Meet Subpod™ – The Ultimate Subsurface Composting System

5 thoughts on “Meet Subpod™ – The Ultimate Subsurface Composting System

  1. Question: What are the benefits of this over a vermicomposting system above ground that you can extract teas or material from for the garden? I understand it automatically spreads it in the vicinity for you, but wouldn't it be better to have control over where your vermicompost goes? I just wanted to know why this for a home grower over a different system.

    Looks great by the way! It's definitely cool

  2. its a… container.. with a lid… and holes in it… and you're selling it for $130. Your company has the appearance that you're concerned about the environment but wouldn't a better solution be to have people re-purpose some of the containers they may have already around the house to do what you're doing? As opposed to wasting more resources to make a new product?

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