Love Nikki – Secret Garden Tutorial and Lazy Suits (I WORKED REALLY HARD ON THIS)

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and today we are going to be talking about the new event I decided to put
this video here because I thought that it was freaking hilarious and I just
wanted to share it with you all there’s just something erotic about the
way he dances and how the color moves to the beat into his dance moves that just
it just gave me a good chuckle so the new event finally came and then we are
going to go check it out over here it’s at the back and you guys might be
wondering a few questions so number one what is this event what suits I’m going
to be getting and how much do the suits cost and which one should I pick and how
much will I need to spend in this event in total so the first suit it’s going to
be the cloud suit so that would be the third suit in the trailer it’s 1525
diamonds and then the second suit is total Apple suits so that was the first
one in the trailer and that’s 1560 diamonds just a little bit more
expensive in for starlets Louis suit that’s the one that was featured second
in the trailer and this one is a lot more in terms of diamonds because this
one actually has an animated piece so why don’t we check it out over here you
can see that the cards or whatever this is the tarot cards over here these are
animated so this might be why this suit is considerably more expensive than the
other suits but I like just less than a hundred diamond so it’s not that bad
this event isn’t that expensive because normally these suits in my opinion just
go around for more than two thousand diamonds so the fact that we’re getting
it for less than two thousand diamonds each is bomb now how much will the whole
event cost so you can’t just add all of these diamond costs together because
these diamond costs take into consideration that you are going to be
using free tries and then you can only technically use retries for one of the
suits so if you wanted all three of the suits it’s actually going to be a little
bit more expensive than adding up the three totals it’s going to be five
thousand three hundred seventy five diamonds including free tries and I’ll
tell you more about this event as we dive into the video so so when we go to
the event page we have to choose from either one of
these and you might be thinking oh no like do I have to make a decision right
now you’re supposed to do all three like you’re not supposed to but it what’s
recommended is that you do all three because when you finish each story stage
sorry I’m like lisping over there you get an additional fifty petals and that
can help you with getting the suits for cheaper so you’re going to be getting
the same three currency from the different stages and these currencies
can be added up so don’t worry you can always go back and it’s already
recommended that you’re supposed to be finishing all three stages too because
even if you do want one suit you still want to finish the three stages so then
you get the extra 150 currency from the stages alone so the first actual stage
where you battle is the second stage and if you look at the tips it’s going to be
cute and mildly so whenever there is a pet event I always try to go for the
suit or I can go for the more a suit so I think the more arraigned your suit
would be better because just that for the sake of a tutorial more people have
this suit I think it’s going to be okay but there are some lively attributes
here and some cute attributes here too so I’m just gonna go ahead and hope this
works okay BOM so that worked way better than
I thought but honestly you just have to beat them with a score of more than
26,000 or like around 20,000 and that’s not too hard and the fourth stage is
over here Oh gorgeous and elegant I know what that suit is that one I always do
is for feather the feather one and this is another easy soup that you pretty
much should have access to if you don’t no worries about it but this is the
reason why this isn’t good lazy suit is because pretty much everybody can get it
you just have to join an association and I think this is the first suit that you
do as a co-op group so it’s really pretty everything about this is pretty
ok so that was easy thank God it was something I did know and this was the
last stage where you could have gotten the petals from so I’m just gonna go
back here to do it and I’m just gonna finish this off because if you don’t
finish this off then you won’t be able to get the bonus Awards Wow okay that
was really sad for it bittersweet if I have to say oh got
chills that was about with something else so I was able to finish the story
pathways so that’s why I got 50 extra petals and this one is just a sticker
that you can use for around the world anyway
let’s just go to photo story real quick because I just want to have enough
currency to see if I can get enough things from the tearless so just give me
a second let me just finish this up real quick
elegant and gorgeous okay so you know the drill we’re just going to go with
feathers attached for this one it says cute and pure what set do I have that’s
cute and pure I wonder if toy carnival works
lively cute pure pure short skirt hopefully this works
okay so it did work I just guess that even if the love Nicki’s info isn’t up
and you don’t have any lazy suits just look for an outfit that you you kind of
intuitively think that oh it might be top-scoring and then search what part of
that outfit it’s from and then just put on the entire outfit and see if it
matches up with the tags like that’s what I do when I’m when I’m kind of
backed into a corner because I don’t have all the lazy suits memorize
especially with the little tags regarding that so I’m sorry that I did
choose it to a carnival one because they know that not everybody has that one but
just just go look in your wardrobe and you can finish this page it’s really
easy like you just have to beat a score of ten to twenty thousand and that’s the
simplest thing you need to do as long as you have those tags on so I just put
lazy suits on because I really can’t be bothered to put on every single cute and
pure suit from every category so that’s why I just took that easy way out and I
guess since I’m here I’m just gonna finish em starlet story as well because
I just wanted to make sure that I show you guys all the lazy suits if possible
okay so the tips over here is simple and elegant simple and elegant I’m wondering
if this would work but I’d have to like I have to go add on some extra stuff so okay so far there’s like a warm take
that I did not know of but the elegant tech I I think I already want as long as
you have the tags on from every single category of wardrobe I think you’re set
like we’re set don’t worry guys we got this as for the
slip very last stage I’m pleased to see that it’s lively and simple because when
it’s this keg you can always go to a suit that we all have and it’s used
storm yeah okay so that works out fine that worked up great and we have
everything and alas here we go 50 extra petals and I’m a happy camper so let’s
go ahead and start getting things for the suit pieces over here you’re going
to be seeing that you can choose to start any of the suits here and it
doesn’t matter which one you want to go first if you want all of the suits but
let’s say you just want to pack for once and the entire suit for the other one
that’s still not a problem because you can just go half way and then move on to
the other you don’t have to complete one suit to finish the other so that’s what
some really really nice about this event and I definitely appreciate that I’m
gonna go ahead and start with me or suit because that is technically my favorite
suit and I just got some earrings nice why do I feel like this event is going
to be more expensive than I thought it would be I hope this was helpful to you
guys it seems I am going to be doing at least two suits I think I’m just going
to be buying 1,600 diamonds were so good whoops almost over bought by a lot I
think this would be enough so let’s confirm and then I’m just going to drop
10 dropping all my coins or all my diamonds on this it’s going to be worth
it this is what I tell myself because I love that suit this is somewhat
satisfying oops not satisfy anymore but I’m just going to continue with this and
hope am i recording okay we’re good and recording so we’re just going to have a
really nice long why can’t it be more than done time I can’t to be like done
100 that would be ideal for the situation how many more do I have oh I
have a hundred and sixty-three left so this is going to be taking a while so
why don’t I put on that video I showed you guys at
the beginning while I play this because back clip honestly just makes my day okay so that was great at least I was a
done ten button and by the way you don’t need to be VIP like nine or four to get
the done ten button even as a v-0 player you can still use the done 10 button
even if you haven’t reached me for like the event stages are all free for
everybody to play don’t think that just because you’re not before that you can’t
use the drop-down button or the done 10 button her makeup it’s so pretty last but not least the little water
thing that I love the most so she’s complete and I think I either
might do a separate video where i showcase the suits and if you guys are
interested in another video where I actually showcase the new recharges so
it recharges over here let me know so hopefully that was enjoyable for you
guys to watch and hopefully that was informative I really did my best with
this video to make it aesthetically pleasing at the very beginning and then
I kind of gave up because there wasn’t really anything else I could have done
but here is her in her full glory and she looks stunning I am in love with her
and hopefully you guys are too so thank you guys for watching remember to Like
comment and subscribe if you like my video and I’ll catch you later bye

11 thoughts on “Love Nikki – Secret Garden Tutorial and Lazy Suits (I WORKED REALLY HARD ON THIS)

  1. The suits are very beautiful, however, I am saving for the Christmas suits :3 This is going to be my first Christmas in LN as I started playing this summer. Interestingly, I haven't really felt a ''connection'' with any of the recent suits 😀 The only ones I absolutely loved and spent money and dias on are Pure Sonata and Cosmos Tide

  2. I've been trying to be a lot more critical of suits to save diamonds… and I dont think I will be getting any of them. I have 2.5k diamonds right now and I need them for whatever hell event they throw at us next. (which means that I will probably just waste them in the next event anyway whoops)

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