MyAgriGuru brings Soil Testing benefits for Farmers!!

Hi Triloki uncle. Why are you throwing away money early this morning? What do you mean? Can’t you see I am applying fertilizer? Don’t be angry uncle. Tell me, did you ask your soil which fertilizer it needs? What? Since when did the soil start speaking? If you get your soil tested, it will have a lot to say. Soil test? How do I benefit from it? You get 3 benefits. First, you get to know which essential nutrients your soil contains, and in what quantity. Also which nutrients does it lack for the next crop. So you can use the fertilizer your soil really needs. And save money on buying other fertilizers. Wow! What’s the second benefit? Soil test also tells you which crops are most suitable for your farm’s soil. Meaning which crops will give you the best yields. That is really useful. What’s the third benefit? Third benefit is the best. By using fertilizer that your soil actually needs, you can ensure the soil’s fertility for a long time. Which benefits many future crops on your farm. Hats off guru. How did you know all this? I’m not a guru. But MyAgriGuru app is. It’s specially designed for farmers like us. Download MyAgriGuru App today. And profit from the latest advances in farming.

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