Nagpur – Windrow Waste Management

३५ लाख जनसंख्या १००० टन दैनिक कूड़ा I am Raaginii Jain I have been working on Solid Waste Management and Sanitation for the past 20 years I am the coordinator for Mrs. Almitra H. Patel who is the national expert for Solid Waste Management and Composting for Swachh Urban Bharat When I first visited the Nagpur dump yard like every other dump yard, it had huge piles of waste With the help of the officials we began by converting the historic waste into 4 feet wide, and 5 feet high windrows and left a 3 feet drain in between Multiple windrows of these dimensions were formed one after the other There were two major advantages of windrow formation Firstly, the 6 lac tonnes of waste, which were made into 5 feet high windrows reduced to a height of 2.5 feet and this waste was now ready for biomining Secondly, instead of multiple JCB’s being used all over the place to make huge piles a single JCB is stationed near the windrow platform which forms windrows of the daily waste coming in Because of this, the diesel cost, manpower cost and other operating costs have reduced विंड्रो बनाने की प्रक्रिया I am standing at the dump site now Earlier since our processing capacity was inadequate a lot of dumping would happen here About a month ago, we began implementing windrows Since the day of implementation there has been a visible improvement in the condition of this place If you happened to visit this place a month back you would have seen flies in huge numbers and from the time your car entered it would have a black cover of flies on it There were huge piles here but today after a month when I see this place the number of piles has reduced to a great extent and the number of flies has drastically reduced I can stand, and there are no flies on my body it is a big achievement One and a half months back you couldn’t stand here because of the foul smell but now because of the windrowing the waste has begun to settle effectively There was a river of leachate flowing here It was a scary picture back then and we ourselves were dejected because we did not have an immediate solution to manage the situation Today because of this windrow technique which we have implemented on an existing dump site the leachate has reduced to a great extent and has been stabilised by the culture that we introduced Seeing these results, I believe this process is definitely going to help us and if we continue working systematically this will be the most cost effective solution for us

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  2. Excellent work. Appreciable efforts made by the scientists and Hardikar sir. Please inform which cultures used for composting and flies controlling.

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