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Today, I am going to talk about “How to get started with a profitable plant nursery business
in India”. After watching this video, you’ll get an idea
about how to set up a nursery. You can start a nursery in your backyard or you can even
go BIG and start a commercial nursery. A backyard plant nursery is a profitable venture,
specifically for those who are in love with gardening and have got just enough space to
grow and store plants. If you have got a hobby related to gardening, horticulture or agriculture,
you can surely convert this hobby into a profitable business. You can get started with this business
in any city or village, you need not be living in a metro city for a profitable nursery business.
All you need to get started is a little space and a small amount as an investment and with
your skills, you can take this backyard nursery to a whole another level where you can make
a considerable amount of profit. This is one of the most attractive part-time
business for housewives and students. There are plenty of ways to get started with
this business and there is no particular formula which would help you build your ideal backyard
nursery. The two factors that play major role in planning your backyard nursery are the
capital that you are willing to invest and the time in hours that you can spare out for
your nursery from your daily routine. Keeping these two factors in your mind, you should
start planning your business model. To give your plan a boost, let me tell you
a fact about general public mindset that is observed in nursery business. “People often
prefer buying their garden or kitchen plants from smaller plant nursery than that of the
commercial ones.” The reason being, the TRUST factor. They usually trust small nursery owners
as they get to meet the person who is behind everything, whereas, in commercial nurseries,
they get an attendent who is mostly an unqualified guy who doesn’t know much about plants or
gardening. So, let’s talk about the steps you need to
take. First: The Business Plan
Be it a small business, or a larger one, you need to plan out things well in advance. So,
what are the basic things that you need to collectively call it a plan. You need to plan
and make a decision about your Business Model, Investment and Marketing strategies. Second: Business Compliance
This is the first step towards the execution of your plan. You need to register your business
with the governing authority in your locality. This solely depends upon the locality you
are planning to set up your establishment. You may find different rules and regulations
for Urban and Rural areas. You can start your Nursery business with a proprietership or
partnership or as a company registration here in India. Be aware that Plant Nursery business
requires to be registered under appropriate legal authorities.
Although, a backyard plant nursery won’t attract any commercial license issues. In India, you
can get started with a trade license from your local municipal authority. Apart from
this, you are going to need a permit from horticulture department or agriculture department
or may be both, depending upon what plants are you willing to sell.
Additionally, you are suggested to discuss your plan with any trusted Tax consultant
to be future ready for any tax liabilities. Third: Resources
As any other business, Nursery requires a constant and promt supply of resources. You
should make a list of the resources that you need frequently for a smooth operation. Always
sort the list of the resources by priority. A few important examples of the resources
that you need to include in this list are unadultrated water, sterilised soil, seeds,
plant cuttings, seedlings tray, coco-peat, vermiculite, perlite, compost or vermicompost
and other fertilizers and pesticides. You need to study the market demand and keep
your stock accordingly. Additionaly, you need to look for the plants which provide high
profit returns, You know, to keep you going. Because, if you don’t make profit, you’ll
soon start losing your interest in your venture. You’ll need to hire an employee or may be
a few of them, depending on the scale on which you are planning to execute this business
plan. You are going to need an office space to sit and talk to your customers, to prepare
their bills, to manage records of demand and supply, etc. Fourth: Identification of additional items
to sell through your nursery Apart from usual seedlings, plants or shrubs,
you can sell a number of related things which could prove to be an additional source of
income. For example, seeds, potting soil, seedmix, coco-peat, compost, vermicompost,
flower pots, etc. You can also sell gardening tools like hand cultivator, pruners, clippers,
etc. Fifth: Marketing
Local flea markets or craft fairs are the best places to promote your nursery and to
communicate with the potential customers. You can also promote your nursery by putting
an advertisement in the local print media such as news papers, magazines and pamphlets.
Other than that, you should always keep in touch with the local gardeners, horticulture
consultants or advisors, landscape experts, garden and parks maintenance division of your
city municipality and everyone who is directly or indirectly related to plants and gardening.
Also, you should understand that most of the public is online these days using platforms
like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So you can create a basic website, a Facebook
page, an Instagram account, a Google My Business page or whatever is suitable for you to reach
to your target audience. So that’s all the basic information which
is required for you to get started with a Nursery business, be it a Backyard Nursery
or be it a Commericial Nursery. If you have any doubts about getting started with a nursery,
please put them in the comments section below, I’d love to answer your queries with the best
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