumbers, peppers, egg plants, [Inaudible], what not.
But if you don’t have a lot of sun, remember, herbs and leafy greens, you can still can
garden even in indirect sunlight for sure, they are just not going to grow as fast. So
what I am going to do is I am not going to fill this up now because I am filming here
and I am going to move this to the place that I am going to put it so I am going to do it
a little bit differently, I am actually going to fill it. Once I get it all planted out,
I am just going to top water it, the water is going to seep down into these little hole
into the reservoir and I am going to continue to water all the plants until the water comes
out of the front here. If you do need to move this and you do have
to fill it, you have a convenient drain plug here, you can unscrew to drain it out, to
make it moveable, so I like this set up. So if you are currently renting, this is definitely
a piece you want to get because you can take this and move it with you and it’s probably
going to last you a lifetime plus, this will make a great addition to any backyard or deck
or anything, these are nice high quality units, they come in different colours, this is like
the granted style colour, they also come in solid colour. So really, you only need two
things to set this guy up, you will need potting soil so I think you will need about two and
a half cubic feet of potting soil to fill this container up and the other thing you
will need are some pee pebbles between three eighths of an inch and half an inch.
So we actually have some pee pebbles or pee gravel right here, we are going to open this
bag up and these are nice small pebbles, what these do is they go in this little area here,
there is a little depression down in there and this is the exchange reservoir and this
is how the water actually gets in to the soil from down below and we are going to go ahead
and fill this up with some pebbles so we have got the last handful of pebbles we are going
to put in, these channels are filled up, it took approximately about five pounds or so
of the pebbles depending on the size and another thing you can use, if you have it laying around,
you can [Inaudible], it’s like some kind of hydro ton balls or whatever from hydro
ponics that also work nicely, I was thinking about that as I was filling this up.
The next thing we are going to need is some potting soil so soil is the key to growing
a successful container garden, if you just used dirt out of the yard and just dug up
some dirt, it’s probably not going to work so well because you don’t know what’s
in the dirt, the dirt’s not [Inaudible] properly and it’s going to get heavy and
your plants won’t do optimally. Next, we are going to fill this puppy up with some
potting soil, so today, we have, as an example, here, doctor earth’s natural inorganic potting
soil, I definitely like the pot in the potting soil if you know what I mean but it’s important
when buying soil to fill your container garden with, you get potting soil, potting soil and
garden soil are definitely not the same thing. Potting soil has been designed with specific
ingredients to go in a pot and to work appropriately and work properly in a pot situation which
is a lot different than in a raised bed or in a garden situation, you are going to need
different things in there, so if you are not into gardening, you don’t know what you
are doing, I’d recommend just going to good store, good nursery, local nursery and getting
some good potting soil, I like the doctor earth brand but there are many other brands
of potting soil. One of the things that you want to look for
when buying potting soil is you want to, somewhere on the package, read organic or more specifically,
OMRI certified, this means that this is all derived from natural ingredients and it could
be used in organic agriculture to produce organic crops and that’s how I want you
guys to grow so that’s very important. I don’t like to use pre bagged potting soil
as much as I like doctor earth and it’s some really good stuff, I like to actually
make my own potting soil, we are not going to get into that in this video but if you
want to learn how to make your own potting soil, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel,
I will have a video really soon on how to make your own kick ass potting soil for use
in containers or even in raised beds so here is the potting soil I am going to use and
I just put it into a five gallon bucket because it makes it easy to transport and carry, I
mixed in my wheel barrow over there, it’s like four and a half cubic feet so this is
only going to take maybe half of that and as I pour this out, I will talk about what
I put in my potting soil here. As you can see, it’s nice and dark, that’s
something that you really want to look for when buying potting soil or making your own,
basically with this potting soil, I started out with some coconut core and perl lights
and in addition, I added things like compost and earthworm castings, in addition, I added
four different kinds of rock dust, some bio char and a whole bunch of other good stuff
including insect frass and you are going to have to check the other video but the main
thing to remember is that most potting soils are light, they are not just hundred percent
compost although you could grow in compost, I don’t recommend it, you want to get some
fluff, something like the coconut core that’s going to hold the water, something like the
perl light that’s going to provide some aeration and also the compost and the earthworm
castings that are going to provide some of the nutrition along with the rock dust or
azemite or other rock dust that’s going to add trace minerals, if you’re not familiar
with it, be sure to check out my other videos on YouTube regarding Rock dust, it’s really
one of the most important things you can put in your garden, I’ll just leave it at that,
so next let’s go ahead and fill this guy up, here’s bucket number two, alright so
far it’s taken about two buckets worth a potting soil.
We’re going to spread this out, now one of the things I want to encourage you guys
is you don’t want filling your pot or container even your raised beds, you don’t want to get on here
and start stomping on and compressing all of the soil down really hard, I like to pat
it down a little bit because if you don’t pat it down just a little bit, then you’re
going to fill it up to the top and then actually it’s going to sink down over time so I don’t
want to sink down that much but I don’t want to pack it in there super hard and get
as much in there because if you do that, your plants aren’t going to do as well because
the plants don’t actually grow through the soil, they grow through the air space in the
soil. So we want to pack it down just to get a little
bit more soil so it won’t settle as much but we’re not going to like sit and stomp
it down super hardcore, so here’s the third and final bucket, we’re going to dump it
here. So it’s very important when filling this guy that you don’t overfill it, there
is actually a small little hole here which the overflow hole which you don’t want to
fill up to cause you fill up to then the soil is going to actually go in there and clog
it up, not a good thing so we’re going to want to fill right below it.
There are three buckets worth, think we’re just about there, we’re just going to get
one more bucket load and then let’s go ahead and take our last bucket here, bucket number
four, unload some potting soil, we unload about half or so , going to scooch this
stuff around here, get it about leveled off, alright so looks like that’ll do it, as
you guys can see I got the [inaudible] filled up with the potting soil and we got it all
planted out, I planted it in an outer row here of lettuce, mostly romaine with one butter
head lettuce in there about eight point two five inches facing between them so this will
give them a nice spread so they can actually spread the leaves out, once they are going
into production, I’ll start picking out the outer leaves leaving only the inner ones
to keep making me food, on the inside ring here, probably about I don’t know four inch,
five inch spacing, we got some bunching onions or green onions in there so they are going
to be nice chive like onions that we’ll be able to harvest.
In the middle here, we got a really cool plant, actually this is a new plant, I’ve never
seen it, I think it’s like a kaleidoscope kale or something, it’s a cross between
kale and Brussels sprouts, so go figure that one out, it’s going to get tall like a Brussels
sprouts, but make these like kale like leaves, now leaves are a little bit hard tasted, if
you know what I mean, it kinds of has a nice brackish taste but it’s going to be cool
cause it’s a first time, I’ve grown it in an instant to see if it goes to seed and
flower and everything. Cause actually look, similar to my purple
tree collards, now that we’ve got the aqueous planter all set up, we’re going to go ahead
and set up the Oasis, I definitely like the Oasis plant better than the aqueous, now
yes it does cost a little bit more money but the other thing is that it’s a lot wider
so this is more like a circlular raised bed, it’s like thirty inches in diameter,
I think this one is like twenty seven less, a little lip on it, plus it has a little bit
deeper planting area instead of being like a concave like this guy goes straight down
so the lines are a lot cleaner and the other thing that’s really cool about this one
is that it holds twenty five gallons of water in the reservoir plus the water contained
within your soul medium. Which if you fill this up to the top, it would
hold a total of fifty gallons man, that’s a lot of water, so I mean really the main
reason to buy these guys if you travel for long periods of time, you’re not there to
attend to your garden or you simply don’t want to attend your garden, have to worry
about watering it and remembering to water because if you fill the reservoirs up, literally
these guys could…depending on where you live go like a month without watering plus
because the water is basically a reservoir, it acts as a great thermo-mass so this will
keep your plants cooler in the summer and a little bit warmer in the winter providing
you know it’s getting some sunlight. The other thing is that these are high quality,
these are commercial grade units made for commercial use but you’d also buy them if
you are a home owner, so I mean these guys are made of the HD PE plastic which is the
safest plastic to use plus it has the UV inhibition so these are probably around forever and they
are just super easy, I mean you could be saying, John, they look about the size of half a wine
barrel or a whiskey barrel and absolutely you could totally grow in one of those.
What I’ve learned from those guys is that, the soil tends to drought fairly quickly and
it’s not self watering so you do need to regularly water it and maintain your garden,
with this setup here, it’s pretty much good at taking care of itself, you make a good
soil next to your plant, your plants…literally I could walk away from this guy from like
thirty days at this point in the fall and I will not have to even water it or do nothing
cause it’s going to take care of itself the way it’s designed, it’s going to be
self watering. So I like that a lot, I guess the next thing
is that we’re just going to set this guy up once again, super simple, super easy, we’re
just going to go ahead and take our P pebbles and we’re just going to dump them in the
bottom this time. I got dusted man, now we’re going to put them in this chamber here, think
I filled up a little bit too much and so we’re going to take our couple of handfuls. Once
again this is the optimal time to fill your reservoirs, if you have a location where you’re
going to put this guy, once again you want to put in a place with the most amount of
sunlight. You’re going to place it where you wanted
and then fill it up with this stage, once you got it like this you’re just going to
fill the water up to the top and let it drain down and fill up the reservoirs, that’s
the best way to fill this guy, this guy actually has a plug where you actually take out and
fill and then put it back in and then fill up all your dirt the way I’m going to do
it because I’m not going to actually set these guys up here, I’m just going to plant
this out and then move it, it’s going to be a lot lighter without the twenty five gallons
of water in the bottom. I guess the next step is we’re just going
to fill the good potting soil next and be sure to check whether episode is an episode
where I show how to make the very potting mix that I’m going to using here, that’s
one of the key elements to your success, you just use any old dirt out of your garden or
some potting soil from the store, you might not have the same level or results, I want
you guys to be able to grow the highest quality food, the healthiest food and the highest
quality healthiest food or else you’re going to produce more and be more bug and disease
resistant so you don’t have to mess with the bug.
In any case let’s go ahead and start filming this guy out, let’s see how many bucket
full’s this takes, a one, second bucket, two, three, here’s four, alright looks like
we’re just about filled, I might want to top this off about another half a budget,
here’s the last bucket, [inaudible] a half a bucket full, so go ahead and dump this guy
in there and it probably takes about another half, the cool thing is I’m not noticing
that this one has a little overflow valve like that one so it looks like you could fill
this almost to the brim, that being said I discourage you from filling any container
to the brim when water in your container if you have the soil up to the brim, the extra
water is going to float over the top. And get your patio dirty or whatever,
I like to fill it almost to the brim so I could hold as much soil cause that’s after
all where the roots are going to grow, so you could provide a larger home for your plants,
but at the same time I don’t want it to overflow when I’m watering, one of my favorite
things to do to kind of get the soil to settle is shake…this’ll provide you some good
exercise, actually the soil went down quite a bit there.
I think we’re going to go ahead and dump the rest of the bucket. Alright looks like
it’s nice and even, next thing we’re going to plant this baby, so as you guys can see,
we got this ready to get planted out, now one of the things I like to do is arrange
all of my plants before I plant them out, another thing is very important to me is to
maximize the amount of plants that I can get in one container to grow the most amount of
food, now this is like a pro and a con like if you like plant too little, you know then
you’re not going to have as much food but you don’t want to plant things so tightly
that the plant’s crowd each other out, I feel confident with a good rich potting soil,
there’s going to be enough nutrition for the plants.
So the root system won’t need to get that large, the challenge is when the plants grow,
they’re just going to take up more space so one of my goals when always growing your
containers is more of a cut and grow garden, so what I mean by cut and grow, it’s like
as your hair grows, right? You cut it off and then if your hair gets too long, you get
it cut off again right? And imagine if you’re eating your hair, don’t really do that but
that’s a technique I’m going to use in my garden, I’m going to grow and cut and
grow, so I’m going to plant these guys little bit closer that I normally would in a raised
bed right? And I’m going to come out and actively harvest up these guys regularly to
kind of keep them trimmed back like you need to trim back your hair and keep them smaller
so that they are not going to crowd each other out, that’s very important.
This’ll also be good because it’ll get you to eat more of the stuff you’re growing
in your garden, cause you’re going to come out, oh my god, it’s growing, I better cut
it and then let it grow and eat it, so what we got here is we got a couple of rings, we
got basically two rings on the outside, we got sorrel, cilantro , red veined sorrel
solontro, soral, solontro red bean soral and solontro so we kind of alternate between the
soral and the solontro, the soral will stay relatively low and kind of hangover to the
side, the solontro will kind of get small and as long as I keep it trimmed back and
we’re going to the fall season. So it’s not going to bulge too quickly,
it’s going to stay relatively small plus we love solontro so we cut it back a lot and
eat it before it gets, opportunity gets too big then in the next row inside here, we got
the dinosaur kale, also known as tuscan kale or black kale, lacinato kale, these
guys actually will get kind of tall too and I love this kale because it’s one of the
darkest leafy greens you can eat, one of the most nutrient dense foods in the planet, that
means it has a lot of nutrients with very little calories so this is the plant that’ll
keep you healthy and keep you wealthy and keep you strong and keep you fit and trim
also as long as you’re planting it and working it in your garden to get some extra size,
alright so in the middle here we got this, once again the kaleidoscope mix, this is that
kale slash Brussels sprout hybrid mixture thing and I don’t know what the heck I’m
going to get with that but I thought it would be cool to plant it in the middle cause It’s
already kind of tall and established and I believe they are just going to get taller
as time goes on so I’m actually going to be sure to stake them up early instead of
later. So well that’s what it is, next, I’m going
to go ahead and plant this guy out, as you guys can see, we’re back, this guy got all
planted out and actually, there has been a punitive time that has elapsed since I planted
these guys out, it’s been about two months now and I didn’t want to make the ending
of this video until actually I had some time to test these guys out to see how well they
perform so that I can give my final analysis, you guys ever see that movie, final analysis,
I think it was pretty good anyways, so during the time of the last two months, these guys
have been self watering just great, I barely had to water them, maybe like once a week,
just kind of give them a pretty deep water and because of this self watering reservoir
at the bottom, which is actually twenty five [inaudible] in this guy right here.
It’s basically been watering itself, so if you live in a place that rains, a couple
of times a week, maybe even just once a week, you can consider these guys self watering
for all practical purposes. Now many of my plants in here have thrived and a few actually
did not, John! are those things like don’t work good cause some of your plans didn’t
make it? No, no, no we actually had a…actually a fairly deep freeze around these parts and
the solontro had some challenges and then over in this bit, I have some amazing lettuce
happening until that pretty hard freeze and some of these plants have lost it.
So the lettuces because it is warming up slowly or coming back, let’s see the chives
have been doing alright and I’m actually happy to see that in here now we have some
chickweed coming up on their own, I think I spotted even steam metals coming up
over there, so that’s definitely really good but yeah, everything I planted it in
here aside from the weather influence negatively have done exceedingly well and I’m quite
impressed, some of the plants that actually have done the best in here are the dinosaur
Kales, the dinosaur kales, maybe it’s my preference to plant things with like more
deep roots and the dinosaur kale roots will kind of just go down deep and get the nutrition
and as you guys can see they have significantly grown a lot more than anything else in here
then some of the other plants so I could imagine something like tomato’s or peppers, they
probably do fabulous in here. But pretty much anything you planted here
as long as you have a good planting mix and once again a nice sunny spot, it’s probably
going to do great, our final review of these guys is that I give my thumbs up, I definitely
like the Oasis better than the aqueous just due to the shape and it allows you to have
more planting area, on the inside I’m about a dozen edible plants growing in here and
you know it could make a small side salad couple of times a week for me but the downside
once again is the price, these are commercial units and they cost a chuck of change but
they are going to last you a definitely long time, I think in the right situation, it can
be really good because then you leave and you’re really not at home that much.
You could literally water these guys and go away for the week and not have to worry about
watering it, I’m interested to see how this would do in the desert summer when it does
get dry and most containers tend to drought really fast but because it has a twenty five
pound of water reservoir, that’s going to be really interesting to see how it keeps
the plant cool and also self waters throughout the different seasons here, so to learn more
about these guys, you want to visit the website, be sure to check the links down
below in the description for the link and also special discount codes so that if you
are interested in getting one of these planters, you could definitely do it and once again,
don’t just think you need to buy this plant to grow a garden, there are many ways to do
it wether want to buy this plant and you have a nice self watering garden whether you want
to set up a standard raise bed kit with parts of Craig’s list, there are all levels, you
could do it for free or you can spend a little bit of money if you don’t want to screw
around with setting up all of these systems cause this is an easy system to do, get it,
fill it, plant it, water it and forget about it, alright so hope you guys enjoyed this
episode, once again my name is John Kohler with, we’ll see you
next time and remember, keep on growing.

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  15. Hey John, you really should consider upgrading our video cam. 720p should be the minimum now. I Chromecast videos to my TV and 480p looks pretty bad on a HD screen.

  16. John I found a wild okra plant in my backyard today should I eat it and save the seeds or what it's a purple okra an the stem is purple with green leaves

  17. Glad to see Oakley again!  He's so cute and don't feel bad about the frozen plants John…unexpected late-season frost+open greenhouse = :'(  

  18. I've been building self-watering systems myself using food-grade buckets I got free from the grocery store. Just ask a bakery department for their old buckets. They usually have sizes of 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 3 gallon, or 5 gallon. Just wash it out yourself and you've got a great water proof container. You can put one bucket on top of the other, drill some holes in the upper bucket's bottom, and drill a drain hole for overfill in the lower bucket. That's it! It won't look as nice, but it works. Also, LDSprepper has a great video on his self-watering system.

  19. So, after you get it initially filled with water, then soil, then planted out… you then have to refill the water reservoir by top watering?  It would seem that totally drenching the soil to then expose the bottom layer of it to a full reservoir would be an invitation to root rot.  And after all the hype and set-up, John stated he still watered once a week at times, late in the video.  Hell, I frequently water less than that in my half whiskey barrels that I use for certain things.  I would probably try to refill through the 'overfill drainage' hole if I could, and then just top water a little bit.

  20. HEY JOHN Your absolutely right to check  your local nursery for a deal I was there today and got a steal with a Almond tree  Ruby ans a Cherry tree Sunburst these was worth every penny these where the same price when you buy them heavily pruned and maybe younger online Felt your Enthusiasm there,,,!!Keep on GROWING !

  21. 8.45 oh I think I see an Oakley snout? LOL Very cute. Great video John. Thanks for sharing. Good information. 🙂 christine

  22. what is the ph of the water and the soil and do all the veg in your pot like the same ph levels ?  ps great video can you pleas put the links up after the videos please 

  23. Thanks for the video John. I would have to agree with the majority here that a top filling port is needed at $99. price point.
     I worry soil is washing thru the gravel, into the reservoir over time. But it looks like you could drill a hole in the hollow walls and use a funnel to refill the water.

  24. I have a large circular container that I got from an office building that used to hold a tree. It is 36" in dia. X 30" deep. After planting in it this year, I would recommend against planting more than 2 tomato plants in a container that size, or 1 in anything smaller. I actually find that 1 plant per 5g bucket worth of soil is a good ratio, but soil amount is not my limiting factor here. My issue is the plants got so big and tall it was like a jungle in a pot with 3 tomatoes in that one pot. Very hard to harvest the fruit.

  25. anyone had success with self-watering pots for citrus trees?  How big of pot and how often do you have to water and have you ever encountered root rot?

  26.  Without having read all of the comments where this may have been mentioned, it seems to me that the center hole could be fit with a piece of plastic pipe that extends above the soil in which to refill it. This way, you could add a plastic mulch cover like the E-box containers and save yet more water.

    Upon further review of the planter website, it seems like a contradictory system with regard to the channel where the water comes up. What good does it do to have something hold that many gallons of water once the water level falls below the level of those channels? Seems to me that the earthbox types, with the soil wick chamber that goes all the way to the bottom would use all of the water. I use SWC's primarily, and they do absorb all of the water from the reservoir.

    It's a nice looking planter, but it seems it cold be designed better. Better aeration surface on the bottom, better fill system than watering through the soil which would take a lot longer waiting for the water to soak through etc.  I think if I were to buy one, it would be for the sheer volume and the aesthetics of it, but I think I would modify it to more closely emulate the earthbox wick and aeration setup. Replace that center hole with a larger one for a wicking basket, and drill a second hole off to the side for an above soil fill tube and drill a bunch more holes on the bottom shelf around where those channels are.

  27. John, could I put a tree in this container…such as a tangerine tree etc? and how much is this and is there a link to it???

  28. I would ABSOLUTELY upgrade that by putting in a watering pipe screwed in to the fill hole to make this a better sub-irrigating planter.

  29. On my budget I could never afford these.  I make do with free or cheap blue plastic barrels cut in half and set inside each other with the inner half being the top, pvc pipe for spacers in between.  Pvc fits into the barrel "top" opening allowing me to add water for wicking. The whole thing costs way less than $20 each.

  30. So true about the wine barrels drying out quickly.  It is April in CA and I have to water my veggies twice a day already.  Next year I am going to line them with landscape fabric and see how that works.

  31. i ́m not sure if you are doing a commercial or if you are giving me a good information about gardening…

  32. I notice that the planters are left outside. Do you have to worry about bird, and deer's , raccoons etc, eating your plants.  They do a good job on my shrubbery?

  33. For a larger container like these it would be great to have casters built in so you could roll it around. Or you could put it on a platform with casters.

  34. Man, those containers must be expensive. They're REALLY BIG. Good choice in potting soil. Dr. Earth Home Grown Organic mix is my regular choice.

  35. I am horrible at gardening so this would be great for me… One question… Hope it's not a silly one… How do u refill the water reservoir… Love your videos…

  36. Loved this video! I've been looking for large planters and the self watering feature is excellent, something I didn't even think about. Also it looks great! I really appreciate your demo. I probably wouldn't have bought it but your demo made it doable for me. I hope they ship to Hawaii!

  37. 25 gallons of water and still needs to be watered once a week. Would be nice if you could pick up the reservoir lid and install a hose connector and float valve to make it truly self-watering instead of just long-watered. But, it looks like the lid is actually the bottom of the upper shell, so that's a no-go. Plumbing up 18-gal plastic tubs from Walmart is still cheaper and requires less maintenance.

  38. Did you get little round heads from that Brussel Sprout/Kale cross or was it more like Kale with just big leaves? Those planters are convenient, but you're right, they are pricey. Need to check and see if they have any smaller ones. I have a whole load of tomato plants I need to transplant soon and it might be worth getting a few somewhat smaller ones instead of just 1 or 2 the largest size at those prices.

  39. I looked on that Grodawn's site and there are no prices. You actually have to CALL to get a price! That's not good. And I only saw one size of each style planter offered.

  40. Just my 2cents…. make your videos short so you can get more views. If you keep it from 5-10 mins long I think thats long enough for your viewers to watch more than one video.

  41. It's GoDawn industries not GoDon. Was wondering if the plants were from bonnies or from seed directly planted in the container. Very attractive container.

  42. You didn't explain how the self watering process actually works. And how can you tell when you need to add more water?

  43. ive been watching you for a while, like 3 years? and your stuff is always crappy looking blooms!!!!!Im sorry if I sound rude but I get tired of fcking up myself!

  44. so bio is good, aration is good, add nutes and a buffer if your gonna add nutes and go a little of both worlds right/?make a two gallon look like a 4

  45. How will you fill the water up again, in theses containers after you used it, because there is a lot of soil on the water container ?

  46. Do you know if this product is still available? The website dates are 2017 and seems a little dicey and I hesitate to submit my info.

  47. you are intense! I really enjoy that! I think the world has become way too generic and controlled.!

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