Natural hair struggles? Not anymore for these young girls | Nancy’s Workshop

Mm-hmm. Hairdresser:
I don’t like to say,
“You have kinky hair,” because I find, like,
it’s saying something negative. I’d rather say,
“I have a tight curl pattern.” Right? We’re supposed to empower
each other. So, we never say to a girl,
“Oh, your hair is hard,” or “your hair is kinky.” We just say, “You know what? Your hair has
a tighter curl pattern,” but we can do something
beautiful with it.” Okay? Ça va bien?
How are you guys today? Good. Good? So, my name is Nancy Falaise, and I grew up
just hating my hair. I wasn’t accepted as a
biracial girl in my high school, and with my afro, I got teased all the time. As soon as my mum
gave me the okay, I wanted to straighten my hair. I wish someone like me
would have taught me when I was younger. Has this happened to you a lot, that people want to just touch
your hair? Nancy: I don’t like it
when people touch my hair. You’re not respecting
my bubble. I kind of feel like
it’s rude. Yeah? ‘Cause I wouldn’t
go up to somebody and just,
like– Touch their hair? Yeah. I feel you. My name is Ashley, and I’m
in seventh grade. My favourite subject
in school is drama, because, um– I don’t like
drama, but I like drama. I’m really generous.
I love to share anything I have. But I will not share food, because I really like my food. Okay? (water whooshing) Ashley:
I don’t wear my hair down often
at school or really anywhere,
because it looks messy or it looks bad. I feel like everyone else
who does it with straight hair looks really good. Hair is such a big part
of our life, our body. Like, everything. You really want to, like,
impress people with your hair or just fit in. Like, there are things
I won’t do anymore ’cause I’m scared
that people will judge me. I feel like it’s really sad, because that’s the way, like,
I was born, with curly hair. So, I should just do my hair
the way I want to, but I feel like I’m living for
the world, kind of, which sucks.Thank you. Okay? Mm-hmm.(air whooshing) When I had cancer
and I lost all my hair, I felt really,
really, really unattractive. But when my hair grew back,
I understood that I don’t need to have
straight hair to be beautiful; that my curly hair is fantastic. Breast cancer was
the best worst thing that’s happened to me. Seven years this year. I’m in seven years
full remission. And, um– I’m sorry. But it’s a big, big thing
for me, seven years, because… …when I went in and I found out that
I had breast cancer, you know,
it was an aggressive kind. And he said, “If in seven years
you’re still here, you made it.” And I’m here. Ready to start styling our hair, making ourselves
even more fabulous? Yes? You have the nourishing cream. You guys see it
on your station? I suggest that you guys
part your hair in four, from the front to the back and from the ears
to the ears. Okay. Okay. Oui. Wow. Oh, wow. Okay. C’est d’accord avec ça? You see, your hand becomes like
a comb. Nancy:
Perfect. Okay. I will. Like, her curls
aren’t defined enough. Alicia:
Can I say a bit in English
and a bit in French? I like watching soccer
and playing soccer. I will describe me as, um… Nancy:
Guys, I wanted to show you
something else that you guys can do
in your hair, which is called a twist. We’re going to show you
on Helen. Your turn, Ashley. Did you see how your hair
is looking? Byanca:
D’accord.You guys almost done? Let’s see. Where are you at? If I was you, I would add just a little bit more gel,
just right here. The rest is really good. Mm-hmm. Nancy:
We teach others. I teach you guys; now, you go
home and you teach others. We uplift each other. If all the women uplifted
each other, it would be a better world. Okay? Cool? Yeah. Cool.

100 thoughts on “Natural hair struggles? Not anymore for these young girls | Nancy’s Workshop

  1. I remember sitting in assembly and there were these girls sat behind me commenting on my hair saying that it’s dirty and it looks like straw and that it should be straightened.
    Don’t give in change your hair to suit others they have no right whatsoever to comment and judge you for your hair and they are probably jealous of your beautiful hair xx 😘

  2. this is so inspiring. I'm mixed (3c/4a hair), born and raised in germany with a single mom (caucasian) it has been really hard for me to accept my hair and my journey of learning how to treat it and take care of it goes on to this day. Over here, i am even more confronted with eastern beauty standards and of course i wanted to have my hair straight all the time. Now that i am slowly starting to wear my natural hair and wear it out, i'm always the exotic one whose hair everyone wants to touch. For me perrsonally, that makes it even harder, eventhough ishould take it as a compliment. anyways, i am so happy to see these girls working on their hair and being taught how to love themselves more. it's just great that this exists

  3. I think she should use conditioners that has slip when detangling their hair along with a styler cause she pulling their hair out detangling with just water…besides that everything else is good

  4. i have a message> " people with curly hairs are blessed" curls look beautiful no matter who the person is and it it makes that person attractive you people are unique different curls different patteren it makes you a indaviual dont ever lose hope because of hairs it doesnt matter its the hairs which makes make a person unique

  5. When God takes difficulties experienced earlier on and turns them around to something glorious! People do not realize just how much we suffer from negative opinions based upon our race. We are moving into our own. Wonderful work.

  6. This was awesome. I also find it interesting though all the unspoken aspects going on in the video. More specifically with the 4c girls.

  7. So glad she did this for these young lady’s . So many black people are ready to slap a perm is a child’s head because it’s “nappy” when in reality they don’t know wth they’re doing . My little cousin just got her first perm this year and she’s 9 her grandma’s told her it’s too nappy 🙄 now she’s gonna internalize that and hate her natural hair I live it it’s big brown curly but hey to each it’s own I’ve been natural 2 years and love it will never go back to relaxing. Teach these young girls to live themselves and who god made them

  8. Les cheveux crepus sont des cheveux magnifiques. C'est facile d'en prendre soin, bien les hydrater. Il faut aimer comment Dieu nous a créé au nom de Jésus.

  9. and this is where the revolution begins 🥰
    I love seeing things like this, showing girls that we can, me as a 15 year old cut my hair when I was 14 by myself cuz I was tired of sitting in a salon chair just to get burnt, my mother a Dominican mom, yelled at me for cutting it, now that my hair has grown to my ears she loves it. I don’t blame my mom for perming my hair when I was younger, when she was younger she wasn’t though how to take care of curly hair and she always worked too, I love my mom. And I am glad we are learning how to take care of our hair together, she even cut her hair a couple months ago and went natural ❤️

  10. im an upcoming youtuber that does natural hair styles 🙏🏽 would u plz do me a favor and check out my first vid 🙏🏽 i would really appreciate it and also show love to other upcoming youtubers 🥺

  11. I am very happy to hear these opinions to better understand this topic. At first I did not get really why black women would get so upset by people touching or commenting on their hair. I recently attended an education session addressing the topic and have a better understanding. I am white and have really long curly hair. I have had women and men comment on my hair and strangers women and women and men literal touch my hair. I dont really take it in a negative way as I take pride in my hair as I know it is not as common. I always view the curiosity as envy. I am glad that these experiences are being shared to help people in general be aware of the sensitivity associated with the topic.

  12. That was the most positive video I’ve seen all year 😭❤️ I thoroughly enjoyed it! Being and an adult now that has accepted my beautiful curls, I wish I knew this as a little girl. Just beautiful!

  13. My grandmother came to my dreams for days before she died bt the dreams were not clear till she died then I realised that's the message she was trying to send to me, I live in kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was in Nairobi Kenya!! …and I LOVE HER WORK!!

  14. I LOVE this😍😍😍😍 and ALL the young ladies were BEAUTIFUL. I’m a natural lady also and building each other up is what we should do. B YOU tiful

  15. I love myself and my 4c curly hair ,i am sooooooo beautiful( outstanding,gorgeous)and i am proud to be me and proud to be an africain 'cause God does'nt makes any mistakes ,i am happy to be born this way👑😍😊

  16. This video made me smile because I stopped relaxing my hair 8 months ago & big chopped my hair a couple days ago. Learning to love my curls again 🙌🏽

  17. I always cried when my mum did my hair…she still does my hair…and I’m 26…except I don’t cry. Well she blow dries it… and braids it. I’m black and don’t know how to braid, is that bad 👀 Maybe I need this workshop LoL

  18. I’m 29 yo black woman. My Mom first relaxed my hair when I was 3 yo. In college, I had 2 friends who wore their hair natural. They were the ONLY ones I saw wear their hair like this. I transitioned, big chopped and wore protective styles for 1 year. Technically I was natural but did not style it by wearing it out. I’ve now been natural for 9 yrs. My hair is currently bra strap length. I’m contemplating big chopping again bc I never got to see my hair shorter. I convinced my Mom and sisters to go (back) natural as well. I’ll never get another relaxer and I absolutely LOVE my curls. I mean I REALLY LOVE my curls. I can’t wait to teach my future daughter these positive affirmations. Much love to this beautiful morning woman and these beautiful girls. ❤️❤️❤️

  19. i wish someone would give me those words about my curly hair that i just want to shaveeeee but i know it will look ugly if i do

  20. Where in Montreal though!?!? I've never heard of her and I want to go to her workshop to get some guidance on my natural hair 😫😫😫

    Just found her 😁 #google

  21. Love what's going on here but the truth is there is NOTHING WRONG with describing hair as kinky. Not negative just true. A link or coil or curl are related but not the same. It's all beautifully afro hair. Wool is a beautiful natural example. Especially the word nappy applies as beautiful. It's how it comes out of the scalp. We may confuse the look & feel of damage & dryness as the negative. Straight hair doesn't look or feel good damaged & dry ladies.

  22. Is it normal that I weeped through most of this? She did say, “ it’s better to cry, there’s more room out than in.” 😭 These girls are so beautiful and it hurts so deeply to know that they don’t see it because they haven’t had anyone to show them how to bring their full power out of their hair. It hurts even deeper to know that their own mothers, and grandmothers probably have had the same struggles- internally and socially…This woman is doing incredible work for her community and the future of the way women see themselves. The way it was shot and the moments of silence and realization on these girls faces as she spoke to them was so filled with depth. What beauty she is making and let be made 🙏

  23. All these little girls are sooooo beautiful. I pray that they all grow up, pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals. I love this.

  24. Forever wishing they had these type of workshops in the states during the 90s and 2000s. Growing no one I knew was really wearing their hair natural like now very few, we usually kept our hair in braids or relaxed it.

  25. I hated my hair when I was young because my mother used to get mad when she tried to comb/brush it because she hurt me while doing it… She took me to a salon and the woman reduced the volume like 3-4 times… I used to get a big afro and now I regret not saying anything at that time… Now due to stress my hair is falling and I have bald spots… It makes me hate myself that I didn't appreciate my hair before…😢😢😢

  26. I cant be the only one who cried after watching this. I think we've all had those initial feelings of being scared, or ashamed of our hair for looking different. This was so beautiful to watch.

  27. This was beautiful! I especially like the part when she asked her if she felt like crying when detangling her hair. I have a 3yo and sometimes it is difficult when detangling her hair no matter the conditioner put in. I tell her in advance I am going to try to do my best to be gentle but it isn't always easy. I appreciate you allowing them to cry if they needed. I want to incorporate that more.. allowing her to have that emotion and not take it personally if she does. Thank you for this!

  28. I love this, I actually got emotional watching this. I love that Nancy is teaching these young women to love the way their hair is natural with no comparisons whatsoever. this is so beautiful.

  29. I wish i had this environment when i was still little. I'm Filipino and i have like 3a type hair. I grew up in a toxic environment where having really curly hair was deemed to be "unlucky" in a household so i got bullied alot when i was a kid. Growing up my mom takes me to a salon every year to have my hair rebonded and it got to the point where my hair started to thin out and my scalp couldnt take it. Just last year I've been able to go natural because I've seen a lot of people showing off their curls and i wanted to be like them so ya that's cool. Thanks for youtube tutorials, I'm able to do what i thiught i couldn't do. I'm still struggling to love my hair for what it is because an image of an ideal Filipino girl has to have long silky straight hair but eh whatever haha

  30. when she said 'my favorite band is bts' i was like girl we have so much things in common already u had to say that 💜 to all my army out there 💜💜💜💜

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