Long live the soil

As an astronomer, I’ve spent most of my
life looking deep into the universe. Every time I cast my eyes toward the heavens,
I look with a sense of awe. Because the more I learn about our amazing
universe, the more I realize what a special home we have within that universe. However, those of us living on this remarkable
planet are facing some very serious challenges… Water and other resources are becoming increasingly
scarce… Climate change and extreme weather events
add to our food production challenges. But what if I told you a secret that might
just help us meet those challenges? Farmers, ranchers, and scientists are demonstrating
that we can actually build healthier, more productive and more resilient soils. If we farm in ways that improve soil health,
we can harvest a wide range of on- and off-farm benefits— I encourage you to “Unlock the Secrets in
the Soil” and learn more about the elegant universe below. I’m Dr. Laura Danly. Long live the soil. Long live planet earth.

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