Making Liquid NPK Fertilizer – Subtitles available

Hi, in some of the previous videos I was
asked as to water is that I keep adding into the water like this. So, I thought why
not explain the whole system behind this What is NPK fertilizer and why I mix it
in the water, how I made powder into liquid. let me be very frank in saying
that this is a poor man’s solution, this is not the ideal situation. see, the plants
require micro and macro nutrients and in macro also, NPK is just one half of it.
the other half is calcium, magnesium and sulfur I think. so, that is missing in this,
this is the bare minimum that is required for a plant to survive and in
such small pots where the medium is just sand, there is no nutrition in the sand, I have to feed it externally and with just NPK this has given me this kind of a growth. so imagine the growth if it was a proper well balanced macro and
micronutrients that was being given. what I recommend is that you buy the best macro & micro nutrient liquid fertilizer from a hydroponic shop or store.
I do not know the brands and I don’t have the expertise to give you
tips on that, but I know that is where I have to go. these are all short-term
solutions, a poor man’s solutions. you need to invest in a good hydroponic
macro and micro nutrient solution. so, I will be covering some of the things that
I have forgotten to mention in my previous videos, because some people
pointed it out. I am glad they did. so, in case you feel something is missing in my video
where it is not very clear as to what happened, what I did, please feel free to
add it in the comments and I can clarify there or in my next video i will be more
careful as to what is being explained because the way I do it, some of the
things are obvious to me and it may not be obvious to the casual viewer …. this is the NPK fertilizer which I got
from market. there’s a small packet of fertilizer and the strength is 20-20-20
that is Nitrogen is 20, phosphorus is 20 and potassium is 20. now this is
very high strength, I don’t advise you to buy such high strength fertilizer. I
bought it in my ignorance. you need something more like 10-10-10 or less. a little bit of this was put into a smaller container for easier
handling. so, my goal is to prepare one bottle of concentrated liquid fertilizer
of NPK. I take the water first, the required amount in a bottle like this
and then empty it into this glass and next I take NPK powder and granules I just take one teaspoon. that’s it and add to this. this job is done. now I use a handle of an
old paintbrush. the advantage of this is, this end is flat
and this helps me in crushing the granules stir it nicely every time I stir this, the water becomes
very muddy and I allow it to settle down for some time and the water to become
clear so I can see how many more granules need to be powdered and i powder
them like this & start stirring it up again. this is repeated a few times
during the day then I left the water to completely settle down overnight. now, I
assume the water is completely saturated with fertilizer and it is ready to be
bottled into this. let me show you the top view of this thats how it looks. my goal is to get
this water into the bottle but this rim is too wide and the water will drip down. I
want to move this to another container first my bottle of concentrated NPK fertilizer
liquid is ready which was prepared by dissolving this solid powder and granules. It took about a day to do this. as I said this is very strong,
it’s 20-20-20 & if we put this directly, it will burn the plant roots and they will die, they will shed leaves & they will die and i have experienced it personally. so, i am telling you do not buy
something this strong. since it is already strong, i am diluting it, this is just one
teaspoon of this powder and this is distributed for several plants, not just
one pot or plant. I just want to give you some safety tips –
these chemicals, these are chemicals and they’re strong, wash your hands
thoroughly after handling these things and I want to tell you that this is not
a drinking glass, this is a container for liquid chocolate that came in this with
this having a wrapper on top i have thoroughly rinsed and cleaned these 2 just now
because if you forget this and next time you add water and put a cutting in this,
disaster will happen, it will be too strong and they’ll create all kinds of
issues or even kill the plant. when using water bottles & soft drink bottles in
these kind of setups, always make sure we have a label which says clearly what the
content, is because they look like something else, kids can easily mistake
it and drink it and you do not want that kind a situation to happen.
I have a 8 year old son who knows what I am doing and that these things contain
stuff that is not drinkable but he might have a friend who comes home and
accidentally intake this or in my absence there might be smaller kid in the house,
neighbor’s kid who might come in & take this in and it can lead to a very unfortunate situation.
so please consider safety all the time especially when kids are around. things
can go wrong and I don’t want any unfortunate thing happening and let me
be very clear in giving a disclaimer i am merely sharing my experience. it need not be the best method I do not accept any responsibility for
your positive or negative experiences arising out of my videos. so, please let’s be
very clear on that. this is a half liter bottle of water, just tap water and I am
pouring one cap of my concentrated NPK fertilizer. and just pour it into this now this cap has one single tiny hole.
this is my squeeze bottle. I close this with my finger and give it a nice shake let me show you how I water the hybrid-ponic setup. I water this top pot separately once or twice a day depending
on how hot the day is and as the water level starts dipping down I make sure it
is maintained at the same height. now, it is possible for the new roots to emerge
from this pot and actually jump that barrier of air and dip into the water,
they have no problems doing that. if the gap is too much, the new roots might hesitate
to come out because there’s a moisture loss happening from this gap over here.
and I was asked in another video of this rain tree video, whether there is any
need for pruning these roots. yes, there is a strong need because if I don’t do
this, what happens is imagine the first tap root comes out and it goes into
water and if I am lucky it might have side branches but that is one single root
going into the water. I do not want that I want multiple roots from here. so
several times when the new roots emerge into sand tray kept beneath this, they
were pruned off and hence I started seeing multiple roots from multiple
holes come out. if you can see there are fresh roots emerging but these roots
are not in contact with the water, they are hanging into air but they know there
is a high moisture available down below and they are heading towards
that. this is exactly going as per my design & plan. I love this thick trunk. it is so
thick. unbelievably thick. so, this is watered separately like this
and fertilized separately like this the soil is done
separately. now if you do not want to water such a tiny pot on your own, let’s
say you are going away for a while, a good idea to convert this into a self
watering setup is to use twiine. this is just a cotton twine. I can cut a small
strip of this and put it inside the sand and make sure it comes out from below
the holes and dips into water. so this itself becomes like a root and it’s
drawing water up into the sand this way then I don’t have to water this area
separately, I just make sure this tank is full. now this is the water bonsai,
it’s a ficus racemosa. this cutting was rooted in water and has developed
branches and leaves completely in water. if I were to change the water for this,
what I do is hold the trunk properly and lift this cardboard opening, pour out the
liquid completely and take this. using the squeeze bottle i
am actually replacing the water and this is fertilized water

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  1. Great video Vinny ! This answered lot of questions I had about this system.Bought some rain tree seeds on eBay and once I get them I'm going to try your setup.
    Thank you very much for sharing !

  2. hi Vinny.. very nice video. can you pls explain me how to grow aerial roots in my ficus bonsais. I have been struggling for that :(. since you are from India, can you make a video about bonsai soil making as that wud help lot of us. when I browsed, they say a lot abt acadama, lava rock, pumice, perlite which r not available in india and expensive too :). pls help us on quick growing soil or fertilizers. thanks in advance

  3. Thanks a lot Dear Vinny, Now I am following up with your hydro propagation and am in it four days; Got to know your suggestion on germinating seeds of Juniper and maple; I had some seeds through On line service and am yet to get the sprouts after three months. please, your wise advice ! My regards for the positive and friendly approach of sharing.

  4. if you can get perlite i use that with water it floats and blocks out light so roots can grow much faster and healthier try it mate im sure your like it

  5. Guys i am sorry to say that the guy Mr Vinny Chirayil doesn't know even the ABC of fertilisers.
    Kindly don,t follow his instructions.

    I am working as a Production Manager in a NPK industry for last 15 years. Kindly contact me ([email protected]) for fertiliser related issues.
    The fertiliser he made is not 20-20-20,,,,there are almost all information wrong from his side.

  6. Dear Brother. You please delete your video from the youtube.
    I appreciate how you have gained experience and grown some plants successfully . But that is like being a traditional farmer doing things by hit and trial method.
    The fertilizer part you mentioned is totally wrong while maintaining your plants like trimming roots etc is correct.
    I have some questions for u.
    1. What do you mean by hybrid ponic?
    2- How come you say 20-20-20 is strong and we should use 10-10-10?
    3-Do you have any idea of what components and raw materials your fertilizer is made from?

    Regarding me, you can visit my LinkedIn.
    Any guys having any questions kindly send me your queries by whatsap at +966507182367.
    I can explain with videos and audio notes.
    As im traveling at present, kindly send your questions after this week.

  7. hi… i was searching for water bonsai.. i found your channel couple of months before… i tried something different… i put a ficus benjamina seedling in water and keep feeding it liquid npk fertilizer… it's doing well… it's living only in water…. you may try this.. also… and thanks for sharing the technique of making liquid fertilizer….

  8. It's important to clearly emphasize that there is ordinary NPK fertilizer in granules and water soluble NPK. Both are pretty cheap, effective and their macro-micronutrient content varies.
    People wanting to try this have to buy water soluble NPK.

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  13. Video is very informative. my feed back on this is
    The roots should not be exposed to light and also hydroponic nutrient solution is also required to be protected from light, to prevent algae.
    Background music is louder than your voice and is irritating. Music is ok, when there is no narration or long pauses in narration,, but this one was sort of a voice over the loud music.

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