Lowest Delivered Prices on Compost Tea & other Organic Fertilizers for Your Garden

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com,
today I have another exciting episode for you, and this is the one that you guys have
been waiting for. I know many times I get comments “John, where do I get that rock
dust, I went down and asked at my local Home Depot or my local garden center, and they
looked at me like I was crazy and they had no clue what I was talking about.” You might
look for something like the California Hummus or some of the other products that I use in
my very garden to get the great and excellent growing results that I do, but have a hard
time finding them. So this episode is going to be dedicated to you guys, because I’ve
done a lot of the legwork to find the lowest prices that you could order some of the products
I use in my garden online at the absolute lowest prices. So before I go on, I do want
to mention that all of the products that I’m showing today are based on natural organic
agriculture. I’m not going to show you guys anything derived from chemicals and pesticides
and things that are going to mess up your soil, because in my opinion the key to the
whole gardening thing is not using some miracle crap in a bottle or jar or whatever, but it’s
to build the soil and to build the biologics in the soil, and the products that I’m going
to share with you guys today do just that. So I guess without further ado, let’s get
into some of these products. Now there’s a lot of them, so you’re going to have to
sit tight and pay attention, because each one has different benefits, and they’re
just a little bit different. Of course if you want the best, order one of each, but
you know of course I’m going to have my recommendations on which are best as well.
So I guess lets dive into these boxes because I have the very deals that you guys will be
able to get out there anywhere in the 50 United States or anywhere the post office ships.
Many of these are actually all including shipping, so one low price including shipping, and that’s
what makes this video really good and really valuable, because I’ve scoured the Internet
literally for hours trying to find these companies, and some of them will even give you special
deals if they know you’re one of my viewers, so let’s dive into these boxes and open
them up and share what we’ve got. So the first box we’re going to open up
is right here, this is actually shipped to me through FedEx Ground. And the reason why
I like this company, and this company’s actually called John and Bob’s, it’s johnandbobs.com,
and they have a package deal where they’ll send you for 70 bucks their primo stuff, and
check it out, they send it with some natural packing material, so this is just like paper
shredded up and this is good for your compost pile, so don’t toss this stuff. Alright
in the box here we got a few different things, some of the things about their different products
that they offer, their penetrate, maximize and biosoil mix. Johnandbobs.com is the website,
I learned about John and Bobs at Orange County Farm Supply when I was down there, and I was
really interested in one of their products, their mineral base products or their basically
rock dust mineral product with the addition of the microbes which I’m all in favor of.
So I got this right here, this is actually called, whoa man this is heavy, net weight
12 pounds. “John and Bob’s Grow Green Smart Soil Solutions,” so this is a complete
solution that includes three of their different products, the optimize, it’s a soil optimizer
concentrated soil conditioner for optimal performance, the maximize microbes and minerals,
that’s the product that I originally saw, introduces beneficial nutrients that begin
working immediately, and the liquid bio tiller, penetrates clay and hard soil. So this little
box here treats up to 1,000 square feet of your garden space, let me go ahead and open
it up and show you guys what’s in there. And here’s what we got, got a whole bunch
of different products, this is the penetrate, this is the liquid bio tiller, this is basically
going to feed your microbes and your soil biologics. The next thing we got here is the
soil optimizer, and this is the organic soil conditioner with concentrated hummus or humic
acids. And then finally the key to this program right here is this stuff right here, this
is the product I originally saw and probably like the most out of these guys, this is the
maximize, and this is the trace minerals plus the soil bacteria. So I like this guy a lot.
I have started to use the John and Bob’s in my garden already, and it’s too early
to tell how the results are going to be, but I highly encourage you guys to use natural
products like John and Bob’s because they believe in the food soil web. The food soil
web is all about creating nice rich nutrients in the soil to keep the soil biologics active,
because some of those soil biologics, including the bacteria and the fungi, the nematodes
and the protozoa basically break down the nutrients in the soil to make it bioavailable
for the plants, so even if you’ve been gardening in the same soil for a while, without all
the beneficial microbes in the soil, if you start adding the beneficial microbes, they’re
going to break down more nutrients in that soil that you may think is devoid of nutrients
and then allow your plants to grow and flourish. The reason why I like these guys, especially
the maximize product, is because this has the protozoa and the fungi and bacteria in
here. This kit here will treat about 1,000 square feet and its 79.99 and free shipping
at johnandbobs.com. Let’s go into the next box here and check
out what we got. Next box here, Priority Mail box, whoa kind of heavy. Let’s go ahead
and open it up and check it out. This next box is actually from a company called soilminerals.com,
it’s actually this stuff right here, man this is a big ass box, 15 pounds of stuff,
so man this is a lot of soil nutrition for your garden. This is actually called the Agricola’s
484 high octane mineralized organic fertilizer. So while it is called a fertilizer, it actually
creates soil fertility by adding some of the best nutrients in your soil. [inaudible] this
guy is 15 pounds, and it’ll treat about 600 square feet and it’s 59 dollars delivered.
They also do have a smaller five pound version for 29 dollars delivered. Now this reason
why I like this stuff right here is once again it contains the trace minerals, and in my
opinion the trace minerals are probably one of the most important nutrients that you can
add to your soil, because the trace minerals are different than the NPK and the common
13 minerals that are often added to soil but they’re the smaller amounts of the different
minerals that are probably necessary for plant growth and that I have seen make a difference.
So let’s go ahead and read off the ingredients they’ve sourced from all over the world
for this product. This one has ocean fish, bone meal, Tennessee rock phosphate, feathermeal,
[inaudible], natural sulfate [inaudible ], humate ore, Azomite trace minerals, Atlantic kelp
meal, Jersey green sand and glacial rock dust with a blend of the essential minerals boron,
iron, manganese, copper and zinc plus a wide range of beneficial fungi and bacteria from
mico apply and biozome. So the mico apply is basically the mycorrhizae–based fungi
organisms which colonize the root zone which help pull in the nutrients in the plant, but
the interesting thing about this product is that it contains the biozome which contains
the [inaudible] bacteria and there’s no other product that I know of that contains
the biozome [inaudible] bacteria. The [inaudible] are probably one of the most primitive forms
of that bacteria and are probably responsible for the life on earth today. And actually
the [inaudible] bacteria according to the company says it can break down pesticides
and other things in the soil, so that’s why I like this stuff a lot.
Alright, so some of those guys are actually kind of spendy, I’ve saved the best for
last actually, the next two products get a lot more affordable so let’s see what they
are. This guy right here is really smart, this was actually shipped in a, whoa man,
this is the heaviest one so far. This was shipped in a Priority Mail United States Post
Office flat rate box, and let me tell you, they’re making the best use of this box
here man, you can see this how it got shipped to me, it actually was popping out the box,
so if you’re this company you might want to tape up your box a little bit better, because
it almost fell out. So let’s go ahead and open it up and see what we got inside. Alright,
looks like it wasn’t damaged in shipping [inaudible] was opened up, and this side was
opened too actually and let’s get this guy out, whoa check it out, alright, here we go,
my favorite stuff right here, the [inaudible] certified enzomite, and this is the Azomite,
this is the rock dust trace minerals that I recommend highly to you guys, now it’s
available at an affordable price. This is from rootnaturally.com, and it’s a 35 pound,
whoa man I can barely lift it up with two hands, 35 pounds of rock dust, delivered price
for you guys, 45 bucks. Now yes, that’s a little bit more expensive than I normally
get it at my lowest price option in town, but the fact of the matter is, you guys are
going to get this shipped anywhere in the United States, 50 states, even Guam and places
like that, and territories of the US, Puerto Rico, for 45 bucks for 35 pounds. And this
is the stuff I recommend you guys use if you can afford it at one pound per one square
feet of garden space, so for example I got the little raised beds behind me here, the
little container gardens, Growums, they’re about two square feet, I would add two pounds
optimally, and that’s optimally, you know I want to see results in my plants, the more
you add because you can’t burn with things like the trace minerals like the rock dust,
I’ve grown in 50 percent rock dust and 50 percent compost and I had some of the sweetest
wheat grass I ever grew. That being said, the minimum application rate is one pound
per 10 square feet, but at least try to do two you guys, and if you’re not sure about
if this stuff works or not I would highly encourage you guys just to order it once and
do one pound for one square feet in one raised bed. This amount will get you 35 square feet
of raised bed and grow one raised bed with the rock dust and one without it, and grow
the same exact crops, and at the end of the year, tell me which ones grew better and more
importantly, which ones tasted better, because when you guys add the trace minerals into
the soil, the plants absorb those nutrients, the trace minerals, and bring that into the
plant to make your plant healthier, more disease and pest-resistant, but more importantly,
more nutritious vegetables. And that’s what I’m after. I’m into gardening but I want
to grow the most highest quality fruits and vegetables that money can’t buy, because
unfortunately conventional or even organic agriculture, they’re not buying these kind
of things and putting it in the soil. So that’s why you guys need to do it yourself in my
opinion. So if you thought 35 pounds for 45 dollars delivered was a good price, it gets
even better. Because you guys are my viewers, I’ve negotiated special discount pricing
for your first order with this company rootsnaturally.com. You want to use the discount code “growingyourgreens”
that’ll give you 10 percent off, so now you’re at 40 dollars and 50 cents for 35
pounds of rock dust delivered. I’ve not found a cheaper price anywhere online, so
I highly encourage you guys to do that. So next let’s go on to the next one. Yeah this
rock dust is heavy stuff. So this next one once again another big Priority
Mail package, whoa man. This is another heavy one here, this one’s 30 pounds, and this
one the box didn’t get messed up too much, we’re going to go ahead and cut that open
here. Alright let’s see what we got this time. Rip it open [inaudible]. Alright check
it out, some of my other favorite stuff, now this stuff might be available near you guys,
but sometimes it can also be hard to find actually. This is my earthworm castings, and
this is stuff that I’ve been using in my garden, this is actually the non-toxic earthworm
castings by the Wiggle Worm soil builder. Now when you buy from rootsnaturally.com,
they’re actually the farmers that produce the Wiggle Worm castings, and actually this
is a 15 pound bag, so you’re going to get two 15 pound bags of the Wiggle Worm worm
castings, total of 30 pounds, for a low price of 32 dollars delivered. So that’s almost
a dollar a pound but guess what? It gets better, because you guys are my viewers, you can also
use that one-time use code for each customer, growingyourgreens for 10 percent off, so now
we’re getting this down to 28 dollars and 80 cents for 30 pounds of worm castings delivered.
Now I always encourage you guys to make your own worm castings and get your own pet worms,
because this stuff can get expensive and you guys with all your food scraps in your kitchen
and yard clippings from your garden and feed your worms and make this stuff at literally
a buck a pound so you’ll save a lot of money by getting a worm bin, putting together your
own worm bin and I have videos on that, and making your own. But if you don’t got it,
highly recommend the worm castings, and I like to mix this in with my rock dust at the
end of every growing season to re-enrich my soil to get it ready for next season. So let’s
go ahead and put these guys back. Man maybe these boxes are going to get lighter here,
I’m getting a bit worn out. So anyways next I got three more boxes and once again, thanks
to the US Postal Service want to give a shout out to them, their flat rate boxes make it
really possible, and I don’t think they knew that people would be sending soil in
them and man, there’s so much weight in these guys they’ve got to be losing money.
Anyways the next three are from the same company it’s from boogiebrew.net, and let’s open
these guys up and see what we got. Alright so the first thing we got in here is, alright
we got the Sea 90 products. So the Sea 90, instead of using the rock dust trace minerals,
these are actually sea minerals from the ocean because originally, this was one big giant
rock, and the rocks eroded down, the soils get degraded and guess what? The minerals
all went into the sea. So this is basically a dehydrated ocean water with other sources
of minerals in there that’s highly concentrated, so the deal here for this is you get 10 pounds
of the Sea 90 and this stuff you dilute it just a little bit into a lot of water, and
it will go a long way. This stuff right here, 10 pounds will feed two acres. So you don’t
want to just dump this straight into your garden, no you’ve got to dilute this stuff,
I think it’s one teaspoon of the Sea 90 to one gallon of water and water this in.
In addition as a special bonus you guys are also going to get because you’re my viewers
here, a special sample pack of the Boogie Brew Tea. Now this Boogie Brew Tea comes with
a brew bag, and this will make gallons and gallons of the Boogie Brew Tea. But back to
the Sea 90, so you might be thinking, “John, what’s the better trace mineral supplementation
to get for my garden? Should I get the rock dust that you just talked about, or should
I get the Sea 90? I mean they’re both the trace minerals, which one’s better?” Well
you know I asked my rock dust expert Don Weaver about this, and he said it’s best to actually
combine the rock minerals, the ground up rock minerals with the sea minerals. That way you’re
going to get the symbiotic effect of all the minerals in the different forms. This stuff
you could actually also foiler feed which I would highly recommend because a lot of
gardeners miss out on the foiler feeding. So get both, if I had to choose one, man it
depends if you got a lot of money or not. I mean once again, this is the lowest price
for the rock dust delivered, and if you had to just do one I’d probably do the Sea 90
products, it’s going to go further, you could apply it to the leaves, you could also
apply it into your ground after your plants are planted. That being said, I use both of
them myself. So onto the next deal here. So once again, that was 25 dollars for 10 pounds
of the Sea 90 and a sample kit of the Boogie Brew.
Check out we got here the next box. Man they sure tape these boxes up good, I guess that’s
good so that it doesn’t explode in the mail. Alright another cool product that I like so
much, as I rip open the box. Here it is man, this stuff is my favorite, this guy is actually
called the California Hummus, and for those of you guys that haven’t seen my video,
I had a video on how to grow gigantic fruits and vegetables in your garden, and it was
actually by using the California Hummus. Now if you ever see one of those big pumpkin contests
that grow the largest pumpkins? Some of those guys tap into this stuff to grow the largest
and heaviest pumpkins in all those contests. So what is this stuff? I mean you could check
back my other video where I go into detail about this and why this stuff is so beneficial,
but I’ll share with you just real quick. So the California Hummus and this is actually
a six quart bag, this will definitely last you long because you’re not going to mix
a lot of this stuff, you’re going to basically brew the tea and spread it on, or just put
a little bit in with your soil, and that’s how I’ve actually been using it, just like
a handful in each grow box, that’s all you need, because this stuff is really potent.
So what this stuff is, this adds once again the biologics to your soil. Many of you guys
may be making your own compost at home, and if you’re not already, I highly encourage
you guys to do that, or at least buy compost to grow in in your garden, and that’s the
main source of nutrition in my garden, the compost that I use. But the problem with the
compost is that it’s created at high temperatures, and at high temperatures, only certain bacteria
will survive in those temperatures, and while those bacteria are good, there’s a whole
host of other creatures that will live in your soil, and the California Hummus is made
with a low temperature composting process that takes years and years to make. It’s
basically broken down wood chips that form this nice, rich hummus matter, and this hummus
matter has been tested and shown to contain ultra-high levels of things like the fungi,
the protozoa, and the nematodes, and these are the things in the soil that really work
in symbiosis with the bacteria to break down the nutrients in your soil to make them bio
available to the plants. And this is probably the one most important thing, maybe even in
this whole video that I’ll talk about because this is the one key component that I was missing
for many years. And after I started using this stuff, I definitely noticed a difference.
So yeah, boogiebrew.net will have an excellent deal on this for you guys, I don’t know
the pricing on it, but you’ll have to check them out to get the special deal, the special
Growing Your Greens only deal on the California Hummus.
Next I’ve saved the absolute best for last, and I know you guys might be thinking “John,
some of that stuff’s really expensive, I mean some of that stuff’s like 60 bucks,
50 bucks, some those were 25 bucks, like what would you get if you could only get one thing?”
Well let me tell you I’ll be straight up with you, I’d get this one right here, let’s
check out what we got inside this box here. Alright in this box here this is the exact
kit you guys are going to get right here, this is the Boogie Brew Brew Your Own Veganic
Tea for your plants. So this is one of the best compost teas that I found that you can
actually brew at home, and I’ll explain to you why. Here’s some information on the
Sea 90 how to use it, a pamphlet on the Boogie Brew, and also a little information on what
the Boogie Brew is, how to use it, and a little product catalog and what it is. So let’s
go through this kit and show you guys what you will get for 29 dollars delivered. First
you’re going to get this stuff right here, this is the Boogie Brew Brew Your Own Veganic
Tea, and this is a special Growing Your Greens special only. If you go on their regular website
you’re not going to get this deal. Their normal deal, this one has two pounds for you
guys only, Growing Your Greens crew, three pounds, so that’s 50 percent more at no
additional cost, it’ll brew 50 gallons, that’s 10 five gallon buckets of compost
tea that you can spray on, foiler feed your plants, you could also actually drench it
around the base of your plants in the root zone to get the nutrients your plants need
to grow healthy, wealthy and strong. And to feed you guys. But the reason why I like the
Boogie Brew is because it contains a plethora of different ingredients. So we’ll go over
some of those, the biodynamic hummus, high chitinase worm castings, cold pressed kelp
extract, organic soy alfalfa humic acid, dolomite rock phosphate organic trace sea minerals,
gypsum soluble mycorrhizae, nutritional yeast, organic cane juice crystals, and also magnesium
sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, [inaudible ] iron, and copper sulfite. This
guy also contains the California hummus, so I mean basically this guy you’re going to
get basically almost all the products I talk about in one small convenient easy to use
packet that you can brew your own compost tea so this will turn into 50 gallons, that’s
a lot of fertilizer for you guys to use. In addition I’ve negotiated a special deal
with the Boogie Brew crew out there in California to get some extra stuff. So you guys are also
going to get some of my favorite worm castings in the world to use, this is actually the
Worm Gold Plus, and this is a certified high chitinase worm castings, so you know all worm
castings are not created equal, all compost is not created equal. There’s always different
varying levels of the different nutrition of nutrients in there. Now the way this Worm
Gold Worm Casting Compost is created is that the worms are fed special stock, and when
the worms are fed this special stock, their poop or their castings have higher chitinase
content. Now why is chitin important to add to your garden? Well basically if you check
my episodes previously I talk about a product called insect frass, which is pretty much
all chitinase and it’s the highest source of chitin, this is probably the next best
which is what I would recommend. The chitinase basically will break down the chitin, or the
chitin is the hard shell on the insects that are in your garden. So if you feed this stuff
to your plants, the plants will uptake the chitin, and then when the hard-bodied shell
bugs eat your plants, it’ll start to break down their shell, it’s like dripping acid
on your skin and your skin melting. That’s what the chitin literally does to the insects,
and when the insects taste some of that stuff, guess what, they don’t want none of that,
they go to somebody else’s plants that don’t got the chitin in it. So this is just a little
small starter pack to get you started, two pounds included in this Boogie Brew kit. In
addition you got the burlap sack here to brew your compost tea, natural burlap, I like that
a lot. And finally in this packet you also get the sea minerals. So you get two and a
half pounds of Sea 90, once again, one teaspoon of this stuff in a gallon of water to feed
your plants at the base, and also feed them foiler. Do not, I repeat, do not add this
stuff into your soil mixture. You want to dilute it first, because this stuff can contain
some higher sodium levels and we need to dilute it before you use it or you’re going to
lose it, and that’ s lose your plants. So this package deal is 29 dollars, and this
is all these deals actually probably for a limited time only. To get the deals on the
Boogie Brew stuff, you want to visit the website boogiebrew.net/gyg. Once again, boogiebrew.net/gyg.
It’s going to ask you for the special password because this is only for you guys for you
viewers, and you want to enter the password once again gyg. And this will open it up to
all the different specials that the Boogie Brew Company will be offering you guys because
of me, they like me, they like my fans, and they want to support you guys so that you
guys can grow the healthiest foods on the planet with the highest nutrition at the lowest
possible cost. So that’ll do it for this round-up today of all the different soil nutrients
that you can add and buy and get shipped directly to your home without even going out and wasting
any gas to go to your nursery, to go to that big box store, you’re going to get the best
stuff delivered to you. So I highly encourage you guys to support some of the people that
support me with these natural products, and actually even more importantly, making these
guys so that you guys have alternatives to chemical farming. Because in this way we can
build our soil and do things a natural way to have the best growing results, have more
flavorful and more tasty foods, and grow higher yields of them in your garden and mine.
So hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode, if you need more information about the products
that I talked about in this episode, please check below the video, I’ll have a full
list of the links and how to get some of these special offers from the companies that I talk
about today. Once again my name is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com, we’ll see you
next time and remember keep on growing.

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