LIVESEED – Organic seed is the basis of organic farming

It is the basis of organic production, and I say this because if we really make use of seeds that are adaptated and acclimatised to our environment, obviously the level of inputs will decrease and we will have higher quality and more production at a lower cost. Regarding our colleagues, organic farmers, I believe that it is important their seeds incorporate what they have learned from the particular soil they grew in, the particular climate conditions, the people they have grown them and the spirit of every particular farm. This is important so the seeds can respond well and the crops could have good yield and quality. From the very beginning we have used organic seeds. All the time I worked for multiplying the seeds form the Seed Bank in order to have own seed material. From my experience I noticed that conventional seeds need 3 years to acquire the resistance to diseases. That is why it is better to use organic seeds and thanks to this you will not have problems with diseases and pests. It is very important for us, organic farmers, to create a closed system and use organic seeds for our production. Currently, we are growing at least six different species, focusing on maintaining biodiversity on our fields. Organic seeds are important for the organic growing of fruits and vegetables because there is a guarantee that they are not treated, have no chemistry in them, they are tested as organic, they are resistant to diseases and pests.

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  1. Global Organic Seeds market size is projected to reach 5.5 Billion by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of 12.9% during the forecast period. 
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