Mulching & Fertilizing Custard Apple Tree

Dilute ~`200mls Seaweed/ 9Litres for Establish trees

14 thoughts on “Mulching & Fertilizing Custard Apple Tree

  1. How old is this tree and where is it growing? Sounds like the city. I'm also growing Custard Apple trees, but in Melbourne it's taken five to six years just to get them started (fruiting). Many thanks for your videos.

  2. Does anybody know if I can grow this tree in S. California? Hardy zone 10b. I heard it's grown in Florida just fine.

  3. beautiful tree, especially like the close up of fruit and leaves. thanks for sharing. I have a cherymoya, red custard apple, lisa atymoya and green thai lessard variety, only the cherymoya is grown. have a nice day.

  4. I bought my first custard apple tree this year. I am glad I stumbled on this video. Lots of preparations ahead.

  5. we had a bad frost this year hear in the suburbs I leave in Melbourne to got myself a casted apple tree its a seedling big mistake not grafted I cant wait for 20 years how about if I let the tree get a bit established and then grafted any idea

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