My Favorite Hot Peppers 2019

Welcome to 7 Pot Club. I’m Rob. 🎵 I grow hot peppers 🎵 I’m happy to be filming outdoors on a beautiful
late summer afternoon. In our previous episode, I tasted hot stuff
sent to me by viewers. Today, I’m eating local. Hyper local. Right from my own front yard local. Earlier today, I filmed Cat as she picked
the peppers I’m going to taste. It’s really hard to pick 7 favorites when
you’re growing 101 varieties. These are all varieties that weren’t featured
in previous tasting videos. 2 are old favorites, and 5 are new to me this
season. It wouldn’t be a “My Favorite Peppers”
tasting without a song. So while I’m mentally preparing myself,
please like and subscribe while you have a listen and take a look at my favorite peppers
of 2019. 🎵 You’re beautiful and nice to nibble
Then hiccups start and noses dribble 🎵 🎵 You just have to make it weird
You need to be loved yet also feared 🎵 🎵 My love for you’s a never-ender
Please take a spin inside my blender 🎵 🎵 Want to taste you on everything
You’ll make every flavor sing 🎵 🎵 I know you’re so hot baby under the
skin 🎵 🎵 Are you afraid don’t you want to be 🎵 🎵 My favorite pepper tonight
🎵 So firm and ripe you were born to be 🎵 🎵You’re favorite pepper tonight 🎵 🎵 My love is all consuming for my favorite
pepper 🎵 🎵 If just for tonight 🎵 Let’s get started. I have no way to actually measure the Scoville
ratings of these beauties, but I’ve arranged them in what I feel is roughly the mildest
to the hottest. My beer of choice today is a Deschutes Black
Butte Porter. #7 is the Bulgarian Carrot, also widely grown
in Hungary. It’s locally known as Shipka, after the
Bulgarian town of the same name. These ripen to a fluorescent orange and are
shaped like small carrots. They have a very thick skin which makes a
satisfying crunch when you bite into them. Rumor is that the Bulgarian Carrot was smuggled
to the west from behind the Iron Curtain during the cold war. Now they’re grown all over the world. Let’s take a bite. Did the mike pick up that crunch? This pepper it’s sweet, tangy, very, very
hot for a Capsicum Annum. I mean, much hotter. I would say this is 10, 20 times hotter than
a Jalapeño or something like that. I mean it’s just so delicious tasting, but
that crunch. These are so great to eat fresh. I’m sure they would be great made into sauce
or something like that, but the experience of actually getting that crunch is what really makes
this pepper for me. This is something I’ve grown for many years,
and I’ll continue to grow it every year. Definitely had to be on my list of favorite
peppers of 2019. Let’s continue with pepper #6 — the Aji
Ethiopian Fire. Like the Bulgarian Carrot, the country of
origin is in the name. Its species is Capsicum Baccatum, which means
it’s probably descended from peppers brought to Africa from Peru when trade routes opened
up after Europeans first traveled to the Americas. The plants grow very tall, and are very prolific. All the pods grow around the top of the plant. I’ve been eating this with almost every
meal all summer, ever since they first started ripening. Mmm. Rich tasting, fruity but not floral. It’s quite hot, probably around the same
heat level as a Habanero. I didn’t grow this last year, and I really
missed it. I won’t make that mistake ever again. Love me some Aji Ethiopian Fire. KS Scarlet Rose is our pepper #5. This is one of many crossed varieties developed
by Khang Starr, a master grower and I feel the most respected hot pepper expert on YouTube. He’s also the founder of the Pepper Lovers
Community, formerly on the now-defunct Google+. But now it has a new home as a Facebook group. Already getting a lot of saliva in my mouth
and I haven’t barely gotten started yet. Pepper Lovers now has a new home as a Facebook
Group, and if you’re interested in hot peppers at any level, I invite you to join. I’ll put a link in the video description. Khang’s yellow Lemon Starrburst has been
getting a lot of attention from pepper heads, so I thought I’d feature this lesser known
red variety he created from the same two peppers MOA Scotch Bonnet and Bahamian Goat, both
Capsicum Chinense. The Scarlet Rose has a squat round shape and
a smooth texture. Let’s give it a taste. Wow. Fruity and floral, like its parents. This is the first one of the peppers I would
say is floral tasting. Quite hot, but pretty manageable. I think it has a little more flavor than the
similar Lemon Starburst. Doesn’t look as much like as a UFO. ButI really like this pepper. Thanks again Khang for sending me these seeds. This has quickly become also one of my favorite
peppers. Favorite pepper #4 is Charapón Amarillo. This Capsicum Chinense variety from the Amazon
basin in Peru, is kind of like a giant Aji Charapita, both in appearance and taste. I mean, it’s not that big, but compared
to the Charapita, I would say it’s, you know, several times as large. This is my first year growing these, and I’ve
been popping ‘em by the handful every day since they started ripening. There are only a few left on my two small
plants, and I’m going to be very sad when they’re gone for
the season. Cheers! These really are like a giant Charapita, Citrusy,
with a clean, sunny finish, and course pretty darn hot. Another pepper I’ll be growing every year,
along with their little turtle brother the Charapita. OK, the last three peppers are all superhots. Reminder, this is a pepper tasting, not a
challenge or a competition. I’m going to take a healthy bite from each
one, but I’m not going to eat them whole. I’ve done that before, and my aging digestive
tract warns never again, or else. But I do like tasting them. So let’s start with the Big Bang Chocolate
Naga, our pepper #3. This supposedly is not a cross, but a naturally
occurring brown variant of the red Naga Morich. This beauty hails from Northern India, also
grown in Bangladesh and is one of the varieties commonly known as Ghost Peppers. This certainly looks hot, but there’s really
only one way to find out. It’s rich tasting, but there’s also kind
of a hollow note, woody, don’t know how to describe it. Uhhh. The Indian superhots, the ghost peppers, are
very different tasting from the Trinidadian peppers. Very distinctive. Really hot. It’s pretty much all taste in the beginning,
and then the heat creeps up on ya. Definitely a lot of heat there. This is really good. I think this would really make an excellent
sauce or a paste, which is what I normally do with these. I don’t sit around eating these like grapes
all day. This is really good. I always grow a lot of chocolate peppers,
but it’s my first time growing this one and I think it’s really an excellent pepper,
and definitely deserves to be one of my favorites of 2019. Five down, two to go. Time for #2, the Orange Longtail Scorpion. This distinctive variant of the Trinidad Scorpion
was developed by Butch Taylor of Australia, also responsible for the Butch T Scorpion. Unlike most scorpions, it’s long and thin,
with a very pronounced protruding tail. I’ve been saving these for sauce, so this
is the first time I’ve tasted one. You know. So here goes. Gonna bite off the tail. Mmm. Tangy, sweet, grapefruity, heat that builds. I ate just enough of that that I’ll live
through it. Excellent pepper. I can’t wait to make sauce from these, but
I’ll be honest, I’m not going to eat too many of them raw. The Orange Longtail Scorpion, my favorite
hot pepper #2. OK, I’ve made it to #1. I can’t believe it. I’m still standing, or sitting. Here’s another new variety to me this year,
Trinidad Scorpion Long SR. From what I’ve read, SR means “standard
reference”, and I’ve been told this variety was developed for commercial production by
CARDI, the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, just like the 7
Pot SR Strain that you might be familiar with. I wanted to compare this to the similarly shaped
Orange Longtail that just stung me a few minutes ago. Just like the Longtail, this is my first time
tasting it. I’m not sure I’m ready for this, but it’s
the last one, no turning back now. Here we go. I think I had these in the right order. This is definitely the hottest of all 7 peppers. I feel like my insides have just been maced. But before the heat came in and, and a really
grabbed a hold of me there, I got a good taste of it. It had a very smooth flavor, tomatoey, a little
floral, but not really citrusy. Kind of similar to a Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
or Butch T. 🎵 You’re my favorite pepper tonight
My love is all consuming 🎵 🎵 For my favorite pepper
If just for tonight 🎵 I chose wisely. The are definitely all peppers, even if they’re
new to me this year, are going to be a favorite. I’m drowning in saliva, so I hope you can
still understand me. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
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exploits on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For 7 Pot Club, I’m Rob. Before I tear everything down, I just wanted
to come back for a minute. It’s been about 5 minutes since we finished
filming. And I just want to say that the Trinidad Scorpion
Long SR is really hot. By far the hottest of all these peppers. The heat is still building 5 minutes later. I mean it’s manageable and I’m doing fine,
but wow that’s hot. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again for watching. See you soon. Bye.

27 thoughts on “My Favorite Hot Peppers 2019

  1. Great Video, and great song. The chocolate varieties of super hots all consistently share that “earthy” flavor. I personally prefer them in a sauce or mixed with others in a powder.

    Thanks for the video! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. WOW!! All the peppers look so tasty!! The Trinidad Scorpion is one of my favorite flavored peppers! As usual., A wonderful video! Thanks so much!!! 🙃❣️

  3. Awesome video Rob and your singing thanks for the tunes. I would like to purchase you're 7 top peppers of 2019 I would love to have them in my Garden next year and I would love to send you a care package to try some organic tea to brew for your garden you would love it. Okie dokie stay cool peace out

  4. I dig the silk jacket. Stay weird forever man! Really looking forward to the Trinidad Scorpion Long SR. Thank you for the great, informative review. 🙂

  5. Great video rob. The big bang chocolate naga is one of my best producers this season so far I am up to 87 peppers . I am still trying to come up with sauce for it .

  6. Another great video! I broke out the dehydrator today for my habaneros since a freeze may be in the forecast. I'm pretty sure I saw Fred prowling around when you were showing the #1 pepper.😊

  7. Well that was a bunch of beautiful peppers. I am so amazed how well you can tolerate those hotties. I could almost see the pain on that last one. How does the beer help ? I'm thinking there is no way it's helping at all. I'm going to make sure I got milk & ice cream when we do the tasting…and I'm going to try to "taste" the peppers…before the heat hits. I much enjoyed your video & music. What a beautiful day too. Thanks Rob 👍😃👋

  8. Awesome season Rob. This is my first year growing peppers and my experiment was a huge success. I learned a ton from you. I planted 5 varieties and 7 plants yielded nearly 1000 fruits.. learned that I do not care for the taste of ghost peppers or reapers. Next year I will do Fresno's and yellow haberneros. Fresno sauce was a hit for everyone. The super hots are just over the top. Thanks for the tips

  9. i like a favor hot pepper> i don't care how hot it is> long as it got favor Who wants a mouth full of fire? I don't > Are you kidding me 20 x hotter than a jalapeno> and you never shed a tear LMAO i guess my jalapeno are SUPER HOT there equal to Cayenne > Serrano are hotter but its a different kind of favor idk how you can handle them. i do know that 1 whole Ghost peppers gave ME 24 hours of living hell the heat just KEPT ON BANGING MY ASS blister my mouth lips tongue Really at times i though i was going to die, hiccups, took my breath away, ears ringing , Snot every where. OMG next morning more hell as it came out VERY BAD EXPERIENCE freaking nightmare > it took 12 hours for the FIRE to let up IT was a fresh picked CA. Orange GHOST PEPPER pretty orange with a pretty green stem RUN IF YOU SEE ONE he hee HOTTEST DAM THING I EVER ATE

  10. Great Vlog Rob, really enjoying your channel. You are very brave with your old digestive tract ha ha. I love spicy but do suffer for it.
    Definetly an age thing.

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