Mr Perkins’ Postcards: Shunting Yard – UK – HD

Oh, dear! Painting can be messy work sometimes! Oh, hello there! I’m Mr Perkins. I’m one of the engine drivers here on Sodor. I’ve just been touching up Thomas’ paintwork. He had a few scratches. I think there’s just time for the paint to dry before we set off again. And just time for me to write a postcard to a boy called Robert. We get a lot of letters here at the railway and Robert has written asking about shunting. Look what I found him! A postcard with a picture of the Shunting Yard on it! Dear Robert… Here is a picture of the Shunting Yard, one of the busiest places on the Fat Controller’s railway. There is always lots of work to do in the Shunting Yard. “Shunting” means moving freight trucks onto the right sidings so they are ready to be collected and taken to where they need to go. Sometimes, an engine brings a lot of freight trucks in one long train. Some of these trucks may need to go to Vicarstown, others may need to go to the docks and others along one of the branch lines. At the Shunting Yard, the shunting engines take all the freight trucks that need to go to the same place and put them together. And then another engine can come and take them away. Shunting is usually a job for the smaller engines, tank engines like Thomas and Percy. Stafford is called an electric shunter because he has an electric motor. He was built especially to do this kind of work. I hope that helps you understand something about shunting and I also hope you get a chance to come to Sodor one day and see our railway for yourself. Yours sincerely, Mr Perkins. Right, just put a stamp on this and pop it in the mailbag. Did you notice that? I washed my hands after painting Thomas, but I left a spot of paint on my face! I’ve given myself a fresh coat of paint! Oh, dear! Subtitles by SteamTeamExtra

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