Making garden Compost

hi guys welcome to another video so as
you can see we are turning this compost heap this is at one of our properties
and I know it’s not clearly the most interesting of videos but I thought I’d
have a little bit of a chat about compost and the importance for a garden
and if you’re maintaining the garden the importance of getting a regular supply
and sorting out a composting system for your customers gardens as well there are a lot of myths about compost
and ways of making better compost and people say do this people say do that
but in my experience the best thing to do really is whether you’ve got a three
four pallets heaps this done or just a tub or a tumbler something like that is
to try and put in a good mix of nitrogen and carbon based materials so woody
stuff and grass clippings and greenery and that will give you good compost and
you know some people say that you want to get it hot and you want to keep it
turned and stuff these can speed up the process and can kill off some weed seeds
and stuff but I think really the simplest and best thing to do is just
let it be leave it for a year you can turn it if you want to or you have a
system that’s so appropriate to turn it and that’ll speed up the process and
will give you fine a compost but if you don’t just let it be
then it sit for about a year and you’ll have usable compost that it’s perfect
for your garden with all of the nutrients and microorganisms that your
garden needs so you know you can make composting very complicated but it
fundamentally is very simple and just leave it in a pile and you’ll get some
good results being a professional gardener and going
to these properties I do like to try and make compost heaps if the people don’t
have compost heaps it’s not appropriate for a lot of gardens most most small
gardeners to stick it in the green bin I think if you’re looking after a bigger
place it gives you a it gives you work so there’s a good couple of visits where
you can turn the compost heaps over the year a good thing to do in the winter
but equally it gives you then another job to do in but you can mulch and use
the compost for putting our plants and things like that so I think it feel like
it’s it’s part of that sort of holistic approach to gardening if people see that
you’re making compost then reinvesting that compost in the garden it’s very
professional and the garden will will benefit from that they’ll save them some
money as well not having to buy so much compost with mulch and so I think it’s a
it’s a very good thing to do most big Gardens do you have compost
heap system but I do recommend if you are in that situation to offer to do
that sort of work and you’ll see the benefits in in the garden so that’s the compost heaps done there
we just favorite job but return the one that was in here into there that’s
pretty much ready that will sit there until the altar Lord maybe even spring
when we put down the mall again pretty much ready and then this one again
that’s pretty much what it’s not bad the bomb protection obviously being the top
of the other section needs a bit more work but it’s not too bad
already started putting a little bit in that lid pay that’ll be the one to
receive and over here a mountain of leaves so
that’s our leaf mold so this was that was from 2017 or to 2017 and that will
be again mixed in with the compost over here and part of our mulching regime at
this garden so there we go all done

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