Looking at the Compost Pile – This Week in the Garden

All right, guys,
so we’re looking at The Family Plot
compost pile over here. And we have constructed
it correctly in that there are two
vessels so that we can rotate back and forth. Rotation’s due to the influx
from garden residue here has gotten a little
bit screwed up. So some of this fresh
stuff should be over here. Well, you get to the
good cooked down stuff on the bottom on that side. Another thing, the
little microbes are friends in the soil. There are about
seven billion of them in a cup of good, healthy soil. Like a lot of edge in
what they’re chewing on. They’ll break it down faster. So it might help to knock
some of these big pieces down just a little bit,
make smaller particles so that they can get at
it a little bit faster. And it’s obvious that this
could use a little bit more engagement as there
are trees growing out of it, so turning it and
attending to it will give you a better product. Other than that, if
you wanted to boost it, I tell people all the
time that coffee grounds are great ’cause they’re
basically all edge, and they’ll get your
critters going good and fast.

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