Nammalvar – Organic Farming Explained

It’s a fact that Palm trees grow even in desert but in Tamilnadu they are dying This shows that our land is turning worse than a desert Organic Agriculturist Dr.G. Nammalvar what causes this to happen? The chemicals used in farming are causing damage to our environment it gets mixed with rainwater and enters deep into the soil the water table even below 300 ft. gets poisoned The contaminated water poisons grass, haystack and cattle that feeds Milk from cow gets poisoned and so does women who drink that milk, get poisoned too while nursing, the new born too gets poisoned there can’t be a situation worse than this where a mother feeds poison to her own child This shows that psychologically & Physically we are in a bad state So how do we get rid of this situation? This is what I have got to say Nature has got its own law Natures law existed even before human race It will prevail even after human extinction so its good to understand laws of nature our mistake was to outsmart nature by adding 40% nitrogen 20% Potash 20% Phosphorus when we add chemicals micro organism in soil become extinct so to grow micro organism in soil, we should avoid using chemicals instead soil carves for organic waste by using cow, hen and goat manure and also by preparing composed with leaves and cow dung we are feeding micro organism earth carves for organic wastes So if we start practice to feed our soil with organic wastes soil will favour us with a bountiful harvest Agriculture is harvesting the solar energy its all about harvesting solar energy to its maximum in addition we should be feeding the bacteria In photosynthesis leaf absorbs light energy from sun and converts it to starch the leaf then feeds its roots roots absorb water from soil and supplies it to leaves roots doesn’t feed leaves, its leaves which feeds root hence feeding plant through roots is not science Once this basic concept is understood, the problem gets solved now you may ask about the need for manure then? manures are for the microbes in soil These microbes are available in packets in name of azospirillum rhizobium and pseudomonas these packets are nothing but microbes microbes supply nitrogen to plant from air it also extracts phosporous from earth and supplies it to leaves it also supplies potash from soil So there is no need to purchase these minerals from shop as they are produced by microbes in soil So a healthy soil should constitute the following 3 components 1. physical property of the soil land should be rich with minerals 2. Biological property of the soil Soil should have all kinds of organism and micro organism Thirdly,When the above two work together the plant will get all required nutrients and its the 3rd component – Chemical property Physical property, Biological property, Chemical Property Physical property, Biological property, Chemical Property are 3 components for healthy soil Its that healthy soil which will grow healthy plants yielding good harvest

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