Nature’s Flavors Organic Farming

The Flavor Guy is really into growing stuff. It’s not just about taking stuff into a lab
and creating something from essential oils, it’s also about growing the plant itself and
watching how the plant behaves. You know, trying to learn from the plant;
why does it do what it does? There’s something special about it. So, we have some sunflowers here, three varieties. Two of the varieties are just made to be big
sunflowers, and so we grew them in one gallon pots. It was just for fun, I like sunflower seeds. There’s no way i’m going to be able to eat
all 70 or 80 plants worth of sunflower seeds here so we’ll probably end up giving most
of them to the chickens, but we will probably take some of those back into the lab and press
them and see how much oil we get just for fun. Put them in a little oil press, but what i
thought was really neat about sunflowers that i didn’t know, is that bees love them. Up close they’re just loaded with pollen along
their legs. This bee in particular, she’s as yellow as
the flower itself on her legs. I went for a variety that had color in it
and that’s this particular variety right here. They weren’t supposed to be this tall, but
because we fed them a lot of seaweed / Kelp material, there’s a lot of micronutrients
in it and so not only did we get really tall sunflowers that weren’t supposed to be tall,
these guys are supposed to be tall and so you can see some of these tower over me, I’m
6’4. I’ve never seen this before and there’s gotta
be at least 10 more flowers all along this thing. Look at all those bees on there just having
a blast. We are going to get a lot of seeds from this. Plants, I mean, they all have a purpose an
they all do really, you know, special things. Of course sunflowers produce sunflower seeds,
and the kernels inside, the germ i should say And then they also produce sunflower oil,
which happens to be really good for you. First time i grew sunflowers out here. I’ve always wanted to but it always seems
like i’m growing something else, and sunflowers took the back burner until this year. And I basically threw about, you know, 50-60
seeds into some pots and here they are, they all grew. This is really cool to see all these bees
just working it.

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