Mixed Organic Farming methods by using the Organic Fertilizer Jeevamrutham | ജീവാമൃതവും ജൈവ കൃഷിയും

One must visit Sadanandhan’s farm to see the successful implementation of “Grama Swaraj” – a policy conceptualised by Gandhi ji. Farm is centred around Umbalacheri breed of cows, which has high immunity against diseases and give high value outputs. In addition to rearing of cows, organic farming is also carried out in this farm. Paddy cultivation is done here. This farm is of 8 acres of land. 9500 kilograms of paddy are produced this year with the use of jeevamritham in cultivation. Shreyas and Jyothi are the two rice varieties cultivated here. Cow’s purified urine, Cow dung ash, Gomaya thailam (an ayurvedic medicine made out of gomaya rasa) Ghee are used in our daily life, for curing of diseases and for developing a high immune resistance. He also makes these products available in the market for the customers in affordable rates. Early morning urine of the cow is used for distillation. That should only be used because only early morning urine of the cow possesses ayurvedic properties. The system for the purification of cow’s urine is made by myself from my imagination and thus the last stage of purification is reached. The purification of cow’s urine will take more than 6 hours. Cow’s urine should not be boiled excessively. Only lukewarm temperature is desirable. In that temperature, In 1 minute 70 drops of Urine should come and in that Urine both quality and purity will be more. If it boils excessively the entire system of purification changes. Post -harvest leftover will become organic manure and Jeevamritham, made from the cow dung is mixed together to make the soil fertile is the agriculture process which is done here. Farming conducted here using jeevamritham is mixed farming. Usually a farmer believes in cultivating only one kind of crop in one particular area. But here we do mixed farming. That is for example, In between two Banana plantains, Tapioca, Green chillies, Ladies finger, Brinjal Such crops are cultivated. After the harvest, the crop residue of these crops becomes the manure for the next set of crops. It is similar to the same process of how weeds transforms to manure. After the usage of jeevamritham for 21 days the microbes increases in number and the water content in jeevamritham also increases. Earthworms act on the soil at this stage. Earthworms occur at a depth of 25-40 feet below the soil. Pores are created in the soil due to the action of earthworms Water, Jeevamritham and rain water which is fed to the pores goes deep into the soil which is like a pipeline system created by earthworms. Soil gets loosened at this stage which helps the roots of the plants to grow in all directions. Thus during rainy seasons water trickles down as deep as 40 feet. Hence the moisture content of the soil is maintained throughout and is never lost. In organic cultivation, the water requirement of the crop is very less. Organic cultivation is the best method to preserve water content of the soil. Food is the best medicine. Earth is our mother. If we protect our mother earth, we will get everything. For protecting the mother earth, follow the nature and organic cultivation. Eliminate the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides totally from India.

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