Monkey Organic Farm – Food2Farm Interview Series

the way to look for organic… And we grow organic, It’s difficult, but it’s our passion to do it.
Q: What do you want to share with the people about Organic Farming? To share…I’m not sure but i’m not sure what we can share but but we wish that in the long run, we can have community of organic farmers, that they can get the knowledge from our farm and bring their products to the market together and if they want to have some key learnings or some examples to learn from they can always come to Monkey Farm and we can support them. Q: In your opinion, what is the future of organic farming? Healthy trend is already here but the people still has difficulty to understand between chemical vegetables and organic vegetables I think the trend is there, so we capture the trend first then we can go faster. Q: What are the challenges you face as an Organic Farmer? Getting the knowledge that we got to be a farmer so we need to learn new things everyday and to make it happen, it is not easy.. and the weather is not easy too the weather is different so we need to go through the year to ensure that we know the weather, rainy season, winter and summer and we need to learn from that to take another year to accomplish it so it’s not easy to wait another year to ensure that we go through that kind of difficulties… Q: How do you manage your deliveries? In Chiang Mai, we do the delivery ourselves using a four wheel truck And for long distance like Bangkok to here, we use a logistic company to support us it’s much better.. Q: Are the farms around your area Organic? The farms nearby are Organic, but not many of them and the people living around here They have less knowledge about organic farming and budget so we hope that in the long run, we should have the community around here to support us to help them to understand, the budgeting and help them to learn more about organic farming

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  1. Nice! Why are the black pipes above the ground? Are they able to withstand the strong sun long term? I was advised to burrow them down in the soil or put mulch on top of them. Right now the weed are doing a great job. 🙂

    What kind of fertilizer do you use?

    Do you produce any animal products or only plants?

    Buying locally is a very good and strong message, thank you!

    And thanks for sharing!

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