Need to Fertilize Before Laying New Sod? Houston Grass South – Missouri City Pearland

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Do you need to fertilize before laying sod? The answer that question for Houston grass
south at least is no. Some farms use lesser quality sod that is not been fertilized nearly
as frequently as our farm. Our farm fertilizes very frequently during the growing season,
probably about every 4 to 6 weeks, our sod is fertilized. When it comes to you on the
pallet, it has a lot of nutrients and fertilizer already in it. There is no reason, and we
actually advise against putting any fertilizer on the bare dirt once you’re ready for sod
or even watering it in. That’s not a good idea. On our tip sheet you can see that we
don’t recommend putting out any fertilizer at all for 4 to 6 weeks after you’ve put in
the new grass. And then we only recommend that you put out half of what the bag recommends.
So if they say open your Scots speedy green spreader to notch six, we actually advise
that you put it on three, so that you’re only putting out half of that dose for our grass.}

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