Lola Flora is glad for the people’s warm welcome of Flora’s Garden | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

– Get more plates.
– Try our mung bean dish. Have some juice. Bubbles, we need more plates. Here you go, miss. – That one.
– Do you want to try this? I’ll have some bitter gourd
and barbecue. I want to eat sisig. We’ll deliver it to your table. – Okay.
– They have a lot of customers. Don’t say bad words. The food smells so good. The aroma is so tempting.
It makes me want to buy. Hey! Get your head straight. Do you really want to eat
something made by our enemy? No way! Don’t worry, Chairman Bart.
I’ll cook for you. I used to be Coun. G’s cook
in the city hall. I believe you’ll like it so much
that you’ll forget your name. That’s a big obstacle to us. Can you see that? It will be hard for us
to kick them out because their business
is a big hit. This is your fault! Thank you for dining
at Flora’s Garden! Take care! Lola, there are snakes
slithering near the garden. There they are. – Oh my god!
– Why? I think they’re looking at us. And so? We’re not doing
anything wrong. Are they hurting you? What if they tell on us? We might be next on
Task Force Agila’s list. Don’t be nervous
and don’t panic! What are they up to now? Oh dear! Let’s just ignore them. We should focus on our business. There they go again. We know that Coun. G won’t let
our business succeed. Maybe we should just
let them be. Let’s just talk about how
we can earn a lot of money. But always remember that
we can’t let them win. Think! Use your brains. What can they do to us? Can they remove our permit? Bubbles, they’ll probably start
threatening our customers by saying terrorists
are living here. No one believes them anymore. They already tried to sabotage
our eatery at the city hall but they didn’t succeed. Just ignore them. Let’s leave them up to God. It’s empty? Wow! Lola, our soft opening was
a success! We sold everything! Wow! Congrats, Lola.
But this is hard work. I know it’s hard work. But this feels nice! It felt like yesterday when we
were talking about this, and now, we’ve opened our eatery
and it was a success! You’re right, Lola Flora.
Our neighbors loved the food. That’s not all. Our neighbors from where
we used to live came here too. – They stopped by?
– Yes! That’s nice. What was that? I’m sorry, Lola,
but I’m really hungry. I’m hungry too. Oh my! I forgot! I didn’t set aside food for us. That’s okay, Lola.
You forgot about yourself too. Don’t worry. I’ll buy
some food for all of us. – Yay!
– Wow! Thank you, Lola. As I was saying, Coun. G, there are many ways to
raise my campaign funds. Maybe we could add cockfights to our gambling business. Good idea, Chairman Bart. I have to start
raising a rooster. We could also
rent out corpses. Why bother with that,
Chairman Bart? You can rent out Nick and Gido.
They won’t rot anytime soon. Hey, stop it. Why are you so quiet, Coun. G? You haven’t contributed
anything yet. What?! I haven’t contributed anything? I’m the one planning everything
since the beginning! We can do it.
If we did it before– We cannot do it again. Why? As long as Lola Flora and
Cardo are in this area, we can’t do anything. No fundraising, gambling,
or do anything to make money! Nada! Zilch! But Coun. G, whatever happens, we still need the money
in the end. Where will we get the money? Let me think it over. Break it down. Come in, Domeng. Sorry about the place.
We just moved in. Aunt Yolly, Kuya Cardo’s here. Here’s our eatery. Cardo! You should’ve told us
you were coming so I could’ve left
some food for you. Everything’s
completely sold out. It’s fine, Aunt Yolly.
We already ate. Cardo, the eatery’s successful! That’s good to hear. I’m sure a lot of people
will come here because of what you did
to this place. How was the mission, Kuya Cardo?
Was it also successful? Yes, our mission’s
successful, Wally. But tomorrow,
we have a big mission. Yes, we have a mission
tomorrow. A huge one. And I’ll be leading that. They can’t handle it otherwise. Who’s he? Aunt Yolly,
he’s Domeng. Domengsu. We’re helping him out. Domeng, she’s Aunt Yolly,
and they’re Wally and Elmo. And she’s Bubbles. Hi, Bubbles. You’re so beautiful. What happened to you? Why do you look like that? Oh, I’m sorry. Actually, I got caught up in a
fight against super villains. I knocked all of them
down though. You were in a fight? So what happened?
Did you get hurt? I’m fine, Aunt Yolly.
Don’t worry, we took care of it. Some men were messing
with the place, so we had no choice
but to fight them. Oh dear. We’ll go upstairs, Aunt Yolly. I’m sure Alyana’s
already waiting. By the way, Domeng’s staying
with us for a while. What? He doesn’t have anywhere else
to go here in Manila, so I was hoping he could
stay here with us. Yes, we’ll go upstairs so we
can rest. We’re so tired. Don’t mind him.
He’s a bit crazy. Let’s go upstairs, Domeng. All of you should go
rest too.

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  1. Bakit ba si congie tatawaigin niya si lola flora ng lola eh lola na rin naman sya tingnan mas matanda pa syang tingnan😂😂

  2. Super I love you ang probinsyano complete package n tlga anu action drama at comedy wla tlga kaung ka2lad grabe tawa ko sau domengsu… Ops wg n c bubbles yari ky sir jerome….

  3. Nkkagamot sa pagod ang probinsyano tuld nmin mga ofw dto Kuwait or middle east bilang libangan nmin tnx cocoyass at sa laht ksama actors at artista

  4. I love cocoyass forever from abroad at talagang maganda ang probinsyano at hindi nakakasawa ang manuod kaya kahit ano pa ang paninira niyo sa cocoyass hindi niyo masisira marami ang nagmamahal sa kanila at nandito lang kami nakasoporta sa iyo god bless you both

  5. ganda tlaga ng AP dming mapupulot na aral lalo na sa mag asawang caryana oh cocoyass…ano mang pagsubok sa knila malalampasan nila basta kp8 lng sa isat isa yp n cm..lab u 4ever

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