My 2 Favorite Homemade Fertilizers That Anyone Can Make

Phil: Hey guys itÕs Phil from
If you havenÕt checked out my free online organic gardening course, you can do that
right on the homepage of Today I am talking about homemade fertilizer,
now I donÕt mind buying the occasional fertilizer for my garden if I know itÕs gonna really
help and prove garden health but I also really like to use fertilizers that I can make or
scrounge from around my property because itÕs a lot more sustainable and itÕs free and
so today I am, what I am gonna be doing is sharing just two, there are many different
things you can use but what I want to do is focus on two that pretty much everyone can
use in their garden. The first one is urine and I know it sounds
kind of crazy but this is a really important one, so here is some of my urine which I know
is really gross for a lot of people but I want to make an important point here, by the
way molasses is also really good in the garden, but today I am talking about urine. Urine
is nontoxic, and actually urine is not really all that yellow, may because of the sun yellow
today but if you are drinking enough liquids urine becomes much more clear but I really
want to get across is that if you are reasonably healthy person, urine is not toxic and I am
gonna show you that by pouring some on my hands which probably gross some people out
and I apologize for that but what I want to show you, you can drink urine if you have
to, not something I am really interested in doing but urine is not toxic, itÕs not a
place where all of your toxins go in your body.
Urine is such wonderful stuff, I have read that it basically has on an average I am sure
varies a lot but somewhere around 11 g of nitrogen, 1 g of phosphorus, 2.5 g or potassium
and I am sure has other nutrients that your body didnÕt use as well especially if you
take supplements and multivitamins, you may have heard someone say you are just peeing
all of that money into the toilet, thatÕs not entirely true, you get some of it but
you do pee some of it, so thatÕs gonna be in here too.
So, itÕs a very nutritious thing, of course itÕs a little easier for guys to sprinkle
a little bit of urine around in the garden here or there or maybe talked away in a private
spot. One reason why itÕs really nice to put a compost pile maybe in a corner somewhere
and you can go and pee in there because itÕs really great to do in the compost pile but
otherwise what you can do is, I mean you can pee right in the garden too, otherwise you
can pee in something like this and then you can go and use that to water your plant.
Now if you are watering your plants directly, you want to mix it with 20 parts of water,
so yeah 20 times as much water as urine but otherwise you can go pee right in your soil
and on your mulch around your plants without too much trouble. The best thing to do would
be to flush your toilet out into your compost pile or into a wet land you have created to
handle all of that and to recycle all of that. One of the main problems there is that many
bylaws donÕt allow for that but if you live in a place where you do itÕs a great way
to just recycle all of that stuff and bring that nutrition into your garden instead of
sending it into the sewer system. I did some math once and I am not sure how
accurate it was but I figure that if you just peed or applied urine to 10 square feet of
garden twice a year, you are applying a lot of the nitrogen needs of the garden. I am
not sure exactly how accurate that is but I figure I mean if I pee on each of these
trees one a month thatÕs plenty of nitrogen for those trees. So thatÕs urine, itÕs not
gross, itÕs totally awesome, so start peeing in your garden.
The next thing on my list that pretty much, anyone can do as long as long as you have
some grass clippings and some weeds around, itÕs great something called a herbal tea
and what you do is you take all these herbaceous plants and put them in a bucket with water
and ferment them for a few days to a couple of weeks. Any kind of weeds and grass clippings
will do, itÕs specially nice if you have some nutrient accumulating weeds such as dandelions
are pretty good, comfrey, yarrow, stinging nettle. I donÕt have most of those though
so I just use whatever I have. I do have a couple of legumes, vetch, and
clover, which I also like to include but I have, something I have most is just this garlic
mustered which I donÕt think is the most nutritious weed but of course it has nutrition
in it. I have grass clippings, they have nutrition in it. so all of those can go in there and
what this does is it gets the nutrients off the weeds. It also gets the beneficial microorganisms
off the weeds. We put in here, we ferment them and so it becomes this kind of fermentation
like you to ferment yogurt or beer or something like that and it becomes this kind of nice
tea, we can apply to our plants. Now itÕs entirely optional but if you happen
to have any kind of microbial inoculants like EM which is what I use often and bio-stimulants
like rock dust, some kelp, sea minerals, any of that stuff I often talk about, you can
put them in there and you donÕt have to because I am trying to make this a homemade video,
you donÕt need that stuff, but it just makes them even better tea, dandelions and some
oats, some garlic mustered, a bit of vetch and clover, a bit of grass clippings, water,
water, now that is full of water I need to cover it because this is more of a fermentation
that I want to do without air. I donÕt have a lid but this is actually kind of cool because
if I put it in here I can push down, it will spill some of the water but I am making sure
there is really no air in there now and I am just going to let this ferment for a couple
of weeks. might smell a little bit but if I keep it
covered it should be okay. If you have a lot of weeds, you can do this in a much bigger
bucket too and then when are done after a couple of weeks, you can just water your plants
to give them a nice amount of broad spectrum nutrition and some beneficial fermenting microorganisms.
So those are two of my favorite simple, everyone can make a homemade fertilizers. If you have
any questions about homemade fertilizers you can ask them down below, if you havenÕt signed
up for my free online organic gardening course, you can do that down below and you can also
join me and my sister over on Facebook at
My 2 Favorite Homemade Fertilizers That Anyone Can Make

100 thoughts on “My 2 Favorite Homemade Fertilizers That Anyone Can Make

  1. Is it safe to piss on my pot plants? I really need to fertilize them but I don't know if it's safe for pot plants or if it's gonna kill them

  2. I used to piss out my bedroom window when I was a teenager, and my mum blamed me for it dying, but I was actually helping it

  3. actually urine is toxic. nitrogen compounds, salts and organic waste is removed in urination. If you ever do drink it, you will slowly get poisoned

  4. I add a bacteria supplement that turns urea into ammonia, into nitrite, into nitrate and nitrate is the primary ingredient in most fertilizers

  5. In Portugal we pee everywhere in the street and the plants are all nice and big 😂 literally a 60 year old man will pee in the corner

  6. 10:1 is fine and 20:1 is appropriate for young seedlings. you can even use straight urine if you water it in as it will get diluted that way as well.

  7. Ummm, think about it, would you really want your garden to smell like pee?? And seriously, don’t you think that people are going to ask why you’re carrying a jar of pee??

  8. Urine is toxic 😂
    urea (“urine”) is less toxic than uric acid. Another form of waste common of birds. But yes urea which is a by product of digestion is less toxic that straight ammonia NH3. This guys chemistry is totally off. Disregarding whatever else he says. 😂 good luck

  9. in holland i had two jars of urine and was going to my allotment, on the way i popped into a book shop to see a dutch friend, he asked what i had in the bag so i said urine to which he laughed and said off course not so i continued on my way while considering to myself….." he must think i'm taking the piss "

  10. පැල වලට මූත්‍රා දාන්න මුලින්ම හොයාගත්තෙ හෙලයො. තොපි ඒව අනුකරණය කර කර පයියක් කරනව

  11. Why you pouring urine to your hand dude!!! 4:30 he scract the hair, now his hair got NPK urine fertilizer, but…it's another youtuber that i klick and than get out asap…😂😂😂

  12. Yup. Urine diluted. Still all your unwanted soft greenery into a 50Gallon drum of RAINWATER with a lid and let if f-e-r-m-e-n-t . Fertiliser is stinky.Period. Then dilute that juice with water til you get your balance! x x x

  13. Maybe a silly question but could I use the pee thing for growing weed seedlings and throughout the growth? Awesome info in your video thank you!

  14. U think all ur homemade fertilizer works on cannabis as well? I'm in a legal country so it's OK. .thx for response…

  15. Unfortunately most people consume too much sodium for their urine to be the only source of fertilizer for a garden. However, it is one of best fertilizers because it contains so many minor nutrients, especially if you take a multi-vitamin that has trace minerals. Produces intense green foliage and lots of vegetables with excellent flavor. Be sure it's well diluted or it will kill plants.

  16. I like to pee outside anyway. It feels more satisfying. 🙈
    I think I want my potty back! Will collect my expensive vitamins rich urine.

  17. i have used urine with wood ash for the last ten years in my garden, mostly just the tomatoes that I eat, it is the best fertilizer going, i tried it against Miracle gro and it is better, I dont have any sickness or take any medications, also i dont mix it so weak i usually mix it 2 to 1 and it works great.

  18. This video is 3 years old, but I did take your advice and urinated in a jar.
    Problem was, I kind of forgot that I had done that and the jar sat for over a year.
    After that year, the pee had turned almost black–the jar was sealed.
    Do I dare use that year old pee (that is almost black) in my garden—diluted with water of course??

  19. You are freakin amazing!!! Thank you! I am going to go pee on my citrus tree instead of buying fertilizer for $50 from the store. LOVE YOU!

  20. My grandma used to tell us that urine can cure athletes foot. Now I understand why she would piss on her feet while standing in the garden.

  21. In one year, the average human being produces enough urine to fertilize 6,300 tomato plants which would produce 2.41 tons of tomato fruits in just one season.

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