Narender Goud Organic Farmer from Hyderabad I First Crowdfunding Project from

Nowadays no one is showing much Interest to do Agriculture. Even the people came from Agricultural family are also not allowing their Child to do Farming… Why..? Why situations has been changed like this..? We are just adopting Corporate and citylife Agriculture That too we are neglecting Particularly Natural Farming In these situations, we are thinking only about Money but we are completely neglecting our precious Health. No one consider this issue If we want to change this scenario we need to swift towards farming That too we should opt for Natural Farming. I am from from Vavilala village This village is located approximately 25 km from Hyderabad I am doing Natural Farming from 3 years, before coming to farming i have completed my Post Graduation (MBA) and worked in several companies, and i was progressed from a Small designation to Manager level. When i was doing my job, In a casual discussion started among me and my friends about our health & nature and how we are destroying our mother nature because of this chemical based farming Then i took a decision to switch my career into a natural farmer. Once ive started natural farming Ive realized how amazing health benefits hidden With these chemicals, pesticides we are literally destroying our health and not just that but also destroying our mother nature and starting losing ground water

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