Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Hand Signals

In this clip I will discuss some of the hand
signals that we go through. There are as many hand signals as there are players. To score
the game, sometimes the scoreboard is at the other end of your rink and you have to tell
the person who is writing it up what it is. The way we do that is if my team has won by
two points, two of our bowls are closer to the jack before an opponent, I will go one,
two, one, two, or two, so there are three ways that you can tell the other end where
the score is going what to put on the board. I prefer doing this because half of us are
blind and you can see yourself hitting your head than you can otherwise. Likewise down
two, down two so that determines the score that goes to the other end. This means slow
it down, this means bring it back, come this side, come this side.

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