15 thoughts on “Losing Ground – Why Is All The Soil Disappearing? (And How We Can Help)

  1. just discovered you yesterday and you are LITERALLY AMAZING! so entertaining, but educating and motivating at once!

  2. This is amazing! Spreading a great message with an interesting and comedic video, absolutely love it

  3. this really is an interesting video!
    I do feel that you should go less all over the place, it's really interesting but it takes away the main topic a bit, which shouldn't happen of course

  4. Matthew Shribman, you are becoming the most important thing on the MyTube. Thanks so much for this! I'm gon' share this like a bug.

  5. Mulching and no-dig gardening is a solution to topsoil erosion/depletion and actually rebuilding it, maybe even faster than would naturally happen. whether this is possible on such a large scale is questionable though.

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