Life as a Riverford field worker

I really enjoy my job
we are growing completely natural organic fruit and vegetables. It’s a very
dynamic job, every day we learn something new, some new experience, new friendships.
For me it’s amazing place to work. For me as a field worker sometimes it’s a bit
difficult to wake up early but when you wake up, it’s sunrise with the birds singing, after that you’re good to work. It’s nice to have a team surrounding you because if in one moment you’re stuck, there is our team to support us so sometimes I feel like
they are members of my family because we are very close
spending a lot of time together in the field. Usually English weather its mild
so it’s very nice but one day it can be heavy rain and we must stay, we must
pick we must finish our order or it can be very very sunny. It’s different
conditions to work in but nothing too bad. Because I am working outside surrounded
with nature time really flys by usually our working day lasts eight
hours if we start earlier we finish earlier and we have more time to do our
hobbies. I think that Riverford is an amazing place to work. I’m part of something very healthy, very natural, very good.

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