[Music Box] EmpathP – Secret Garden

He said… “Oh Mary, contrary, how does your garden grow?” “Come with me, and you’ll be, the seventh maid in a row.” My answer, was laughter, soft as I lowered my head “You’re too late, I’m afraid, this flower’s already dead.” Resetting as I was, with blossoms in full bloom…
(Blossoms in full bloom…) Never a chance to pause, with magic to consume…
(Magic to consume…) A shadow walked behind me, offering his hand, But couldn’t understand… He said… “Oh Mary, contrary, how does your garden grow?” “Come with me, and you’ll be, the seventh maid in a row.” My answer, was laughter, soft as I lowered my head “You’re too late, I’m afraid, this flower’s already dead.” Scattering petals down the road without an end…
(Road without an end…) Left on the battleground, for one I called my friend…
(One I called my friend…) Maybe he loved me as he took me by the hand, And tried to understand… I said, “Oh Mary, contrary, how does your garden grow?” “Stay with me, I can’t see, anywhere that we could go.” Their answer, was laughter, as darkness swallowed them up… “One more time, I’ll be fine, sometimes kindness is enough.” “Oh, Mary, contrary, how does your garden grow?” “Don’t leave me! Please don’t be, the seventh maid in a row!” My answer, a whisper, soft as he lowered his head… “Set them free, I’m sorry, this flower’s already dead…” Song and lyrics by EmpathP Thanks for watching~!

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  1. I have no clue.. but this song, makes me sad for some reason… as if it were RWBY volume 3 all over again

  2. 2019?
    I bet everyone forgot about this beautiful song and AU ☹

    👍🏻if You still listen to this

  3. I’m not crying, is a little trash in my eyes (QvQ)… god

  4. The one AU that makes everyone want to cry gets a sad-ass song that only makes people want to cry more… Then that sad-ass song gets an even sadder-ass music box cover omfg I wanna cry

  5. Hola
    Si hay alguien que hable muy bien el ingles
    no entiendo el juego de palabras de esto…
    Knock knock
    Whos there?
    Flower who?
    Flower you today, Sweetheart
    Entiendo todo menos el juego de palabras
    si alguien me puede decir su significado o que palabra va en vez de flower se lo agradeseria mucho 😊
    (Por si preguntan… si me se la historia de flowerfell….)

  6. damn i wish i made it to the fandom in time to read the original story. its shame art theft is the reason some fans cant enjoy such a cool story

  7. This is sad.
    It seems to tell the story of two friends, one being a girl dying of hanahaki.
    She was kind to her friend, and he was kind to her back.
    But just like a flower, the poor girl wilted…
    …But they both tried to stay strong.
    For eachother.

  8. I might use this for an outro, still makes me cry how I dont really play or know Undertale AUs anymore…

  9. He said oh Mary
    contrary how does
    your garden grow?
    come with me and you'll be the seventh
    maid in a row
    my answer
    was laughter
    soft as I lowered
    my head
    you're too late
    I'm afraid
    this flower's already-

  10. A skeleton sits down a carpet of lush green grass, a single flower blooms from about the green blades. He sighs as he stares at the flower, as it reminds him of his lost love.
    He chuckles to himself when he thought of their adventures. The skeleton sat up and picked the flower. It truly did remind him of his best friend, his sweetheart, his lover. As he stared at the flower, he had this feeling around him; as if another presence was there, wrapping his arms around him. ”Sans.” a voice said.
    In an instant, the skeleton knew why did the flower seem to catch his attention. This was the form his past lover had taken as her reincarnation… as a flower that captured all of her beauty.
    ”Frisk…?” he whispered. ”After three years…” tears ran down the skeleton’s cheek. ”I finally get to take you home.”
    Few more years later, you could see the same exact flower flourishing in his garden, spreading around, just like she spread her kindness to others.
    – aftermath of FlowerFell by me

  11. 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑

  12. I’m not crying…YOUR CRYING!!

    Nah I am crying holly shit this is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Cuando escucho esta. Canción me da igual el tiempo o las cosas solo quiero saber sobre las personas de la ciudad q este en peligro por falta de dinero
    Y trabajo por el desempleo y los niños Qué están en la calle y niñ@s enfermos y solos no lo pongo por fama lo ago porque es un problema mio ser tan sensible Bueno y que lo pases bien disfruta lo q tienes porque lo q tienes vale oro y otros niños y niñas no tienen

  14. "Dont leave me please dont be the seventh maid in a row there answer a whisper soft as the lowered there head set them free I'm sorry this flower is already dead"
    That reminds me of my friend and me 😢

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