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Hello, everybody! It’s Izhar Ahmad, and welcome to Kitchen Gardening. And hopefully, you guys all are doing well, and are busy doing good deeds! 🙂 Today, we’re talking about Food Trees. I mean, about Mango Tree… Everyone wishes they could grow a Mango Tree somewhere… And it would give us some fruit (mango’s)… But, mostly, we FAIL to do so! 🙁 And we ask ourselves… IS it gonna give us Mango’s (Fruit)?! Or we get it from the Nursery… …we don’t take GOOD care of that plant… …and, our plant dies, because of that! And then, we don’t ever plant any tree again. Which isn’t what we’re supposed to do! So, let’s discuss about taking GOOD care of your Mango Tree… Some varieties, according to our Pakistani and Indian climate. ‘Chaunsa’ Mango Is it a Grafted Plant?… Yeah, it is. …and here’s it’s bed. Don’t let anything grow on this branch… Cuz we only need our Grafted Area to grow. Viewers ask me, we’ve planted the seed and it’s started growing, would there be any fruit on this plant? And i always say that it’ll give you fruit, but the fruit’s gonna be Jungle’s. It’d be give you Mango for Pickles. That’s why it’s important to Graft it. All the plants here, in this nursery, are Grafted plants. Izhar: Please tell us, why do these leafs burn? First off, it’s in Shadow… Secondly, there’s MUCH more water in it, than it needs. Mango Trees need Full-time Sunlight. Izhar: Are these going to give fruit as it is? Or we need to shift them in proper and wide place, that a Mango Tree requires? If you grow/shift it in proper soil, wide area and stuff, it’s gonna give you MUCH better results. Whereas, if you keep it that way, you’ll have to upgrade the pot, a bigger one would be better… And you’ll have to take proper care of it. Don’t over-water it. Water it perfectly, no less, no more. It won’t give you any fruit, if you over-water it, and same, if you don’t give it enough of it… Actually, it is in Nursery, right now… …you’ll have to water it accordingly, according to it’s pot size. And IF it is planted in Land, or proper soil and area, per say, THEN you won’t need to think about over-watering it… Even if you DO over-water it, if it’s planted in proper soil and wide area, then the land’s gonna suck the extra water for you. And yeah, mostly… …i’ve seen Mango Trees with cuts on them, and some white stuff (Lime Powder) is placed on those cuts, what’s that about? Actually, those trees were over-watered, and this procedure is to give those trees Oxygen DIRECTLY… Basically, it’s to stop excessive water-flow in trees. It’s not necessary to add/apply Lime Powder on those cuts, though. Izhar: Our ancestors used to say, about Mango Trees, “Granddad Grows and Grandchild Eats”… So, is it true, nowadays, too? Or has everything changed… Yeah, sure. Everything today’s advanced. It doesn’t take too long to get Fruit from Mango Trees, nowadays… …when we graft Mango Trees, it is so the Tree gives us fruit earlier than it would have, if we didn’t graft it. Just like we do with these GUAVA plants, as you can see. We grafted it with a GUAVA tree that had some GUAVA attached to it, it was giving us fruit at the time, i mean. Izhar: I’ll soon share a video about Grafting, explaining what it is and why is it important. I’ll share all that on a Live Stream, Saturday Night at 8 PM Pakistani Time. ‘Anwar Ratol’ Mango, it is called. It gives you small size fruit. And this one is, ‘Shan-e-Khuda’ Mango… Shan-e-Khuda is a Hybrid type, and it even gives you fruit if you grow it in Pots and not in proper and large area. But, right now, it’s off season for Shan-e-Khuda… Right now, it can give you fruit, as it is, with it’s current height. It’s 4 foot tall. And it’ll give fruit in the same pot, that is about 12-14 inches in size. It CAN stay in this same pot for lifetime, BUT, it’d be wise to get a bigger pot, instead. As you can see, it’s started to show signs that it needs a bigger pot, it’s roots are coming out of its bottom. Shifting it to a bigger pot will give you a thicker trunk, and the plant will give fruit sooner than leaving it in a small pot. But, if you wanna keep it in this small pot, you’ll need to prune it time to time, root pruning. Plus, you’ll have to add Fertilizer too, once in a while. It’s necessary to Hoe the Soil, if you wanna add DAP… But, if you’re up for NPK, you don’t need to do that, the Boeing… Hoeing is important for DAP because, DAP has Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Phosphorus will boost root development process of the plant, after Hoeing. And it’s not that important for NPK, because… …Potassium is in large quantity, and Phosphorus is in less, and it also has Nitrogen… …so, Hoeing isn’t really necessary for NPK. If Fungus attacks, you can Spray on it. Don’t over water it, and don’t under-water it. And, Hoeing it time to time wouldn’t let any Fungus attack on your Tree. You can maintain it very easily, as well, as it’s only in a pot, and not on a large area. Growing trees in the earth lets them grow greatly! As you can see, that’s a Mango Tree!!! And if Fungus attack that tree, we can’t use Spray on it. That’s why we have to make cuts on it’s Trunk, so the Fungus, caused by Over-watering, goes away. If we cut a Branch and grow it in land, it won’t be the same Fruit. It’ll be Desi Fruit, instead. We use them for Pickes. That’s why we graft GOOD verities, like Chaunsa, Shan-e-Khuda… By grafting multiple verities on a plant will result in different kinds of fruit as well, on those specific grafted branches. And don’t let anything grow BELOW that grafted area. Izhar: Which’s the best season for it to give Fruit in Pakistan and India? Ideal time/season is after March… …It starts growing flowers… …April and May is absolute Ideal for it to give you fruit/mangos. And in July, the Fruit is completely ready to serve and sell. Izhar: When it’s about to give us fruit, is there any Fertilizer we should use? For it to give better results… You should complete the course of adding Fertilizer until December. Overdoes of Fertilizer will result in Burnt Fruit. Give it Fertilizer after 15 days, and again 15 days, like that… And don’t overdo it, i mean, don’t overdose the Fertilizer. The topic of Fertilizer is always complicated, because Overdose results in Burnt Fruit, or even Death of the Plant. So, expert advice is MUST, when it comes to adding Fertilizer. And tell your expert the Age of your plant, most importantly. Hopefully, you understood everything completely… I’m gonna have to leave now… …talk to you in the next informational video… …until then, Good Bye, See You ‘n’ Tata! Take good care of yourselves.

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