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There’s a lot of work that goes
into proper lawn maintenance. Fertilization, aeration, weed
control…those are important and all services that your
TruGreen lawn care professional happily provides at a high
level. But what about the routine
maintenance items that we don’t
take care of? Mowing your lawn improperly can
lead to unevenly cut turf, shredded blades of grass, brown
spots or off colored turf. To help you achieve maximum
results from your TruGreen
plan, we have a few recommendations
for proper mowing techniques. And it starts with properly
maintaining your equipment. An important part of that is
regularly inspecting your mower
blade to ensure that it is not dull
or crooked. Next, remember to always mow at
the proper height for your type
of grass. For instance, if you have
Kentucky Bluegrass, fine fescue
or ryegrass, the recommended height is 2-3
inches while with Common
Bermudagrass, 1-2 inches is preferable. Next,
remember to mow often. While frequency changes
throughout the year, don’t wait too long in between
mowing intervals. And once you finish, you should
not bag your clippings, because the nutrients in the
clippings can help your lawn. If you mow and see excessive
clippings on your lawn that means you aren’t mowing often
enough. Finally, make sure you avoid
scalping. Scalping is when you mow too close to the ground.
It’s unsightly and it can shock
your grass, limiting its growth and overall
vigor. Your lawn maintenance strategy
doesn’t have to be
intimidating. Your specialist knows your
lawn, and can give you exact
mowing instructions that fit your
climate, grass type and weather
conditions. If you have concerns about your
mowing technique, your specialist is there to
help. For more healthy lawn
tips or to sign up for one of our
lawn care plans, visit or call

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  1. You better bag clippings in the early spring or you'll be spreading those weeds you are chopping down. You're welcome.

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