Montana Ag Network: New fertilizer plant built in south-central MT

thank you Matt now 5:33 as farmers continue their busy spring planting a new fertilizer plant has been built in south-central Montana that’s faster better and more efficient to help growers with more on this story here’s Russell Mehmet’s with our Montana AG reports we’ve had a lot of growers try to sneak out here and check out the plant they just want to see what it is what they want to see is the new 13 million-dollar town in country supply fertilizer loading and unloading facility in Lockwood which general manager Wes Burley says is a much needed upgrade plant will hold 23,000 800 ton it’s got I believe six bins that are 100 ton bins from micronutrients and the rest of the bins are for all the macros the urea nitrogen bin is it’s designed to hold 93 rail cars of fertilizer itself you know the phosphate bin which is like our second largest usage product is a 53 car bin it’ll hold 53 cars so like I said twenty-three thousand eight hundred ton versus our largest plant before we could hold about five thousand ton of straight product and it didn’t have the blending capabilities in that facility he says the new facility will help town in country meet the demands of their farmer customers especially in years like this our biggest issue right now is just getting on everybody’s feel at the same time because every with the spring like this everything broke exactly the same time so we’ve got dry land top dressed to do we’ve got guys trying to get corn plant at ready to get beets in the ground you know all those things all happening at once and so you can imagine we run six Terre Gators and we’ve got a lot more than six customers and them all wanting it done at the same time it’s it’s been it’s been challenging but what we’ve seen so far is that as long as we can keep all the trucks running in the field we’ve had a lot better opportunity to to keep fertilizer supplied to those trucks so they’re running and it’s it’s just been a lot more efficient for us this year and in agriculture time is money that’s why this new fertilizer plants efficiency is so impressive it also has capabilities to receive fertilizer at a rate of 600 ton per hour and we can put it out at a rate of 240 ton per hour so it’s compared to the other plants it would take us roughly most of them about an hour 15 minutes hour and a half per hopper on a car so you’re talking four and a half hours to unload one railcar we unload 85 cars in less than 24 hours now in Lockwood Russell Nimitz MTN news now we also might add telling country is looking at having an open house and its new Lockwood fertilizer facility that would be happening on June 15th where people are able to come ticket or

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