Natural Ecosystem Change

18 thoughts on “Natural Ecosystem Change

  1. So just to clarify…adaptive radiation of species, other that those that became extinct, which then fill the niches of those that became extinct

  2. Been trying to explain all of this to the global warming crowd for a long time now. Many other enormous forces acting on this Earth, not just carbon production.

  3. Adaptive radiation isn´t only caused by (mass) extinction though. It´s caused simply by having niches that a species can fill. For example the darwin finches came from a less adapted species which migrated to galapagos and there specialized and became multiple species. There was no extinction involved, a migrated species simply adapted to already available niches.

  4. Please comment on the following "new" climate change chart put out by NASA. I can't explain this away to climate change folk. Thank you !

  5. Great!!! Thanks for this video. BTW, the volcano that erupted here in the Philippines wayback June of 1991 was "Pinatubo" not "Katutubo."

  6. I disagree with mostly all you have said. REAL scientists who have REAL proof have noted that there has actually been global COOLING. Global warming is just more fake news and is just a way that the liberal media can get more money.

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