Lawn Striping Envy

Hands down my neighbors can’t keep up
with me just with the way that the Ventrac does such a beautiful job We had our lawn done by lawn care
professionals for the last 15 years prior to buying a Ventrac. I wasn’t
entirely satisfied with the quality of the -of the job when it was done, so I
researched different tractors and I felt that the Ventrac was the most versatile
of the tractors available, allowing me to have a tractor that I could plow snow
with, move mulch around, possibly get the leaf blower and other attachments as I
needed them, and it was a clear fit for us. The Ventrac has the continuous roller across the back
of the deck and allowing it to- once it cuts the grass it gently lays it over to give it that nice stripe.
I have a friend who used to work for the Cleveland Indians for the grounds crew
and he had given me some pointers as to how to stripe and to do a neat job and
what you do is you maintain the same start and finish points each time
occasionally trying to get a crosshatch or a diagonal but always going the same
direction each time when you do that particular pattern and definitely
keeping the lines as straight as you possibly can The Ventrac is wonderful when it comes
to the cut quality. I can give it a good clean cut and it doesn’t kill off the
top of the grass. The grass maintains its color. With the oscillating drive it
allows me to get really neat, straight lines and get in position and I can turn
our tight corners and radiuses and maneuver around obstacles quite easily.
I have a 8th grader and 10th grader they’re 14 and they’re 15 and I don’t
let them mow the lawn yet because they don’t go quite as straight as they
should go. Sometimes I let them oh but not too often. [Laughs]
That’s Dad’s job.

97 thoughts on “Lawn Striping Envy

  1. @zjbeast You are correct that it is not always the best for your lawn to continually do it the same direction, but if you look at the video, I think he actually does it 3 or 4 different directions (not in this video obviously.) I believe he does fertilize and aeravate his lawn so I don't think he has any issues with a healthy lawn 🙂 Wish my lawn was this nice!

  2. @nag69 I agree, if you are really in to it and do it everyday for more reasons than just the best cut they are the best

  3. i like my toro groundsmaster 322D better… even though its a golf course mower i threw on a 72" guardian recycler deck and it cuts like a dream

  4. @MsBmx25 you want to mow in a cross and updown sideside, so 4 weeks in the month and 4 different patterns, you need a roller behind the mower deck to lay the grass over to make a nice stripe. If you want to make it look really nice you can mow the same way twice or both cross and updown sideside. Mow strait!

  5. @damageplan67 ..I can't mow a straight line no matter what I do or what I use…. Maybe those 6 "Millers" have something to do with it. LOL

  6. @azul601 Why do you tree hugers even watch this video's? You know how much pollutuion was caused/made to build,ship, and power the divice you watched this video on? If you want a house with 3' tall grass, thats your choice.

  7. Before and After shots are totally rigged… I too can take an "after shot" and modify the contrast settings in Photoshop.

  8. I can tell im bored right now because I looked deeply into that claim… Seems to be two separate photos of before and after given the first the grass in uncut and the second is cut and second the shadows change in a proper timeframe of mowing a lawn that size..

  9. Before and after shots were taken at different times of the day, under different lighting. The after shots do appear to have a bit more contrast. However the point of the shot was to show the new stripe in a lawn that had already been striped from previous mowing jobs. Sorry, wasn't trying to deceive anybody, just show a well striped lawn by a Ventrac.

  10. Not trying to start anything here,but I honestly have never understood why people want their yard to look like a checkerboard.I prefer the nice even uniform look of a well groomed yard,where it looks natural ,not being able to see any signs of a mower having been on the turf,just smooth green turf across the entire yard.To each his own, I guess.

  11. Having a stripe lawn is more elegant. Thank you so much for sharing information about this kind of lawn. keep it up!

  12. sounds great.  must be nice to move into a place that already has grass, as opposed to a place overrun with dirt and overwhelming creeper.  

  13. Making lines in the same spot every time makes ruts which makes for a pretty crappy lawn over time

  14. This mowers is great for his set up,big wide open area to now and his landscape around the house is gradual,this mower would be outta place trying to mow commercial places in the city,zeros r the best overall y the comercial guys run them,scag or Exmark my preference for cut quality

  15. Mark I love the way your yard looks too bad you don't live near me because I'd come and do your yard for free just to ride your Ventrac… LOL I really do love to mow lawns I'm partially disabled and that is really all I have to look for during the week while my wife is at work.


  17. YOU really need to mow starting from the other side of the yard as the clippings will be discharged onto the uncut side of the tractor, so you can further mulch them up.  Gives a much cleaner look.

  18. For 1 the lawn looks so good because there are no woods in his grass, it's all good quality grass. The ventrac has a nice wide mowing deck which will make the stripes look good too. Any mower with a stripping roller will do a nice job but the ventrac job looks amazing because it makes nice wide strips

  19. Your lawn is beautiful but your kids will never know how to mow the yard unless u let them practice

  20. Yeah, OK sure it looks really good, but how long and how often does it take to stripe your lawn like that. I feel as it would be very time consuming, and if you have to continually repeat that process, in the end I don't know if I could do it, even considering how good it may look.

  21. time consuming. u must be a homeowner mower going in circles. way less time when u know where to start and where to finish. think about it. I'll stripe your yard with your craftsman mower it's not hard at all. down south we do it straight or we redo it!

  22. that guy is mean. not letting his kids mow the lawn. i took charge of my lawn at 9. im 12 now and just got my first rideon, but its not a ventrac =(

  23. Kids in tenth and eighth grade and they don't mow the lawn. That's depressing. Me and my twin brother started mowing on our ninth birthday

  24. nothing and I mean nothing has a better cut quality than a Scag, and its not about how good you cut its about how good you cut fast.

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