Make $60k a Year Growing Organic Wheatgrass at Home

Alright, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for
you and if you guys saw the Last episode, right? It was at Sin City Farms here in Las Vegas,
downtown Las Vegas, showing you guys how a farmer that sells at the farmer’s market
is actually growing baby greens in his backyard and this episode is a little bit different. It’s also showing you guys how somebody
in Las Vegas, actually an established business owner, premiere grower of organic wheatgrass,
has been growing wheatgrass here in Las Vegas sustainably and turning a big profit, actually,
every year, for the Last 13 years that he’s been doing it. And so what I’m going to show you guys today
is that, just in this house behind me, there’s a home base business that’s making $60,000
a year. And whether you guys live in Las Vegas or
other places, you guys can start your own little business out of your house to work
part time, couple of hours a day and make 60,000 or more if this business was to expand. And in this episode, I’m gonna show you
guys, it is how to grow the wheatgrass. It’s super simple, super easy and more importantly
show you guys that a business opportunity where the owner basically wants to get out
of this business. He’s established it, he has nearly 100 customers
that he delivers to on a regular basis selling lots of wheatgrass and you could just literally
step in. You could even buy the house as well as the
business, turn key and be making money. So maybe you guys live somewhere in the northeast
where it snows in the winter time and you know, it barely ever snows here in Las Vegas. You can see it on some of the peaks actually
from standing right in this location. But I moved to Las Vegas due to the amazing
growing season and climate here. And the cool thing about this business is
that this business is literally insulated from the hot desert conditions no matter how
hot it gets, it’s still easy to grow wheatgrass because they’re actually growing it inside. So I’m gonna go ahead and to the backyard
and show you guys what’s growing on today. So now I’m in the backyard of the house
and as you guys can see in the back and what your looking at mainly is like a big kind
of sun room thing with like windows on the side and you got some sky lights up top and
the thing that really makes it happen is up top. They got a huge swamp cooler that keeps it
climate controlled inside to grow the wheatgrass year round no matter if it’s a 110 degrees
outside or no matter if it’s like the winter time and 40 degrees outside, they’re still
able to grow the wheatgrass year round. So this means that they’re going to have
consistent production all year and to service all their accounts around town. They service many different juice bars, I
mean, they got the Whole Foods account, they’re who supply the Whole Foods their organic wheatgrass. If you go into a Whole Foods and buy a wheatgrass
shot, guess what? It was grown right here. All certified organic. Including also, athletic clubs that I’m
glad athletic clubs are getting into the mix now. Offering wheatgrass to their clients, you
know, and the people, those people are body builders are coming in, right. They know wheatgrass is healthy and because
not only does it contain the chlorophyll and the different vitamins and minerals and what
not. But it’s super high in protein and unfortunately
people fail to remember that wheatgrass is, I mean, where does a cow get his protein? It’s from the grass so, anyways that’s
how they’re grown here inside. They have a small little backyard garden back
here with chickens and actually bees so they’re kind of doing a homestead thing. Got a fig tree. But anyway I’m here to show you guys the
wheatgrass today so actually let’s head in to the climate controlled room and show
you guys how they grow the wheatgrass here in Las Vegas. So now I’m going to take you guys into the
grow room here and basically it is just like a big sunroom with some skylights and it’s
got indirect lighting from the side but it’s actually nice and cool in here due to the
swamp cooler. At least 30 degrees cooler than outside. So it’s actually a nice and comfortable
environment to work in. And it’s very important for you to be comfortable
while you’re working but more importantly, it’s more important for the wheatgrass to
be comfortable while it is growing because the wheatgrass has certain climatic needs
and you know it needs to be within a range. It can’t be too cold and it can’t be too
hot and it looks like they’ve had actually a really good success at moderating the temperatures
in here so it’s the perfect temperature for the wheatgrass to grow. So anyways, let’s head inside and show you
guys the seed, the organic seed they’re using, because that’s where it all starts
and it’s really important to get the highest quality and the best seed. So now I wanna show you guys where the wheat
grass as well as many other crops starts and it’s all with the seeds and I’m going
to encourage you guys that no matter where you guys no matter what your growing whether
it’s wheatgrass, sunflower greens, buckwheat greens, or just some kale out of your garden,
to start with the highest quality seeds you guys can, right. If you start with the low quality seeds right,
your plants are not going to turn out right. You know they may not grow right, then they
grow all wonky and you’re not going to get good production, good yield, and you’re
going to have more importantly inconsistent production. So it’s best when using lots of seeds like
they’re using here, you know they’re growing flats and flats of wheatgrass trays. You got to make sure they have nice high quality
seed. So the grower here, the owner here, has gone
through a lot of different trials and tribulations to find the right grower of the seeds and
get the highest quality seeds and I’m glad to say that the seeds he’s using here are
certified organic but more importantly than just being certified organic seeds, most wheat
that is being grown is actually grown to be ground up into flour. So it doesn’t matter how well they germinate,
they don’t do kind of bacterial testing on them and whatnot but the seeds he’s buying
here on the label say these seeds are intended for sprouting so these are specifically made
for growing the wheatgrass like it’s growing here. So these are just some good high quality seeds
and if I just look in the bag here, the wheat seeds and show you guys these seeds, they’re
really nice, clean, seeds. These are the red winter hard wheat here that
he’s growing to turn into all the wheatgrass. So you know if you’re going to grow wheatgrass,
you want to make sure that you get the highest quality seeds possible and you know often
times people wanting to grow wheatgrass, just go to the health food store and buy hard winter
wheat and while that may work, it’s probably not going to be the highest quality seeds. Especially not as high as the stuff that he’s
sourcing here. So now I’m going to show you guys the process
it takes to grow the wheatgrass and it really isn’t rocket science. I’m just going to show you guys the general
overview. They have many different small specific things
that I won’t be sharing with you guys today to really make it work properly and these
are like the trade secrets and the cool thing is that at the end of this episode, I’ll
show you guys how you get to know all the trade secrets that they’re doing here. But anyways what Shawn, the owner and farmer
here is doing is basically, he’s got one of those big laundry tubs you know and normally
I see them sell wheatgrass in those five-gallon buckets and that’s just not enough wheatgrass
to be in those soaking here because they grow basically 60 flats of wheatgrass at a time. So that one big bag of wheatgrass seeds just
got thrown into this big laundry tub that he’s carefully agitating and cleaning off
the seeds by running water through it and then letting it drain out. After he’s washed it enough, then he soaks
the seeds for about 12 hours to let them germinate until they start to grow little tails and
once those little tails start to emerge, then he goes on to the next step of planting them
into the trays. So just 24 hours after you start soaking and
washing the seeds, you end up with another tub that looks like this and this was started
24 hours ago and these are those same wheat seeds you guys saw getting washed but if you
look very closely on there you can see the little tails starting to grow and so they’ve
now basically soaked this for 12 hours and it sat there for another 12 hours and now
these wheat seeds have germinated they’re growing and let me tell you guys you got to
smell this. It smells amazing. It smells clean, I don’t smell any mold. It’s like some of the cleanest wheatgrass
I’ve ever seen grown. And the cool thing about this stage is you
know you just pick up some of these seeds and eat them. And these are like baby wheatgrass sprouts. It’s really hard to chew. But it’s really delicious but when you’re
eating them, that means that your’re going to be able to grow less grass. So the next step, after the seeds step, after
they’re all germinating is that they’re ready to get planted in the ground. I mean, what other crop, literally, can you
plant literally within only 24 hours of germinating the seeds. So now I’m going to show you guys actually
the next steps in growing wheat grass. This is not like rocket science. You know, growing your own food is really
easy whether your growing wheatgrass or something else out in your yard, it’s just that we’re
so unfamiliar with how to do things because where taught like reading, writing, arithmetic
in school and were not taught grow food and that’s one of the reasons why I have this
channel, so you guys can get to know this stuff. Anyways, I’m gonna show you guys what they’re
doing here next. They basically got these flats here. They’re 10×20 flats and on the top here,
you can see this one’s just filled with dirt and there’s basically nothing in this
one. That’s because this one is actually acting
as a weight to hold down the one below it. So if I lift this one up, you guys can see
underneath there. These are those seeds that I just showed you
guys that have just germinated, right. After 24 hours, they have started sprout,
they’re starting to grow and then they basically place it on top of organic soil that they
sourced locally and they basically tapped these down and leave some weight on them so
that the seeds basically get pressed into the sol. If you don’t put the weight on it, then
the seeds aren’t going to you know grow, the roots aren’t going to grow down. They might have some challenges. So they probably weight these down and basically
keep weight on here, just water them and they’ll wait two days. And after two days, basically what will happen
is, the seeds will start growing, the roots will start to go down and it’ll start to
actually push up the little wheat blade of grass, coming up and actually, it’s so strong
that it’ll actually push this tray up. So I want you guys to know that growing wheat
grass is not a lot of work, there’s literally the seeds know what to do, you just have to
be here to monitor they’re progress and also, of course, give them a little bit of
water and guess what? Nature happens. So what happens is the tray was on top and
as you guys can see, this trays been literally lifted up because now you have these blades
of grass that are actually quite strong. I mean it’s kind of like the bed of nails
that you see on the circus acts and like you know a guy would go up and lay on a bed of
nails and “wow, the guy laid on a bed of nails” but the thing is, the weight is distributed
evenly because you know all these blades of grass are coming up at the same time, you
know. It literally has the force to push up this
little tray that is a good pound or two, right. And at the same time these guys are growing
and the dark, the tray over the top, also puts darkness on the seeds and the seeds want
to grow to light which they can’t find because it’s dark and then this tray comes off. And once the tray comes off, you guys can
see like, on this tray if you guys look closely around these trays, around the edge, some
of the blades of grass the baby blades of grass are growing are green because they got
a little bit of light but the ones in the middle are mostly yellow and they’re not
yet greening up and this is actually after only two days of being planted, they’re
popping up and growing. And then what’s going to happen is that
these are going to sit here for another two days and get a little bit taller until they
move onto the next stage which I’ll just show you guys in a minute. So it’s just so amazing. Check it out man, I know they got some healthy
grass here when I can literally just lift this whole base up and look at that. Look at that. All these nice roots that have formed. I mean this is only like four days after they
have been planted out. These guys grow really fast, really nice,
deep white roots and nice and really thick. I mean I can literally pull this grass up
and without having the dirt flow anywhere. So this is like just really clean grass growing. So now we are going to show you guys the next
stage of the wheat grass growth and what you see behind me is literally only 6 days after
germinating the seeds in the water and check these guys out. Check them out man, they’re nice and greened
up now and there’s no artificial lighting here this is all just ambient light coming
in from the window glass and you guys can see that these are greening up really nice
you know, they’re pros and cons of using artificial lighting so you know if you’re
to use artificial lighting maybe the blades of grass will be a deeper green but they’re
not going to be as tall because these guys are gonna grow as tall as possible because
they’re saying “Hey, I can’t get any direct light. I need to grow taller so I need to get more
light,” right. So, I actually prefer grass that’s grown
under natural lighting and so once again, this is six days and you know what other crop
can you literally grow from seed to the end, finished, product that you sell in just ten
days. I mean this is 6 days. It’s almost done but not quite, they want
it to be a little bit taller and let me show you guys the update on the root structure. Look at that. I mean this is just really nice and thick
down there. Doing really good. Now you know 85% of the wheatgrass they grow
is being grown to sell for people that are going to be juicing because you know like
a couple of episodes ago that I went to the Ann Wigmore Institute. So Ann Wigmore made wheatgrass popular with
the common health movement now and made it popular because she was healing people with
incurable diseases with wheatgrass and you know people know that wheatgrass is so good
for you. And you know the place that I just visited
a couple of weeks ago the Ann Wigmore Institute serves wheatgrass to people as part of the
Ann Wigmore lifestyle that heals incurable people. So really the power of the grass and when
is the last time you ate grass. You guys could just definitely just chew and
eat the grass. Cut this and it. Chew it up. Juice it with my teeth because our teeth are
the best juicers on the planet. That being said your jaws might get tired
because were not used to chewing as much and for that reason I like that I can just put
it through the juicer and extract the rich liquid gold from the wheatgrass including
the trace minerals including the antioxidants including the chlorophyll and all the other
properties. Anyways, what I wanted to do next is that
I can show you guys the finished product that been growing just about 10 days and more importantly
once its grown to full height how do they stop or slow down the growth so that they
can then sell it to the customers so it’s the freshest and the best place. You don’t want to get wheatgrass to grow
too far to its jointing stage because then the nutrition actually goes down. So after about 8 to 19 days, and this also
depends on the time of year so in the summer time between 8 and 10 days, your crop is ready
to be sold and sent out or delivered to a juice bar or be actually cut and then put
in a FedEx box and be shipped literally to anywhere in the country. The most important thing with the wheatgrass
is that you don’t want it to get too big and it gets to the joining stage cause the
nutrition goes way down. So what they’re doing here is slowing down
the growth rate and how they’re doing that is with a big nice walk in cooler here that
they got set on the outside here, it says 48 degrees. So let’s go ahead and walk inside and pull
out this fresh wheatgrass. Now this wheatgrass you know when they put
into the cooler you can kind of think of it as like hibernation. When bears go into hibernation for the winter,
this wheatgrass is in hibernation you know, it’s kind of going got sleep because it’s
in a dark cooler and it’s a little bit cool. I mean, it’s still alive and it’s still
growing, still anatomically active, but just kind of literally chilling out for a living
and that’s not a bad place to be in the 100 degree weather in Las Vegas. So you guys can see, you know this stuff is
at a good point for now. It could be a little bit taller, you know
they like it a little bit taller but this is at a good point for sale where it can basically
just be chopped off and juiced. And so if I’m looking at this, you know
I’m not seeing really too much mold down there it looks like a really good product
and once again look at the roots they’re really nice and developed and really thick
down in there. and so yeah and then it’s then this product
that is then delivered to the different juice bars, athletic clubs, Whole Foods in the area
so that they can then cut it and sell it to the people that come in or also this actually
just cut and shipped. So if you can’t buy wheatgrass near you
and the grower here always recommends you try to find a local grower if you want to
get your own wheat grass because it’s a lot better than cutting it and shipping it
but if you can’t get it, they will definitely do that for you guys and of course growing
your own is always best and also is going to be a lot less expensive than shipping in
your wheat grass and as you guys saw it it’s really not that difficult to grow. I think what I want to do next for your guys
is to sit down the owner, the grower here, Shawn who owns the Pete’s Wheatgrass, we’ll
ask him why it’s called Pete’s Wheatgrass when his name is Shawn and a lot of other
things and how you can actually own this very business right. Shawn has been doing this for over ten years
now and it is time in his life and his wife to move on and they want to get out of the
business but they have a nice established business that makes $60,000 a year that you
could just literally step into, he’ll teach you everything you need to know, you turn
the key and you’re making literally $60,000 a year for working just a few hours a day
so it’s really amazing that he’s able to do this and he’s the premiere wheat grass
organic grower in Las Vegas. So now I have the pleasure of interviewing
Shawn from Pete’s Wheatgrass who has literally been growing wheat grass for like 13 years
now here in Las Vegas as the premiere organic wheatgrass grower. The first question I have for you Shawn is
why is it called “Pete’s Wheatgrass” when your name is Shawn? Ah, that’s a good question. I’ve got that a lot. When I was in the military my last name being
Peterson, we would shorten names and turned it into Pete. “Hey, Pete, get this.” So I had that nickname and I just thought
it was a catchy name. Yeah, no it is. It sounds really cool and makes it personal
like if you’re personally growing the wheatgrass which actually, you and your wife are. Which is cool. Yeah that’s right. We’ve been growing about 13 years. And it’s not automated or anything right
so you’re really putting all the love into the wheatgrass and I think it really makes
a difference for the plants you know. It does. If you try automated, you’re not gonna have
a computer know specifics about how to adjust or whether or not it might need water now
or in five hours from now. You know days change, humidity changes, you
want to make sure the conditions are perfect all the time and just putting the hand work
into it results in a much better product. Cool, so the question is, why did you start
going to wheatgrass in Las Vegas of all places in the world? You know Las Vegas, I’m sorry to say like
is not the healthiest place in the world in my opinion with all the buffets and the probably
a good percentage of the people here are overweight and not like California. I mean if you started this business in like
LA or something, yeah okay, that’s a no brainer but here in Vegas 13 years ago, I
mean wheatgrass wasn’t even that popular then. Why did you do it? Well, my father is super hippy. Like with the Volkswagen bus and, I mean,
and the full nine yards. So he was growing wheatgrass himself and it
was looking pretty good. There where other wheatgrass growers here
in town that he would often go and get his product from and it just was not as good as
the stuff he was growing and it was all about quality of seed and conditions present and
we were just growing better products and I just thought “hey, here’s a business opportunity”
and the other grower did not have some of the larger accounts that I initially focused
on. Um, and I guess the rest is history, yeah? Yeah, you’ve been doing this 13 years delivering
to like Whole Foods, to different juice bars, athletic clubs and all these other places. It’s amazing. Yeah, it’s been a good business. I never really thought that wheatgrass you
could actually make a living off it but sure enough here I am 13 years later. Yeah I know it’s amazing. And I also want to encourage you guys out
there whose thinking about going into business for yourself you know to stop doing your job
that you don’t hate, that you do hate, and you can do something like growing wheatgrass
sprouts, microgreens, literally almost anywhere and you can start a business and I think the
biggest part is getting that business started. Growing the stuff is a little bit challenging
you got to figure out how to do it but even more important than that is actually finding
the customers and having long term customers like Shawn. Shawn has gotten here now for over 10 years
and you know Whole Foods sells wheatgrass shots and they need they’re wheat grass
every week here, you know? So they’re a constant customer always coming
back. So the thing I want to ask you Shawn is about
some growing tips growing wheatgrass now after 13 years, I’m sure you’re doing things
differently now than you did way back then. Like I’m sure you’ve learned so many different
things. Do you want to share maybe a few tips with
my viewer’s on things you’ve learned over the years? Absolutely. If you’re growing wheatgrass it is critical
to start with an organic high-quality seed. There’s differences in wheat. You want hard red organic wheat. This is tested to be the most beneficial for
us. When your’ growing wheatgrass don’t be
afraid of it. Just look up videos. you’ll find enough
tips to soak properly. Let it sit for the 12 hours. So it’s soaked 12 hours, 12 hours just let
it sit. Use high quality dirt. You don’t need that much dirt. Make sure you water it and keep the temperature
right. The temperature is a critical thing. A lot of people think that they can grow it
on their patio and you know the temperature can vary too much and the plant is not going
to be happy. Yeah, I see that a lot. People want to put up a green house and grow
wheatgrass or sprouts from our greens and then the greenhouse is way too hot for greenhouses. I mean if anything, especially if you’re
in Las Vegas, you need a shaded house, maybe a green house in the winter time but definitely
you want to keep it cool. I mean it’s nice and cool in the room we’re
filming in where all this is growing behind us man and uh I mean I can just basically
put my bed in here and live out here instead of outside. I can probably put more things inside here. But another thing that I wanted to talk to
you guys about, another thing that I wanted to talk to you about Pete, and that I mentioned
earlier is that this business is for sale. Why would you walk away from a business that
is generating $60,000 a year for you your wife and your family and just walk away from
it? Well, you know when you’ve done something
for so long it’s kind of time for a change. We’ve lost, unfortunately, some family members
and a lot of the reasons why we are anchored here to Las Vegas we were born and raised
here and those reasons unfortunately are gone and with other family actually leaving the
state, we are soon to follow and we are just going to move on to different things. Wow and so meanwhile he has this business
here that’s making 60,000 a year and you know he has all the records and tax records
and stuff to prove it. So if one of you guys want to just literally
come in buy the business. You can have a turn key operation and how
much are you asking for the business? I’m asking $90,000. Which is one and a half times net. Very fair. Very, very fair. So $60,000 is net so that’s how much you
make after taxes and all that stuff, right? That’s right. That’s right. Wow, and then you have the existing customers
who are going to stay with the business so if somebody comes in literally in a year and
a half, they’d paid off the business and everything else they’re making is profit. Yeah, that’s right. One critical thing with the business is being
established so people know that they can count of Pete’s Wheatgrass. That they can trust that they’re going to
continue to get a high quality product and they’re not going to make a change with
some other company when they have an established relationship. So I think, you know, over 10 years delivering
to Whole Foods, we’ve never had an issue and most of our other customers as well. There’s a lot of hotels, there’s a lot
of floral applications for this as well. The business is not just wheatgrass alone,
it is a lot more than that. It’s a lifestyle. You always have your hands on the healthiest,
freshest wheatgrass there is. You get to get your hands dirty, do a little
gardening. I love that. I love to plant stuff and watch it grow and
really to visit these customers and bring them a product that they know is high quality. That they really appreciate you bringing it
to them. It’s a symbiotic relationship that’s nice. It feels good. And the amazing thing is right, you are not
even working full time. How many hours a day do you work normally? Yeah, uh, so usually about 3. 3 hours a day. Sometimes 5. Yeah,
And 7 days a week of course. Yeah, well, like I take a day off here. Sometimes, I’ll put in a 5, 6-hour shift
so that I can take the following day off. It’s really all about how you structure
it. There’s a certain number of things you need
to be done and it’s really up to you when you want to do it. Wow so it sounds like you’re making a full-time
income for literally like working part time? That kind of is what it is. Um, I, you know, it sounds spoiled and I,
you know, I don’t mind spoiling myself. If you have a good business, you might as
well take advantage of it. Right. And that’s great. So if you guys have been looking for some
kind of other opportunity and to get out of your job and move your family to Las Vegas,
uh, Shawn is not only looking to sell the business but also the house so if you want
to say a few things about the house Shawn I mean I know the backyard, I mean, man, I
could really grow so much food in the backyard. It’s nice and large. It is for Las Vegas, a half of an acre is
a really good size of property. And no HOA, right? That’s right. No HOA. Amazing. You’re completely free to do whatever you
want here. I do enjoy that. I enjoy the freedom. Half acre house, comes with the property. That’s part of the beauty, really, about
having this business is so that you can work and live right where you’re at. There’s no commuting, there’s no driving
having to get to work on time, you know? There is a half-acre parcel it’s a 2500
square foot house. Four bedrooms, two and half bath, single story. Wow. So I think that’s definitely an amazing
opportunity for some of you. If one you guys out there wants to move to
Vegas and just literally start fresh and start a new business, start an established business,
and keep it running, you know Shawn here will train you to make sure that your on point
so that the quality consistency can stay the same and he’ll show you guys how to do everything. The other thing they do here is besides delivering
locally, they’ll sell online and you know Shawn has been kind of the mellow one just
wanting to keep the business going but not grow but you know somebody that’s into it. That has some energy, some spunk, could really
get in here, expand the business and sell even more and start shipping some week routes. I mean he already has the established facilities
and connections to grow the wheatgrass. So Shawn is there any other things that you
would like to share with my visitors today before we go? I hope you guys get to grow exactly what you
want to it and if you grow wheatgrass I hope it turns out perfect. If it doesn’t, you can always call us. If you’re interested in a business opportunity
that is real, that has a house and a business and you’re earning enough income to pay
your bills and you don’t want to be in your current position or you just want to improve
your life, we’re here. Wow. Yeah this is an amazing opportunity. I’ll put some of the contact info, down
below for you guys. You guys could get in contact with Shawn here
and if, somebody wants to learn more about your business, what’s your business website
if somebody in the local area wants to order wheatgrass or whatever? You can go to There’s three phone numbers on there. you can call me directly, you can call our
sales line. Great. Sounds good. That’s pretty much a wrap. I hope you guys really enjoyed this episode
today learning how you can literally grow wheatgrass you know actually I’ve been to
another episode, in another episode, I haven’t aired yet actually a guy is growing wheatgrass
and has a wheatgrass business out of his garage. He converted his two-car garage just grow
wheatgrass and you know I want you guys to grow whatever you can whereever you can whether
that’s inside, in your garage, your kitchen, grow sprouts, grow micro greens. As you guys saw in this episode, it’s not
hard to grow wheatgrass. What is hard is to figure out all the intricacies
and to set up an established business to sell it and that’s what Shawn is offering here
for you guys. He’s done all the hard work, you just got
to keep it growing and you can be cashing out at 60,000 a year and that’s actually
a really good income here in Las Vegas because the cost of living is significantly cheaper
than in places like California which is where I moved from. Also be sure to, click thumbs up if you liked
this video, right? If you click the thumbs I’ll get a lot,
I’ll come back and visit Shawn and go more into growing wheatgrass and all the little
tips and things he’s doing here which is quite amazing. Also, be sure to click that subscribe button
down below to be notified of my new and upcoming episodes. I have them coming out every 3 to 4 days and
you never know where I’ll be show up or what you’ll be learning on my YouTube channel. An finally be sure to check my past episodes. My past episodes are a wealth of knowledge
over 1300 episodes at this time viewed in excess of over 60 million times and so you’ll
never know what you’ll be learning and all the information that I share with you guys
on how you guys can grow your own food whether its fruits and vegetables or even wheatgrass
at home and even motivate you to start a business for yourself and stop working for the man
because I think we all need to be entrepreneurs because that’s what makes this country strong
is all the entrepreneurs in my opinion. So with that, my name is John Kohler with and well see you next time and until then, remember, keep on growing.

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    04:24 Starting with the Highest Quality Sprouting Seeds
    06:28 Properly Washing and Soaking the Wheat Seeds
    07:28 Properly Soaked Wheatberries are Edible
    08:35 Planting the Sprouted Wheat berries in trays
    10:17 Blades of Wheat Grass pushes up weight tray and greening up
    12:17 6 Days after germination, growing under ambient light
    14:58 How to keep wheatgrass fresh without getting too old
    18:03 Interview with Shawn Peterson, Wheatgrass Farmer
    18:15 Why is the company called Pete's Wheatgrass?
    19:12 Why did you start growing wheatgrass in Las Vegas?
    21:09 What are some tips for growing wheatgrass?
    22:40 Why would you walk away from a business making $60k profit a year?
    23:29 How much are you selling the business for?
    24:57 How many hours a day do you work?
    25:35 Do you want to say anything about the home your selling?
    27:14 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers?
    27:50 What is your website to learn more about wheatgrass and the business?

    Learn more about Pete's Wheatgrass at

    Contact Shawn at 702-604-2410 for more information about this opportunity

  2. This is literally my dream 🙂 Currently doing this small scale until I finish my Naturopathic Physician Diploma!

    Much love!

  3. Did he just want 90k for the wheatgrass business or is the house also included ? Coz I just bought a house 3months ago…damn…

  4. Jon: Your videos are very motivating. I enjoy watching your videos often. I am interested in self-sustaining gardening. I am hoping you may inform us about beneficial bugs, their buffer-zone habitat, how to keep them over winter, and how to control consumer pest bugs and animals, also about randomizing the garden rows inboard of the buffer zone. I have seen one video on this subject and I would watch it again but it's gone somewhere. Thanks. I hope you can keep on producing these very interesting videos on these topics.

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  6. What a great opportunity!!! If I wasn't already trying to establish a food /medicinal herb garden I'd jump on that opportunity!!!!! Great video

  7. I started growing my own fodder. I began with cleaned oats from feed store. I noticed after moving my fodder location closer to basement entrance, my yield was much less, about 2 lbs less… I thought mice were consuming my seed, so I bought traps, and caught only two. Even though I keep traps baited I haven't caught more. I still observed seed not all growing, and when I went to harvest…. little did I realize on my oats in their root mass was tons of Hessian Fly larve. Have you had any trouble with it? Or how to get rid of it with out pesticides?

  8. Hey john, you point out that slowing the growth in the cooler is an important step. Why not just harvest it on day seven, why does it have to be cooled?

  9. Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity. Does the business come with the house or how does that work? Is the property within the city limits of Vegas? And I gotta ask… How old is Shawn? He has such great skin! I imagine he drinks his own wheatgrass juice?!

  10. hi i need to try this in my basement as small project to make money .. i live in canada now … what do you think about that … basement good idea or not .. thank you very much 🙂

  11. Wheatgrass is not super high in protein (unfortunately). A shot will give you about 1 gram of protein. Humans need ~50-60 grams of protein per day.

  12. A few hours work a day, 60k a year and he wants to sell it. I think he can see the market for his product is starting to decline and getting out before the ship sinks. Good luck.

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  15. I grow and juice as much wheat grass as possible! Extremely powerful juice. I grow wheat grass using aeroponics and also grow wheat grass in 100% wood chips! 100% no mold! John's videos really motivated me to do my own thing and grow as much food as possible but come to find out wheat grass juice has everything the body needs period.

  16. Sorry I stopped down at Circus Circus and I lost it all. so that's why I never made it to your house with the check.

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    You were working way too hard. That sends up a red flag.

  19. I read that wheatgrass can contain bacteria or viruses such as E Coli. Is there a way to make sure that stuff like E Coli won't be on the wheatgrass itself?

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  25. John. I have been watching you for over a year now. From ILLINOIS. I just subscribed to your page. I was truly interested in the wheatgrass bizz in las,vegas. I have been doing aquapontics in Illinois. and now I am in the east valley of AZ. thinking of doing the wheat grass thing here? hit me up with an email if you think you can help out? i am thinking i should not put this in public comment?? I am new to all this great youtube thing . I am a builder and an HVAC contractor.. so a green house build out with every thing in it. is no trouble for me

  26. Wheatgrass is an excellent source of many different vitamins and minerals. It is especially high in vitamins A, C and E, as well as iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids.

  27. Hi John, in this episode you mentioned the other guy growing wheatgrass in his garage,what is the youtube link please? thanks

  28. Trade secrets, soak with a little peroxide and kill off any mold or fungus. You won’t have any problem getting funky mold growth. Just super sweet wheat grass. It’s the biggest problem with growing it.

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  31. email me @ [email protected] we live in pahrump nv. 40 min away from Vegas… great growing here… have Lots of land and Great resources… contact us for future endeavors.((((( ill back your play cuz i know, you know good things. we can make 60% return ( which is unheard of even in a bull market ) on our investment.)))).

  32. I was wondering are you able to sell wheatgrass to juice bars when it's in soil? I thought having soil in a restaurant was against health code so you would have to grow them hydroponically? I really don't know but trying to find out thanks

  33. Wheatgrass has saved my teeth and gums. It's truly amazing and way better than mouthwash. Wheatgrass reversed my inflamed gums and fixed my loose teeth. I also take a shot of it everyday and feel amazing.

  34. The difference between a cow and us is that the cow can process chlorophyll (grass) and turn into proteins. We CANNOT process chlorophyll and that is why it is considered fiber for humans. Dont be misleading

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