Making Compost bins from Pallets

hi welcome back to garden ninja today i’m going to be showing you how you can make your own compost bins out of these pallets! It’s really easy to do it means you’ll have amazing compost for all over your garden which will benefit your soil your plants is super easy and free so come on let’s get cracking! So here I am with the main component of the compost bins, pallets. Now pallets come in a whole variety of different sizes the most important thing is to make sure that they are certified not to contain any nasty treatments creosote or toxins that could leach into the compost cause your harm so go somewhere reputable, ask have they been certified and have they been heat treated. Now most decent pallet stockists will have done that. So here I am now I’ve bought rather strange sized pallets, usually they come in sizes of a 1m to 1.2 meters square these are 1.4 meter pallets the reason I’ve done that is I want to get maximum capacity out of these bins so I’ve gone for quite a broad pallets. So we’re going to do now start building first compost bin now I’m going to make three today we’re going to be next to each other. So I’ve got my palettes got my gloves I’ve got my steel toe-caps boots on I’m ready to rock and roll so come on let’s get palleting! so you’re going to need a few key bits of equipment to get your pallets into the shape ready for your compost bin so first thing you’re going to need is an electric drill to drill your pilot holes for any of these screws or hinges the next thing you’ll need is some hinges for your doors I’m also going to be using decking screws here to screw them together because they’re galvanized super tough and then hook and eyes for the doors as well to keep them shut. I’ve got screwdriver and some pliers and of course pallets! First thing to do is to make the frame now the frame is basically three pallets all of the same size but you then stack into a box shape If you haven’t worked with pallets before there is an under side and a top side where the underside has less struts less of these braces than the top side. Now we want the top side facing inwards into the compost bin because that will help prevent the contents from spilling out they’re also probably going to cover these with chicken wire if you’re not doing that that’s definately make sure that thinnest slats are on the inside So here’s gardening just top tip number one which other guides seemed to miss the first screw you need to put in is in the back left corner at the bottom and see that screw there which is a decking screw I’ve drilled a pilot hole and screwed that through and that will then support that corner and all the other joints so get that one first and then move on to the top of that same corners okay so we’re going to adjust this so it’s perfectly flush at the back then I’m going to drill a small pilot hole there we go pop that down that grab myself a decking screw which are galvanized so they don’t rust pretty awesome things put in there holding this firm start to screw it okay so now we’ve screwed in the back two corners of the compost bin you’ll notice that the two sorts of arms here can still flex so what we need are these l-shaped brackets. They’re made of steel so what you do is pop those on the corner two or four screws in each and that will give it more rigidity I’m going to probably put up three maybe four in each corner to really firm this bad boy up so come on let’s get the screws in! There so if you’re followed the instructions you should now have a case like this so the brace is in each corner you’ve got your decking screws for the opposite corners and you’re now ready to build your door for the door you don’t need another pallet same size and a hand saw. I’m going to show you how to make that now. I’m going to do now is take a wood saw it’s a nice and sharp and another pallet and they’re basically gonna cut it in half we’re going to cut it just beneath the middle braces once you’ve done that you can then take those two halves and attach them to the compost bin so once you’ve cut your doors you can then decide whether you want two doors were you can split the doors in half equally or in my case I’m just going to go for one door that come sort of two-thirds of the way up the compost bin and that’s because it’s going to be quite a lot of material going in here so don’t necessarily need a door all the way to the top. I want to increase air flow into that compost bin so I’ve decided to go for one door you could go for two you could go for a split of three you can go nuts! For me a door at the bottom it just keeps all that mass in there will be perfectly sufficient throwing stuff into the next bin and the next bin all the way through the summer
so one door it’s super easy for garden ninja. So I’m going to get my hinges on and then this first bin will be finished. Top tip number three when making compost is you must go on to bare air on earth thats permeable if you put compost bins on top Flags tarmac any hard standing simply won’t work or you’ll end up with is a pool of goop! So the first bin is now complete I’ve got my nifty sort of halfway door here to keep things in I’ve got the hinges on and my little latch that will keep it shut so I’m going to let myself out and then start on the next three bins! Okay so that’s one compost bin down I’m going to do three so I’m going to crack on basically repeat the process remember you’re always using the last walll of the compost bin so rather than needing four pallets you’ll need three for every subsequent compost bin. okay so I’ve just finished the final bit the way I’m working with four bins there you could be working one two three six twelve it depends on how much space you got but the first two bins I’ve made here have half doors on them so that’s for the fresh material pop that in there that will help keep the heat in they keep it secure moving on to the other bins they’re open compost bins so once the material starts to rot down and starts to its compost I can shift it from the first or second third or fourth because you’re always going to be adding new material but we don’t want it to just keep piling more and more in heat shift them along as it progresses so I’ve got four bins here what’s going to you now is using some chicken wire it’s just why you match the inside the bin and that will stop small particles from escaping or the guides show you to put the chicken wire around the outside but I think it looks messy and for the design point of view I think should try and hide it as best you can so come on let’s finish these bad boys! So once you’ve finished wrapping your chicken wire on the inside you should see it looks a bit like this, super neat, not scruffy you’re not going to get snagged on the outside of your bin. So there we have it garden ninjas guide to how to build very own compost bin out of pallets if you’ve liked this video why not subscribe to my youtube channel to watch more hints and tips on garden design videos I’ve been Garden Ninja thanks for watching happy gardening!

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