maadi thottam organic (terrace garden ) kanchipuram

Yenagal veetu
maddi thotam – kanchipuram

35 thoughts on “maadi thottam organic (terrace garden ) kanchipuram

  1. very inspiring…..i have just started to try this….but feeling depressed because i havnt suceeded even growing one…pls guide me n also use tamil words

  2. Hi new subscriber here, I love this video, I have started my own organic garden a week ago and I am very excited with the project. Please visit my channel (and subscribe, if you like) Thanks

  3. Very nicely done. Can you tell me the scientific name of the lime tree you have planted? Also karpooravalli, is it grown from cuttings or seeds?

  4. Sir I have started to do in my terrace but don't know how to tie panthal for kodi variety, don't find anyone to help , I'm in perumbakkam, can you please help me

  5. Excellent garden….fresh healthy plants….can you give a suggestion what type organic fertizers and pest control

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