Molasses Organic Fertilizer for Plants

In the name of ALLAH, In today’s video, we are going to make natural organic fertilizer from molasses for that, we need a piece of molasses upto 50g or slightly more or less in weight and take 1 liter of water and put a piece of molasses in water like that and keep it for 5 days in a shaded area molasses contains high calcium, magnesium iron and potassium, it also contains sulphur and some amount of micronutrients as well the benefit of using molasses in the plants is it provides instant energy to plants it also produces the microorganisms which benefit plants and encourages the good growth of the plants we will see our fertilizer after 5 days when it is ready and how we can use it in our plants 5 days has been passed and natural organic fertilizer which is made from molasses is ready for use here is the fertilizer, see its color turns to too much black because I have used black molasses and was organic now we will mix it well and if you feel this too thick then you can add more water to dilute it I am adding more water in it we will mix it again after adding water you can use it for all type of plants especially in flowering plants in a flowering season you can use it once in a month in your plants now we will apply this in our plants this fertilizer provides instant energy to your plants and if they are on blooming then they will bloom best with this fertilizer this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you with some more information in the next video take care of yourself and take care of others and love plants, GOODBYE!

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