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hi I’m Jen long creative director at
Sizzix and I’m here to share our brand new David Tutera collection David Tutera’s
new collection with us features large scale and medium scale flowers these are
perfect for home decor celebrations decor or for big photo backdrops these
do take a special folding technique to make and there’s a special tool to
create them so let’s take a look at how all of that is created the first thing
that you’re gonna do to create your flower petals is take a six by 12 piece
of paper and you’re going to fold that right in half you can see that the dies
to create these flowers there’s a couple different petal shapes included in each
die set you can see there are varying sizes but this is the die that you’re
going to use to create your main base petal shape and how you do that is you
lay this die so it’s a hair over this folded part on your platform you’re
going to complete your Sizzix sandwich and you’re gonna roll that through your
Big Shot machine and when you remove your die cut you can see that after you
unfold your paper you have completed this extended petal shape so once you
start to build up all the various sizes of petals you’re actually able to create
a really nice large-scale flower and remember that tool I mentioned earlier
about creating volume and contouring your petals that tool is right here this
is called the crease and curl tool we can see that one side has a special end
for scoring and the other side has a slot in here and that slot is where you
insert your paper and you twist it to kind of give yourself some contour and
some volume so let’s take a look at how that is done I’m just gonna kind of use
my cutting pad here as a straight edge and I’m going to take my scoring side of
my crease and curl tool and I’m gonna score right down the middle of my petal
on both ends now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna kind
of bend the pedal along that score line now I’m going to take the end that has
the slit in it all I’m going to do is insert my paper
between these two slits you’re kind of gonna turn the crease and curl tool and
then just pull it right out it’s very simple but it’s very effective and I
think one of the best features of this tool is is that it doesn’t bend or
crease your paper at all so you’re able to get a clean crisp sense of contouring
and volume and your petals it’s actually super fun to do it also you can of
course keep working it up and create even more volume you can go in different
directions and there’s a lot of different techniques you can use but
this is the most basic techniques for creating your flower petals using your
crease and curl tool I have a couple more petals laid out over here so you
can see that as you start to create different petals and kind of layer them
out you’re really able to create a really nice volumize to large-scale
flower and we can take a look one more time over here this is one of the
succulent flowers from his collection and you can see how much volume and life
we’ve given to it just by using special treats and curl tool and these
large-format dies so this has been an overview of David Tutera’s brand-new
collection large-scale flowers created by Sizzix subscribe to our channel to see all of
our exciting DIY projects share what you make with the hashtag make it with

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