Modern Day Tools For Vegetable Growers – Organic Solutions

Our farm is about 50 acres and on that
we have about 20 acres of vegetable ground. At an any given year we’re
growing actually about 12 acres of vegetables. We have a CSA and a farmers
market and so we grow a wide diversity wide variety of vegetables to serve our
customers. One of our biggest challenges has been weed control and actually
mechanizing we control and so we made a decision to really start investing and
mechanized weed control equipment. We bought an Allis Chalmers G and
along with that bought a Tilmor Basket Weeder. Which has been a real
game-changer for us. We also got a tine weeder, a three-point hitch tine weeder.
Which has also been a really great tool. I think Tilmor is gonna change the
small grower space simply by trying to focus on the small grower. I think they’re really sort of moving into this the space that there really
aren’t that many other implements that can be belly mounted on a cultivating
tractor or implements now that can go behind a Planet Junior or another
walk-behind tractor. For me I know a lot of other farmers are really
interested in sort of building their own equipment and tinkering and that’s not
me. I am not interested in taking the time to put together a cultivating
implement, So Tilmor is basically allowing me to farm to be in the fields and not
have to be an inventor.

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