Let’s Compost!

Let’s talk trash. Cut! Let’s talk compost. Did you know that 60% of everything that goes into Menlo’s trash cans is compostable? Wow! I think we should be doing a lot more composting. I agree! So here are a few things that you can put into each one of these bins. And composting is so easy, even a nut can do it! Did you know that Menlo produces 30
cubic yards of waste a week? By January, we have to reduce all waste to 4 cubic yards per week. If we do our part together, then we can avoid fines that would eventually get passed down to us students. You can compost your to go containers, cups, napkins, plastic dinnerware, and you can recycle the lids to your cups. If you are ever unsure where to put your waste, you can always check on top of the bins outside.

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